Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Tour & Eye Revitalizing Peel Review

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Hey guys!!!!!

Today we would like to introduce you more to Miracle Aesthetic Clinic (hi, it's #Pink!)! Have you ever heard about them? If you're a resident of Surabaya, you most probably did at some point! It is one of the leading and best known aesthetic clinics locally. It's been around forever (okay, since 1996. When we just stepped into out teenage hood! LOL, that IS forever :p!) and lots of people i know go there for treatments. Right now Miracle Aesthetic Clinic has 18 (!!!) branches, not only in Surabaya but also in lots of major cities like Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Bali, etc. It's so nice to see a locally grown clinic does so well! We're too used to see successful companies start in Jakarta (being Indonesia's capital city and all), so it's especially a proud thing for us Surabaya people that Miracle is actually started in Surabaya. The head quarter's also in Surabaya! Yay!
#Pink, #Undecided, Shasha, Jennie and Xiao Vee
So, you might already read my event report on Believe on Miracle (no? Why in the world not??? Go on and read it now then, we'll wait :p), some time before the event we actually got an e-mail from Jennie, Miracle's Corporate Marketing inviting us to visit Miracle's other branch (the one in Jl. MH Thamrin 40, Surabaya) for a little meet up. We finally settled on May 3rd (last Saturday) afternoon to do so.
The view that greeted us once we entered the spacious, comfortable and very stylish lobby

We were immediately welcomed by their friendly staffs and were told to wait for a little bit while she informed Jennie of our arrival.
To which i responded with snapping pictures, naturally

I've been to Miracle's Kertajaya branch obviously, so i am somewhat pretty familiar with the vibe by then. Both branches oozed "Classy" "Homey" and "Comfy" to me! It felt very welcoming and i immediately felt at ease (not an easy task for me in new places).

Jennie soon welcomed us and lead us to the, i guess it was a little cafeteria?

And we sat down to glasses of vividly colored dragon fruit (i obviously couldn't resist to take a picture of this very photogenic juice *LOL*) juice

Then we just had a very nice chat (an hour passed by in a blur), exchanging stories about how this blog started, Miracle's history (which you can learn more in their website) and their 2014 campaign (Believe in Miracle) where they have this Blogger Experience program which we're very luckily invited to be a part of :). 

Basically Miracle would love to get to know Surabaya bloggers (they are having the same campaign in other cities as well! You probably already read some of the Jakarta bloggers' experiences with them) better. Miracle's mission is not to just introduce themselves to our audience, they also have another mission to educate people about skin cares, skin treatments and their importance.

We all know that not everybody's keen on going to aesthetic clinics, even the word "clinic" already sent some people off because of the somewhat formal and very medical connotation. Miracle also realized how even lots of beauty bloggers have no experiences with beauty clinics and prefer to use make up to cover up their skin problems instead of tackling them from within. It is one of their goal to change that mindset.

After talking for an hour, i saw somebody very familiar passed and waved happily *LOL*, it was Shasha! Jennie then took three of us for a tour (and a treatment after-rightaway!) and since she wanted us to experience the whole nine yard, every step was exactly like how a Miracle's customer would experience.

So long story short (Hi, this is #Undecided), let us take you for a tour of their headquarter!
Receptionist area.
And right next to it, their very own pharmacy. 
You know, where you get the products you purchased. Not real pharmacy selling medicines!

That's Sasha and myself, filling out forms with our basic info.
Which is the first step
Beauty Therapist station (#Pink almost made me pose behind that counter - lucky I had my lunch so I had my total conscience with me and said NO!! LOL)
The hallway on the ground floor - The Aesthetic Rooms.
My fave number! Good job, #Pink!
How the Aesthetic Room looks like. This room is normally for facial and all the basic treatments.
One of the special peel machine.
More Aesthetic Rooms - it's an L-shaped hall.
They also have Aesthetic Rooms for couples - in case you and your man are in for some pampering (yes, they cater to MALE customers too!!)
The bathroom... I wonder why I didn't check the bathroom out LOL. Next time...
Off to the 2nd floor!
First thing to your left is the Aesthetic Surgery Room! Tired of your eyebags?! Remove em here!
There are various procedures you can do here, one of them is to remove eyebags like #Undecided mentioned. Others included : double eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, Ultra Selective Body Contouring, mole removing, keloid, etc. You need to make an appointment for surgery, of course. The professor who's performing the surgery also practices in a major hospital so he's not always around
And to your right is the spacious waiting room - yes, even on the 2nd floor, it still doesn't look like a clinic, does it LOL.
Consultation room. 
This was the room i had my consultation on, and if i'm not mistaken that was the doctor who attended to me too :D
Medical Room - in one of these rooms is where #Pink and I got our eye treatment, but I'm getting ahead of myself!
Even the Nurse Station is super cute.
What machines are these?
Laser Room.
More Consultation Room.
The machine that I personally am very eager to try! The Visia Machine. This thing will read your skin and thus enables the doctors to correctly prescribe your treatment. #Pink and I joked that when our skin touches it, it will scream "OILY!" "OIL TANK" just like a Hogwart's Shorting Hat would LOL.
Up close look to "Dr. Visia" LOL.
The most serene room of all... The Ozone Therapy Room. The procedure is via IV *gasp!*, which is why the patient needs to be extra calm - hence the serene surrounding (and the foot massage machine!)
The Ozone machine.
OK, this one's funny. Photo booth room LOL. The idea is to keep records of our before and after looks! Super convenient, yea?
One of the lounging corners.

After the tour we were asked to wait for our turns and what do bloggers do when they have nothing to do?!
They snap photos, of course LOL.
#Pink and #Undecided
I need a major haircut. It's getting WAY too long already!
#Pink can't see a mirror and NOT take a selfie.
Since we're still waiting for our turn to have consultation with our designated doctors (yes, every single of us got different doctors :D) we decided to go back to first floor to cam-who :p.
#Pink and #Undecided with Jennie
Snap one with Shasha :D
We bumped into Xiao Vee who just arrived and her boyfie kindly took our pictures, he took the best photos that's why it got the honorary position at the start of the post, LOL!
The scheduled treatment that day was Eye Revitalizing Peeling and we all consulted the doctors to get a go first (you have to consult with their doctors before getting any treatments/products to make sure it is the right treatment for you. Even products you've used before must be prescribed by doctors and cannot be bought freely. This doesn't apply to basic products like cleanser, etc though). 

Personally i've been having problems with my under eye skin, even though the rest of my facial skin is actually very oily, skin around my eyes are very sensitive, dry and papery therefore i have fine lines that is not visible to naked eyes when i'm bare faced but accentuated whenever i put on concealer . I have a horrible dark circle due to my insomnia so going out without concealer is not an option. Do you see my dilemma? I always wanted to do something to my under eye, i just didn't know what! I use eye creams religiously but i did not see miraculous results (at some point in my desperation i thought of getting botox on my under eye hoping it'll make the lines goes away *LOL*) so this Eye Revitalizing Peel is like an answer to my prayer and Jennie is like my own little fairy god mother *LOL*. A very young version, of course. 
First the nurse proceed to clean make ups around my eyes area. As you can see, i have been breaking out a little around my forehead, around 3 or 4 red spots scattered on my forehead *wails* i have no idea what causes this. Having a very pale complexion, every red dot stood out like headlamps PFFFFFTTTTT
(And woo, bushy eye brows LOL)
After eye make up removing step. The nurse left my eyeliner a bit so i still had some color on my make up, she was very concerned about my appearance even though i actually didn't care, i just put on a bit of make up so i would look presentable but it was totally okay to remove them actually!
Hahahaha my horrible moon face. To show you the "Before". I really hate my moles, arghhhh want to get them removedddd
The nurse then took me to the photo room to take my before picture. Apparently #Undecided didn't get her picture taken for some reason!
Then i was lead back to my treatment room, and i realized that the door had been slide open and Shasha's on the room right next door and #Undecided on the next!
Hey #Undecided!
Shasha started her treatment
And #Undecided too

The eye revitalizing peeling was actually a very short and simple procedure, the doctor carefully applied peeling gel (it's clear and watery) around the eyes area. It stings like a B like every other peeling out there and i considered clawing my eyes out *LOL*, but it didn't last long. #Undecided's doctor told her that if someone's been using eye creams religiously it'll take the peeling a shorter time to penetrate in comparison to someone who never uses eye creams. That's why it was very brief *thank God* for the two of us i guess!

Afterwards the peeling was removed very gently, and the doctor say bye bye! It's that quick!
Then the nurse applied anti irritation creams
I told #Undecided to take a close up pic, but not THAT close!
This is the AFTER picture that i took once i got home. It immediately softened the lines!
The initial feeling i got was my under eyes skin felt a little tight and weird, but it didn't bother me too much.The doctor who attended to me told me not to put on any eye creams (and avoid getting in the eye are when using any other face cream) for 3 days while #Undecided's doctor told her 1 day, i think it depends on the condition of every client's skin. My under eye skin is in a very bad condition compared to #Undecided's (her eyes area's oily!) so i believe that's why i got a different instructions that #Undecided. 

It's been three days and i can feel that my under eye skin to be very soft, supple and no longer dry or papery! OMG, it's totally a miracle (yes, pun intended!)! Just with a single treatment the difference is very big! I'm totally blown away! I have been going concealer-less for 3 days  (but i put on eye liners, i asked the doctor and she said it's okay because the peeling was made from fruit extract and very gentle) so i've been roaming the malls looking like the living dead *LOL*. I look like a zombie from the dark circle only, there were no visible side effect from the peeling itself, no excessive redness and no actual skin peeling off *yuck* so you can actually go out right away after getting an eye revitalizing peeling treatment!

As for me, this morning (4 days AFTER the peel procedure took place) I snapped a photo of my eyes (for blogging purpose, I'm not that vain LOL) and actually couldn't believe what I saw! My under-eyes are no longer super dark and baggy! And that's only AFTER 1 treatment!

Anyway, back to the clinic. After the eye revitalizing peeling treatment, Shasha and Xiao Vee stayed for other treatments while #Undecided and i had to rush back because it's almost 4 PM already and we have to attend G's birthday dinner at 6 (we were horribly late, of course. #Undecided especially), but Jennie didn't let us go home empty handed!
#Undecided signing off for the product Miracle sent us off with
What's that? It's a product to maintain our eye revitalizing peeling's result
TDF Eye Radiance Serum (Age Defense System)

TDF stands for Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula, a prestigious skin care line (prescription only) that is only available in Miracle in Indonesia. I am forever searching for a great eye care, so this might be the answer! I haven't use it (due to the peeling recovery) but i will start today. #Undecided and i will do a full review on this product, but it'll take a while since we need at least a month to test the product out to see if it works on us. Stay tune!

Now you know why I took a photo of my eyes earlier today, right! Yes, it's for the BEFORE look. Like #Pink said, we're very excited to start using this serum and write about it!

If you're interested in Eye Revitalizing Peel, you can go to the nearest Miracle Aesthetic Clinic (check out the addresses for the branches here), it costs IDR 300.000. If you're interested in the TDF Eye Radiance Serum, you need to get checked by their doctor first to see if the product suits you, it's IDR 680.000 (it is quite pricey so you might want to wait for out review if you want to know if we think it's worth the price :)).

To wrap this blog entry, we would like to once again thanks Miracle Aesthetic Clinic for opening your doors for us. It was surely an experience which exceeded our expectations! Personal thanks for Jennie whom has been nothing but helpful and informative (especially tending to us asking way too many questions hahaha). 

We can't wait to go back!!

#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. I liked reading and knowing more about this place u mentioned.. interesting post.. Thnx fr sharing xo

  2. i think my eyes need some attention too, i have dark eye circles and puffy eyes

    1. Maybe you can try having an eye revitalizing peel too? It works wonder on me!

  3. *high five* I hate moles and I thought about getting some fillers for my undereye area too lol. Wow, those are some amazing results! When is your next treatment? Is the amount you mentioned (IDR 300.000) for the full course or just one time only?

    1. *high five*! IDR 300.000 (around SGD 35?) is for one time treatment only, and i don't think you're supposed to go for peeling too often too! I... will go back when they invite me *LOL* :p

  4. This clinic kinda looks like a beauty center that's more presentable and not scary hehe I would also love to be in the ozone therapy room. Is this your longest hair ever?

    1. Yes, it totally is! Very nice ambience there. Not really, it's actually quite short for me *LOL*. My longest would be when i keep on sitting on them in the toilet!