Happy Birthday, Hunny!

12:13:00 AM

Hello, everybody!

Please wish my lovely hunny a very happy birthday!
He finally catches up with me :p-yep our birthdays are exactly one week apart, i'm actually older than him (although people repeatedly ask if he's like... much older than me *ROFL*, poor hunny!). I used to say i'd never date anyone who's younger than me, i guess it's the universe's way of mocking me, giving me someone who's younger than me-just a week, but enough to make the statement hahaha.

A little bit about my hunny, i think i talk about him more than enough in this blog so most of you should feel like you know him by now, but since it's his day-should put him on the spotlight, don't you think?

Hunny is... i would say he's pretty much an almost perfect husband. He's loving, caring, patient (i wish he'd be as patient to his son like he is to me!), almost never say no to me... Basically whatever a girl could ever ask for in a husband. Of course, he is not perfect. Believe me, he isn't! He's messy, he's quite disgusting, he's incredibly annoying, he has a weird sense of humor, he can be really slow at catching anything that it embarrasses me *LOL*, he can be the most clueless person on earth, I CAN GO ON ALL DAY.

But all of his qualities (good and bad) are what make him HIM. I believe he is that one person God created just for ME. 

So to answer those girls questions on how i "ensnared" such a good catch (believe me, i've been asked this more and more by young girls lately *LOL*), the answer is... Nothing. You just gotta find THE ONE, and he is MY one-as i am his. That's why he's so perfect for me. 

Oh, that is such a bad habit, getting off track like that. So typically me. Anyway, i just want to write down what we did today to celebrate his 31st for memory keepsake. It was a very ordinary day, yet so very special-because spending another birthday of your loved ones is always special. A ringer if you've find the one, is that when ordinary days can feel so extraordinary, just because you spent it with him/her :).

Our plan today was to catch a movie (The Giver) in the afternoon then pick #Undecided up from her office to go to koko yoga's yoga centre (actually it's not only yoga, he has other classes like zumba, etc)'s grand opening, but suddenly #Undecided got an urgent phone call that his grandma's been admitted to ICU! All plan went kaput and #Undecided have to fly to Semarang tomorrow (which means she's going to miss my and hunny's birthday celebration :( boohoo!) and she needed to book tickets, etc-so we had to skip it! 

The movie (which wasn't fantastic but not bad either, i will talk about it more on my monthly movies review-anyway it doesn't really matter since we didn't pay for the tickets, courtesy of BCA credit card's reward *LOL*) ended very early (coz we wanted to get out of the mall before 5) and we were stranded with nothing to do... Then i nonchalantly asked him "should we watch another movie?" (coz Dracula Untold is showing, Luke Evans *drool* as a VAMPIRE??? I gotta see this!!!) and he was like "LET'S!" and so we went and purchased the next show's tickets! (and let me tell you, Dracula Untold is awesome!!! Oh well, it's a "love it or hate it" kind of movie, only received 5.8 rates in IMDb, but for me it's definitely LOVE)

We used to do movie marathons all the time when we were dating, we watched up to three movies in one day (in the cinema, DVDs doesn't count!) and i guess it's always been our "thing" (besides playing in arcades for hours. Yep, our dating days definitely spent on malls mainly, very typically Asian couple eh?) and we haven't done it for so long (when you have a kid you want to get out of the cinema as fast as you can *LOL*, except when you can actually take them) it felt super nostalgic and even almost romantic *WTF*, as was strolling around the mall leisurely with no specific purpose.

I also saw a bakery stand that sells cupcakes (which is quite rare in Surabaya, the ones that tastes good are even rarer!) when we went in and i insisted to buy one to "celebrate".
It's October so naturally the decor is Halloween themed! Super cute, no?
It was unexpectedly very good too! Unfortunately i didn't pay attention to the baker's name, but it's located in the basement entrance of Sutos if anyone's interested (only IDR 15.000, would definitely come back if i crave for cupcakes! The only negative thing is the horrible packaging, who stores cupcakes with cream icing on a paper bag???)

And we also had a lovely birthday dinner after Dracula Untold. Told the birthday boy to choose whatever he wanted to eat (we haven't been to Sutos in the longest time, lots of unfamiliar restaurants were spotted, many i would love to try sometime soon!) and he said he felt like having Korean food, so we did!
Dinner was at Samwon House Korean restaurant, and lady luck strikes twice (after the free movie tickets)-with BII credit card you can get 50% off for food on Friday! We walked in without knowing about that specific promo and we also didn't realize that it was Friday, even! LOL. Thanks to hunny's luck, we had a great (especially recommending the dolsot bimbimbap, yummy! I'm avoiding having too much rice nowadays, but it was so nice i had more than i should >.<!) dinner at a super low price! (actually lady luck strikes three because we were a bit panicked when we realized that we had no small changes when we had to pay for parking fee *FYI, parking fee in Sutos is the most expensive one in Surabaya* when the attendant suddenly said "It's free!" WTH, everything really just worked out for him today! Birthday luck!)
Selca is a must
Then we went home and spent the evening training the new dogs (did i ever tell you we have two Schnauzer doggies in our home now? No? Well, maybe more about them next time haha) with our local Dog Whisperer, #Undecided's hubby and #Undecided *LOL*. Wrapped up the day with having a little cocoon facial session (which was kindly sent to me by Miaw Lens, review coming soon!).
Coz getting older means we need to take even better care of our skins, yeah?
Like i said, it was a very ordinary day without anything special happening, but it felt so perfect because i spent it with him.

Happy birthday, my dearest hunny! I wish you a great health (you promised you'll let me die first and i will kill you if you don't follow through), long and tremendously happy life, wisdom, success, joy and everything you ever wanted in life! Please stay the same and keep on loving me (and your little Bun Bun *which for us means little bun of joy-who's no longer so little, but you know... He'll forever be our little bun!*) the way you do now (the intensity can be increased but never decrease!) coz i want to be your only and forever love.

Who says your first love is not meant to be forever, right?
Yours forever,


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  1. happy bday to your husband!
    lucu banget cupcakenya ya :D