Me-Nail Exclusive 05 : Crystal Nail 20 (SPONSORED)

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Hi y'all!

Since Me-Nail has been so generous as to sponsor my latest giveaway, i should totally speed up my reviews on their Crystal Nails, yes? Today's an orangey-bronze polish with metallic finishing, shade no 20's turn :

I wrote that i attempted to add some artistic touch *cracks myself up every time..* on my product reviews on the last Crystal Nail review but thought i stopped after only one product *LOL*, BUT! Apparently i didn't (took this pic last month, totally forgot all about it immediately :p)! Look at the ethnic looking bracelet hanging on the bottle *chuckle*. Hey, i'm trying here!

Anyway, this shade is yet another one that i wouldn't normally pick for myself since brassy orange is not really something i naturally gravitate to (i honestly don't even like orange much but lately i've been embracing orange lipsticks so maybe i am warming up to it), Me-Nail's lady boss, L, picked this one up for me.
1 coat of base coat + 1 coat of Crystal Nail in shade 20
A closer look
One coat of this shade is actually quite opaque though definitely look paler than the bottled color. I, however, was unable to draw even amount of polish for every nail *sigh, when did i ever...* so the result on my nails were a bit patchy in some parts. I wasn't a fan of the color in one coat anyway, it looked kinda... dull and unexciting for me (one coat made it look more orange than anything, metallic orange. Kinda strange). So i had no problem adding a second coat.
1 coat of base coat + 2 coats of shade 20
The white dots on the nail were actually reflections of the lamp, not a defect! It's a proof that this shade has a quite glossy effect
The second coat made the color darker and bronzier, which i like. I actually quite love orange nail polish, and bronze nail polish (but not bronzy orange *chuckle* i hope i'm not confusing you!) . Both coats dried off at a speedy time so i had no problem with smudging and didn't have to wait forever for them to be completely dried.

Like most metallic color (which is a bit frustrating for me), the end result-even though opaque with only two coats-is kinda streaky. Not patchy and not very disturbing, but i can see some lines on my nails-but like i said... Almost every metallic nail polishes i've tried in the past has the same lines and there's nothing that i could do about it (i'm pretty sure it's got nothing to do with my sh**ty application... Does it?).

They started to chip off on the 4th day and immediately looked real messy on the next day-so it's actually one of the poorest in the staying power department compared to the other Crystal Nail shades that i tried. Staying power is similar to the shimmery type (shade A5, review here), and now that i think about it-this shade also has fine shimmer in it so i guess Crystal Nail's shimmery shades has the weakest staying power (the glittery ones definitely last the longest). 

Although i ended up liking this shade more than when i first saw it on the bottle, it's still my least fave shade amongst the 12 that i have. I am just not a fan of brassy color i guess! But if you are, then this shade is definitely for you (i''m thinking it would probably be someone who has a Bohemian Chic style's kind of color? Mori Girl style would look good with this nail color!)! Application was easy, not too messy (as in i didn't end up painting my cuticle more than my nails), drying speed great and staying power's not too bad compared to most other nail polishes out there. Not to mention affordable to.
You can get Crystal Nail polishes exclusively at Me-Nail (original price IDR 75.000, there's an indefinite 20% off so they're only IDR 60.000 each!) :

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Talk to you again soon!

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  1. Awesome colour, looks ready for halloween! :)

    1. You're right, i didn't even think of it that way!

  2. Racun km racun km aaargghhh paling gk nahan liat kuteks,postmu komplit abis