#Pink's Birthday Celebration Part 1

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Happy Halloween!!!! I mentioned this many times, i love spooky stuffs and been desperate for a taste of Halloween for many years. This year though, i settled for a horror movie date with my hunny (Ouija, which is not bad at all!) continued with a little ghost house (the mild kind, not very scary... or at all) with Baby Boy and poor Au (who just got 2 of her teeth pulled out, she's in a lot of pain right now. Another 2 most go next week, i guess she's experiencing a true horror!!! LOL). I hope y'all have a fun Halloween as well, and let's get on with the true content of this post (yes, another post that i've been hoarding lately hahaha).

So, earlier this month u celebrated my *ehm* 21st bday (okay okay, 31) and hunny caught up with me a week later-so like always we held a bday dinner to celebrate our collective bdays. Usually i like to have a fancy dinner with fancy dress codes (check out my birthday celebration last year here), but this year... I've been bombarded by so many events and celebrations the months leading to October so i (for once) didn't feel like dressing up to the nines but wanting a more casual kind of dinner instead.

After brainstorming for days with #Undecided and Av because i had absolutely no idea where to have the birthday dinner, i decided to do it in K.V.H, a cafe located in Spazzio (where #Undecided, Av and A's office is, yes they all worked at the same place-G too but she quit just recently) which food is highly recommended by them.
The ladies (coz the guys don't matter *LOL*)
Very unfortunately #Undecided couldn't join the dinner at the last minute (we just found out the night before) because her grandma was admitted to the ICU (she sadly passed away last week...) so she wouldn't be in this post but she will be at the second part :).

I've decided the dress code was "Fun Glasses" (i'll be having crazy themes until i am old and wrinkly!) and everybody (well, the girls) are game and bought all kinds of fun glasses to wear especially for this dinner *luph ya all!*
Some of the glasses
There were a lot more glasses passing around that night once Kathy arrived (the road to K.V.H was crazily packed, we were stucked in the jam for 2 hours although usually it could be reached within less than 1! It was crazy :(...) because she kindly brought her props as i requested for the guys to use :D.

Of course you can expect a crazy truckloads of selfies because... What's the point of having a dress code if you're not going to, right?
With G
And LL
I kept on reminding others to look at my camera's lens and not the screen, but I kept on doing it myself! FML
Hunny and LL's
They were borrowing Av and #Undecided's glasses (yes, she also bought a glasses already but couldn't make it here, made me extra sad...) haha.
Av and her boyfie Chicken (yes, that's his real nickname, i have no idea why!), they are yet another pair matched by Madame #Undecided, what do you know! Took her 3 years to get them together but here they are at last!
Av turned out to be the designated baby sitter for Baby Boy, along with Chicken. It's good to practice taking care of kids, guys hahaha
A, Baby Luca and he hubby (also borrowing Av's glasses hahaha)
LL's adorbs daughter
So cute ^^
Incidentally KC and CL were in town (with their friends) at the time of our bday celebration so we invited them along (i think they are the only ones in my family that can tolerate and actually join in the merriment without thinking that i am demented...). Immediately plopped glasses on them, of course...
Au... Pretty annoyed by that expression hmph
The glasses that CL picked looked similar with A so they posed together haha
J and Au
My crazy big bro joined in ^^
Yes, we deliberately got out of the cafe to cam-whore :D. There are a lot of cafes in Spazio, and they also were having an event there so it was really really crowded (and loud). I really like the ambiance in Spazzio and there are a lot of fun spots to camwhore, but since it was too packed... Well, maybe next time
Me and nerdy looking Kathy haha
Love this shot of LL and i taken by Kathy, we look extra long and lean hahaha
Gotta camwhore with KC too!
Pretend that we're in the library. Kinda fitting with the dress code! (glasses=nerdy :p)
KC and CL
K.V.H is kinda small (they have outdoor space though) so we had to sit in two separate long tables
When bloggers meet
We take endless selcas (exchanging our glasses too :D)
G insisted to have her pic taken too *___*
I am not going to review K.V.H this time round coz i didn't snap pictures of the place properly and i also find it hard to really enjoy food when i am holding a celebration (busy entertaining, chatting nonstop and all haha), i will be back in the future and do a proper review though. I did manage to snap some pics of the menu, in case any of you are interested on patronizing the place and like me, would like to know the price range beforehand (or the menu). Not the whole book though, it was quite thick!
This seems to be a perfect place for a coffeeholic like me!
I'd say that their recommended menu would be pastas and burgers
Beware that their portion is crazy generous (the pasta is pretty normal sized though) especially the burger! I would probably eat half of the burger IF i'm really really hungry, it's THAT big!
Someone's...errrr...Chicken Cordon Bleu? I didn't order most of the food, just borrow them to snap pics of so...please understand! LOL
Humongous steak burger
Can you see how big it is? Around the size of my face??? Bigger, i think!
Now i'm not sure if i was trying to show you how big it is or was i trying to show you my nails instead? LOL. I didn't look to impressive in this pic, sorry! Wrong angle!
Hunny chowing it down
KC ordered the same thing
I like fun guys who never refuse to pose crazily, Av-i approve! Haha
New commercial for baby biscuits?
Av's actual food, vegetarian omelette or something...
Time to eattt
LL with the gigantic fries
Baby Boy's pasta. It was pretty good but according to him "Domicile's better!" haha, he has his preference!
Baby Boy was like "Can i start eating now?"
My Chicken Caesar Salad, which is also humongous! Super generous on the chickens as well
LL's Banana Fritter, also crazily portioned!
Group pic *minus A and her little family who had to leave first because Baby Luca who's passed his sleeping hour already was getting fussy)
It was a fun, laughter-loaded night! So much fun! Would've been even better if #Undecided was there, but some things just can't be prevented! Thank you again for my awesome friends who are always game with my crazy dress codes and for the awesome pressies, imma make a special post just for the pressies!

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

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  1. happy birthday yaaaa

    dan ikut berduka cita buat #undecided!

    1. #Undecided here, thank you, Arman...

    2. And thank you (for a different reason) from me (#Pink) too!

  2. These glasses with ribbons are so trendy and stylish that I must have one too, I love the way your bag matches your shoes and you had a great time at the party!

    1. Yep, i fell in love with it on the first sight haha! Thank you!

  3. It's funny that the guys agreed to wear the yellow-frame glasses even if they look less manly. It showed that they're game to it! I like the heart shaped ones and the one you're wearing-pink with bow. OMG the burger was humongous! I think that can be shared by two to three people.

    1. Yeah, our guys are definitely fun people who never afraid to look silly haha! IKR!!! I'm not much of a burger person (except the fast food varieties every once in a blue moon) and i doubt i can even eat half of it!!!