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Hey guys...

I'm getting diligent with my outfit posts, eh? It's mainly because there are a lot of reasons to dress up these last couple of months, otherwise i also wouldn't bother to haha. This time it's the coordi for Bangkok Beauty's Grand Opening (event report coming up!)  and the dress code was Orange and White!

I'm not a huge fan of orange (but i love peach! Like always, i try to bargain by using a family color of the actual dress code :p) so i opted for peach and white instead. I mostly used what i already have in my stash (that means.. The brand new stuffs with tags, not something i've worn before. I don't think there'll come a day when i'd re-wear my outfits for an event...) and bought a few little extras :p.

Here's what i came up with :
The extras that i bought purposefully for this look is the ombre (in the pic above you can only see the bright yellow part, but the upper part is actually bright orange!) hairclips and orange socks :D.
Outfit details (from head to toe, literally :)
- White Bow Hair Clip : Stroberi
- Orange and Yellow Ombre Highlight Hairclips : Stroberi
- Pearl Necked White Mini Dress : Magnolia
- Peach Blazer : Magnolia
- Peach Candy Bag : Furla
- Orange Socks : bought in Hypermart (in a bundle of three :p)
- Clear Glitter Jelly Shoes : IG Store

Yeah, majority of my outfit consisted of Magnolia stuffs (and Stroberi, shows how cheap i really am *LOL*) and then we went to GM afterwards and i shopped in Magnolia again WTF (i bought a fluffy top in pale mint, and i already bought a pink one a few days earlier. And a lot other stuffs. No wonder i have so many stuffs from Magnolia. I'm not the only one who buys the exact same clothes in different colors... right???), i felt so bad the entire time i was in the store without knowing the reason why-then i remembered that my clothes were all from them. I always have the biggest fear of SAs accusing me of shoplifting or something whenever i wear something from the store TO the store. Maybe i'm just thinking too much....

Anyway, FOTD... It was pretty light and boring because the event was pretty early (again, for my standard) so i couldn't be bothered to make too much effort. I did wake up early but then i lazed around for too long (so what's the point of waking up early, really...) that i ran out of time... Planned to use some falsies but like most of time, i ended up skipping them...
I also had a gigantic pimple under my left nostrils that's super painful and looks even more disgusting (it's not healed yet :(...) that i feel like most of my pics looks fugly because of the stupid zit :(...
List of products used :

1. C/o Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Moisturizer for Normal to Oily Skin
2. C/o Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup in Sand 36
3. C/o Collection Pressed Powder in 01 Candlelight
4. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in 01 Neutral
5.  DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer
6. The Face Shop Color My Brow in 03 Light Brown    
7. e.l.f Eye Primer
8. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
9. Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara in So Black!
10. e.l.f Beach Beauty Palette (for eyeshadow and blush on)
10. Collection Work the Color Trio (3, Smoke Screen)
11.  C/o Collection Work the Color Eyeshadow Pencil in Vanilla Sky
12. Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm
13. Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips Talk in JPK004 (Grapefruit Orange)
14. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
NOTD (Crystal Nail shade F2 and Etude House X Disney XOXO Minnie Black Face
And some extra OOTD photos with 2 of my fellow beauty bloggers that also attended the event (they all moaned about the dress code which is supposedly a hard color to dress up to *i guess orange doesn't have a lot of fans here haha* but almost everybody showed up in the right color, so... A for effort, yes?).
With Shasha (why did i look so amused??)
And the witch a.k.a Kathy (she really should've brought a black cat with her!)
It was an exceptionally meltingly HOT day and i was in quite agony in thick clothing (long sleeved some more!) but what's a little pain to look good, right? Haha.

The event was a total success, please look forward for my report on it!
#(Peachy) Pink

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