Alice in Wonderland

12:09:00 AM

Or should i say, #Pink in the Wonderland?

I think the background is quite fitting as well, no?
So, this is the outfit that i wore on my birthday, to attend another person's birthday (isn't it sad? Couldn't celebrate my own birthday because i had to attend other people's party >.<? Hahaha)-my close friend MM's niece who's celebrating her sweet 17th.

I had absolutely no idea what one wears to a sweet 17th when their position is somewhat of an aunt, you know i don't wear old people's clothes (i don't think i ever will WTF) and there's another problem... CW was there. Do you know how it feels to have a sister who's 11 years your senior and has a completely different style than yours? It's tough. My age difference with her is similar to my age difference to my some of my nephews/niece, and i have a very young soul so i bet even my nieces never feel any burden when they're around me *LOL*, fact is they kept on telling me they feel like i'm their friend rather than their aunt-which i totally take as a compliment!

In order to avoid any criticism (coz i admit i am bad with criticism. I really prefer people would leave me the hell alone... I would never comment on their outfit or whatever, so please... No negative comments about mine. I wear what i like to wear and i don't really care/want to know what you find wrong about it) i scrambled to find a dress (coz you can't honestly expect me to wear anything other than a dress to party, okay...) that's modest, appropriate and doesn't make me look too fat.
I chose this little baby blue number from Forever 21, thinking that i looked perfectly "librarian chic"
But upon seeing me, hunny immediately protested because he thinks i look like Alice in the Wonderland (yes, hence the title!), more like a little girl than the librarian chic/aunty chic i was going for (his exact words was "Why are you dressed like that when i'm dressed like this? People will think i'm a pedophile again now!" Me "Don't i look like a librarian? Boring and proper?" "NO, you look like Alice in the Wonderland!") *FML*. Thankfully i didn't get any weird comments from anyone that night *deep sigh of relief" so i think the outfit's okay!

I'm little miss matchy matchy as you should be well aware of by now, so i wore blue for my eye makeup to complement the baby blue dress
I hate my moles T.T...
List of products used :
1. Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation in Medium
2. C/o Collection Pressed Powder in 01 Candlelight
3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in 01 Neutral
4. The Face Shop Color My Brow in 03 Light Brown  
5. e.l.f Eye Primer
6. Wardah Eye Shadow N (i hope they would come up with better names!!!) for eyelids, as waterline eyeliners and on my nose bridge
7. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
8. Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara in So Black! 9. Etude Bloomade Blusher #6 Geranium Bloom
10. Mentholatum Mogitate Grape Lip Balm
11. Collection Hot Lights Lip Gloss in Dazzle
As much as i love the results of the pictures taken on the birthday party's venue, i think the lighting was not able to fully show you how the dress really looks like
Fortunately as usual hunny already snapped lots of outfit pictures for me in my walk in closet beforehand
Sorry for my stupid face >.< i was showing you the pearl-decked collar that's mostly hidden by my hair >.<!
Outfit details :
Baby Blue Chiffon Dress : Forever 21
White Lace Bow : From another dress :D
White Stocking : ITC Mangga 2 Jakarta
Blue Mary Jane : Gift from LL (Little Things She Needs)
Bag : Aldo

What do you think? Is it more Alice in the Wonderland or Librarian Chic? Haha.


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  1. Beli brand Collection dimana ya? Thank you :)

  2. I think your outfit is really cute! For us we usually wear red during our own birthday, but wearing something bright and cool is also okay. :) I thought that's mint (read it's baby blue apparently) hehe.

    1. Aww, thank you! Red, really? My mum would approve! I am not the biggest fan of red clothing, always associate it with CNY haha. Yep it's a very light baby blue :D

  3. Suka foto ke3 ala fashion blogger banget hihihi....