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Hellow hellow :D

A while ago i was contacted by Miaw Lens and asked if i'd like to review their Facial Cocoon. What is a Facial Cocoon, you might ask? Like the name already explained, it's a real silkworm cocoon balls which purpose is to use on your face for a brighter, smoother skin (amongst other benefits)! I already saw a few other bloggers posted about this cute looking cocoons and was curious about is, so i said sure :D.
This is how the cocoons supposed to look like :
Picture taken from Miaw Lens' FB
About two weeks ago, the package arrived at my place (i would only review skin care related items after trying them for at least two weeks, of course).
The cocoons itself is placed in a very simple plastic wrap with an even simpler photo-copied instructions. Strong feeling of homey and natural already haha.
I noticed some brown spots on the balls, which i believe to be completely normal since it's a natural product and must not gone through a bleaching process (you don't want a bleaching agent on your skin okay! Period!). It's made off 100% silkwoorm cocoon!
The simple explanation on "How to Use" and the benefits from using this product. Other than brightening and softening that i've mentioned earlier, facial cocoons claims to help diminish old acne scars, black spots/pigmentations and black/whiteheads as well as getting rid of bumps, lightening darkened armpits, crotch, knee and elbow (ohh, multi purposes!), it also helps speed up skin regeneration
Explanation in English
More pics from Miaw Lens' page
The actual product :
Isn't it super cute? Every cocoon (not uniform) is an oval, light weight bumpy and hairy looking object with a hole at the bottom for you to place your finger in.
I find it to be very cute and interesting looking hahahaha
Cam-whoring with the cocoons >.<
Yeah, i was wearing makeup in that picture above, but of course you need to remove all traces of makeup before using this facial cocoon! I used my usual makeup remover, cleanser and then wash my face (i always triple cleanse whenever i'm wearing any makeup! Yes, i'm quite obsessive with my cleansing routine!).
Say hello to my bare face. It looks fine from afar
But up close and personal you can see i have big pores and some redness, also some broken capillaries on the sides of my lower cheek T.T
I like to share any new facial product with my hunny, who has very dry skin (as opposed to my very oily skin) to see how the product would perform on two very different type of skins
We soaked the cocoon balls in hot water for 5 minutes, the instruction only said hot water but i used mineral water from our dispenser, feels more... hygienic that way hahahaha. Since the cocoons are very lightweight, they kept on floating around so we poked them a bit so they would sink and completely immersed in hot water :p
Then i slip the cocoon on my index finger and rub it all over my face for a full 10 minutes
I was being gentle to my skin but hunny being a guy, totally scrubbed around like mad. I could hear the sound "SROKKK SROKKKK SROKKKK" when he wiped it around his face with full strength!
The hot water had soften the cocoon a bit but it still has a slightly rough surface, perfect for exfoliating purposes. It's not super rough that it hurts your skin when used, but you can definitely feel it scrubbing away dirts. One thing that i dislike from this cocoon is the scent! I didn't notice any scent when it was dry, but once it's completely soaked it gave off a weird... almost nutty scent that made me a bit nauseated. I guess the idea of rubbing peanuts on my face doesn't appeal to me hahahaha. Other than that everything was fine.
After 10 minutes i noticed the cocoon had changed color, it looked dirty and brownish from all of the dirts left on my face >.<! The reddish string is strands of facial towel that's left on my skin also being picked up by the cocoon
Hunny's cocoon completely changed shaped because of his vigorous rubbing >.<, the hole is not super big so it hardly fit into his big, man finger haha
My skin after using facial cocoon. A bit red at some areas where i feel i had a lot of black/whiteheads since i scrubbed it longer in those areas
The immediate effect that i felt after using this cocoon is my skin feels a lot cleaner, super soft and supple! Hunny's skin also felt super supple and smooth! I didn't put on any moisturizer afterward to see if the scrubbing would make my skin feel drier, but it didn't! My skin produced its normal oil and stays moisturized and soft the next morning!
So i think this facial cocoon definitely works for both skin types!
However, there is something i need to point out. Somehow after using this facial cocoon, i noticed a teeny tiny bump appeared on my cheek the next day. Only one and it's super small, but i still noticed it. I used another facial cocoon around three days later, and the next day another tiny bump appeared on the side of my nose (and again just last night)! (This didn't happen to hunny's skin though)
This is super close up, it's actually just like a dot!
I have no idea if this is a direct result from using facial cocoon but since i did not have any other change in my skin care, i must assume that it is. My theory is that the scrubbing motion probably prompt a pimple that's still under my skin's surface to appear faster so it'll heal faster? Hehe. 

I have used it for a total of three times so far, i do feel my skin is clearer with less black/whiteheads that fell off on their own during scrubbing with facial cocoon or easily removed with a light squeeze afterward, it's also softer and suppler. As for getting rid of acne scars etc, i don't exactly have any so... Can't comment on that! I did have a problem with dull, bumpy skin sometimes because i don't scrub my face (although i should) because i'm too lazy to add another step to my cleansing steps-this facial cocoon solved that problem! After using it my skin's definitely less dull and no more bumps are found when i touch it!

Overall i think this is a nice, natural product with very affordable price too! You can get them in Miaw Lens for IDR 5000/pieces or IDR 40.000 for 10 pieces (each cocoon is good for one time usage only, please dispose your cocoon immediately after using it!). Miaw Lens' suggested you can use the cocoons 2-3 times a week, but if you have a more sensitive skin like mine, i suggest you to use them only once a week instead.

By using it once a week, i get double the benefits. My skin is brighter and bump-less and i do not aggravate my skin too much with over exfoliating. If you have drier skin like hunny, i'd say you should follow Miaw Lens' suggestion of 2-3x usage a week for a softer, suppler skin.
Goofing around with the cocoon :p
I would recommend facial cocoon for everybody (male, female, people with dry skin, people with oily skin, etc) who wants a softer, cleaner and suppler skin (just adjust the duration of usage according to your skin's needs. I am comfortable with once a week-followed by a tea tree oil clay mask to prevent any zits from popping up, but you gotta find your own rhythm because every skin is different!). I write this review based on my own experience though, it works well on me and my hunny, but i cannot guarantee it to work on yours. It's totally worth a shot, though!

You can get facial cocoon at Miaw Lens :
Facebook Page : Miaw Lens Page
Phone : 081809988666
IG : @Miawlens

Miaw Lens not only sell facial cocoons but a whole load of other products like contact lenses (i guess that's how they came up with the name in the first place?), Japanese fashion and cosmetics (it's where i bought my Fukubukuro from, i want to order another one this year! And i also want a Liz Liza luggage fukuburo >.<!), even snacks and other knick knacks! It's my go-to online shop if i'm searching for anything Japanese :D!

Have you ever tried facial cocoon? If you haven't, did i manage to tempt you to try it out after reading this post?

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  1. Ohh wow! ^ ^
    I had not heard of these Facial Cocoon's before! ^ - ^
    They look like they would be very handy! ^ w ^

  2. I haven't tried these but I would like to. I saw them in some early Memeboxes and they look great, so unusual.

    1. Yes, i was instantly interested when i saw other bloggers posted about this :D

  3. Whoa this is my first time to see how cocoons are used for facial care. Yes, that's very interesting. I think it's like cotton but shaped to fit the fingers. Maybe your husband has more sensitive skin. Glad it worked for you. :)

    1. Actually it worked better on my husband's skin than mine! It gave me tiny little pimples (i read that the cocoon produces some kind of vitamin for your skin, my skin is very oily so anything that's too moisturizing or rich would give little pimples so i guess this is the case!) >.< but other than that everything's okay!