Pretty In Pink

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Okay okay, that sounds like a very self-absorbed (and overly confident) title, but trust me it was inspired by the movie Pretty in Pink (that i never actually watched. Was 3 when it came out and i'm not much of an old movie viewer) and i think it's pretty appropriate since i was pretty much decked in pink from head to toe :p.
I must apologize in advance for my very "creative" photo taking spot, i dressed up especially for Miracle's Stand Up for Pink (report coming up NEXT), a breast cancer awareness campaign event (coz we all know breast cancer's campaign symbol is pink ribbon) and i was running late but i still wanted to get some outfit pictures so i anyhow asked hunny to hurry snap some pics... In our garage *LOL*. I didn't even see that there were so many bulls** behind me!
Despite the fugly surroundings, i really love the lighting in our garage! It was awesome in the morning (this was taken around 9 something) and in the evening both!
If only the mess behind me weren't there i could pretend that i snap the pictures with such harsh looking metal door behind me to make a contrast statement with my delicate outfit *LOL* (Btw, it was way too early for me to be all dressed up, not having enough sleep does weird things to my face, i ended up with a very "mocking" looking face *sigh, it was like i sneered at the camera the whole day thinking the whole world stinks *when in fact i was having a grand day!*)
Outfit Details :
Flare sleeved inner top : Online
Pink Tulle dress : i can't remember *___* either online or from some random boutique in Surabaya
Baby Pink crossbody : c/o Zalora
Grey tights : online
Pink jelly shoes : IG seller

It seemed like a perfect dress for the occasion (and the first dress i thought about when i heard the dresscode) until i started getting everything stuck to the tulle, especially my bracelet. It must've gotten stuck at least 10x during the day WTH. Or maybe it was 20.
Maybe some of you noticed that i've been wearing opaque tights a lot lately, i know that i like to dress as if we have four seasons instead of two-but i'm not pretending that it's fall in Indonesia, i was concealing a huge rash on my calf (which CL suspected was a bug (okay, flea) bite! WTF!!!

Anyway, did a light and very pinky makeup to complement the outfit :
Products used for FOTD :
1. Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation in Medium
2. C/o Collection Pressed Powder in 01 Candlelight
3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in 01 Neutral
4. The Face Shop Color My Brow in 03 Light Brown
5. e.l.f Eye Primer
4. C/o Collection Work The Color Trio Eyeshadow in 3, Smoke Screen
5. Mai Doll Brown Liquid Eyeliner
6. Oriflame Visions' Double Eyeliner in Black & White
7. Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara in So Black!
8. Etude Bloomade Blusher #6 Geranium Bloom
9. Lip Ice Baby Lips in YoShake Mint
10. Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PPK001
11. In2it Gel Tint in GT 02 Strawberry
12. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
I still prefer mirror selcas to show off some items, in this case the gorgeous cross body i got from Zalora (i was asked to write an article and then gifted a voucher that is exactly in the same amount for this bag. I still had to pay for shipping fee, which is a lot more expensive than the usual JNE shipping fee so i wasn't that thrilled *LOL*, but still... Paying IDR 25.000 for this high quality bag to be delivered to me is not something to complain about!)
That's why i still can't let go of my Pinko T.T it produces blurry but beautiful pics (tone wise)
I gotta force hunny to try to set Marshmallow so it'd have a similar tone! I insist!!!
The bag is big enough (well, barely) to even store my mini Ipad! I find it really hard to part with my mini Ipad now coz my IG is connected to it T.T
That's all for today, toodle do!

#Pink (who truly embodied PINK this time round)

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  1. Ini event yang di Ciputra World kah ce? Aku baru baca media promonya di Jawa Pos hari ini hehehe Kalo ga salah mulai tanggal 27 Oktober...

    1. Event nya di Miracle koq, di cabang Thamrin :)