Event Report : Makarizo Hair Show Arte Del Meteo

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Heyyy everybodyyyy :D!

I'm in a great mood hohohohooo (wrote this in the afternoon and now i am in an even better mood after our fun birthday celebration hehe)... Let's continue with day 2 of my Makarizo adventure, shall we!
With Puput, Tia, Jean and Ms. Ferina
Lemme refresh your memory a bit, i was invited by Tia (as a representation of IBB) to two Makarizo events :
I've experience (the amazing) hair treatment where you can read about here and finally it was time to tell you all about the Hair Show (FYI : Photo heavy!)! This is the very first time i've ever been to a hair show so i had no idea what to expect-and i was blown away by the scale (and professionalism) of the show!

The event was held a The Empire Place, a huge multifunction building mostly used for weddings (been to a few weddings here, including my cousin L's and my close friend MM), sweet seventeen (actually went back to the place just a few days later to attend MM's niece's sweet seventeen) and shows.
Immediately greeted by the noise and sight of hundreds of people roaming around
Thankfully i was not alone so i felt less lost (you know i'm not really good at being alone in a new situation >.<, gotta fix that!)
Kathy registering
When we told the receptionists that we're invited by Puput, one of them immediately went to locate Puput
Meanwhile we took our time to document the Makarizo products display. It's a Salon Tour so it's mainly directed to salon owners (who are located in East Java, for this occasion) to show their products and the salon owners (who came from all over East Java, no wonder there were so many of them!) can place their orders here as well
Then Puput suddenly appeared and welcomed us warmly, Tia and Jean (who's staying at The Empire Place the night before, yes they have rooms that mainly catered for people who are getting married there, i don't think they are open for public since it is not a traditional hotel in a sense) also emerged around the same time :). Puput then gave us this Pers (meaning : Press) pin for us to wear so we can sit at the media seat on the front row later, yay!
We maintained our straight face but i (i think Kathy must've felt the same way hahaha) was screeching in excitement inside! I've always wanted to be a journalist (even took journalism as my extra curricular activity in junior high hahaha) *contrary to most people, not for serious stuffs, i want to cover the fluffy stories that's related to women and beauty only hahaha, have no interests in politics, etc* and the geek inside me immediately rejoice when i finally felt like i was given the nod of approval with this simple pin (which i keep as a treasured possession now hahahaha, i guess i really love mementos despite my non-sentimental personality!)
Tried to cam-ho with the pin when Jean suddenly jumped in hahaha, hiii Jean!
Obligatory trio selca with Sabrina and Kathy, be prepared for loads of self-absorbed selcas now!
One more
With Puput
#SOTD hehe
There were snacks and refreshments provided, Tia and Jean hadn't eaten yet so they immediately tuck in :D!
Showing you the crowd
After Jean and Tia finished their "meal" (can't categorize snacks into a meal, can you??), Puput brought us inside the grand ballroom where the hair show was about to happen. Let me tell you this, i felt like a rock star/socialite/something cool when we were slipped in like some VIPs while the others (who were waiting impatiently outside the door) staring in envy! LOL.
The epic looking stage, everything's just so cool!
Only a handful of people (mostly media) were inside
Jean saw the empty stage and asked to take some pictures there, so....
Hahahahaha, say hallo to Makarizo's newest models :p!
I was in awe of the place, decor and especially lighting *sorry, i know i'm embarrassing you guys, i didn't even go to many concerts in my life so i'm not really exposed to these kind of things!*
Happy bloggers...
A while later (it was pretty long while, we already cam-ho to our heart's desire!), the big door is finally opened and i TRULY didn't expect this to happen :
People started rushing in, as in running and screaming! If you know me in real life you know i hate crowd and people pushing me around (i guess that's why i didn't go to concerts LOL), so i was staring in an awe with my jaw on the floor at the whole situation! So so SO glad Puput get us in before and seat us at the very special front row :D! Kathy made a Youtube video of our Makarizo adventure, watch it here so you can see the hysterical entrance in motion :D.
There were a lot of fancifully dressed... i think the polite term is trans? I just realized that two of them sat a few seats behind us when i snapped this pic
Determined to snap a pic with the beloved pin hahaha
Not too long after, the show finally started!
It was opened with some dancers
I was madly attracted to the LED tutu dresses LOL
K-Pop style dance -___-
Love these costumes too
You know you're in a hair show when the MC's sporting a silver hair!
Showing you the crowd on the left side
And the right
Opening speech from Makarizo reps
Makarizo's Hair Trend 2014/2015 is inspired by the world's changing weather, they found beauty and inspirations in all of these changes and created Arte Del Meteo (read more about it in detail here , some of the descriptions of the hair creations in this blog is taken from that page for precisions).
First category is Bel Tempo or Fine Weather (with sub categories like Summer Breeze, Summer Drizzle and Summer Moon), which is the perfect weather like the summer breeze inspired happy, sexy hair styles that any girl can sport everyday (it's a mood lifting collection!) to open the show
Summer Breeze
I love this model's face, she looks like an exotic doll! It's Summer Drizzle, btw
While the first two hair styles are very wearable, Summer Moon is a little bit more edgy and daring
Look at the bold contrasting two colors!
Bel Tempo/Fine Weather
Next is Mare Calmo or Calm Weather that's inspired by
first rain of spring, a cloudy, foggy day or even light snow in the winter. It induces a feeling of comfort and nostalgia that embraces calm weather.
In this collection one can see the moods changing from cheerful to gloomy, as a sign of changing weather from time to time
Rolling Fog and Misty River
Is it just me but the red streak/swirl on her hair made me think of a red snake!!!
Spring Rain and Gust of Wind
Spring Rain is very wearable and something i can picture myself sporting
While Gust of Wind is more daring but something i wouldn't mind trying as well!
Gotta love the bold color!
I have no idea the name of this hair creation since the website only listed four hair styles, it's probably a variaton of Gust of Wind?
Third is Burrasca or Stormy Weather, where the real drama begins!
Lightning storm, sand storm, and blizzard set the inspiration to put a collection together that is fashion-forward hair creations mirroring three different kinds of storm.
Also no description of this style in the web, but it's super cool and wearable
One of the most epic hairstyle of the show, Sand Storm
I can only imagine how heavy that hair must be!
Fourth category is Extreme Weather (Meteo Catastrofico) which
is inspired by the drama of extreme weather conditions that do not regularly happen, such as heat wave, tornado, fire storm and tidal wave
Super cool Heat Wave and Fire Storm
So much drama, i LOVE it!
Va va voom!
Personally don't think Fire Storm is possible for real life, but Heat Wave is crazy on a whole awesome level that i would actually sport that haha
They definitely chose more stunning models for their crazier styles
This model is so stunning, she created many buzz among the audience
I personally find her to look a bit like a Caucasian version of my friend LL :p
So stunning, i got most pic of her out of the other models haha
The finale is my absolute favorite (coz i am a unicorn and i puke rainbow hahahaha) : Arcobaleno or Rainbow, behind every storm there is a rainbow, the collection  represents hope, happiness and a return to good weather conditions -- a full cycle of the weather trend
So pretty and colorfulllll, i wuvvvv it! Would do it on my own hair in a heartbeat!
The show continued with presentation and explanation by a hair color expert, Michael Helmy.
He explained all of the collections' concepts and techniques in brief, i did try to snap pictures of the explanation in the screens but my Blackberry snaps were so blurry (coz the screen's so far away from my seat) i wouldn't post it here and ruin the whole post!
It was 5.30 (Kathy and Sabrina already left since 4 *LOL*, they had other engagements they had to attend to) when the MC announces a break with an early dinner every guests can have in another floor. Since the invitation stated that the show would be finished at 6 (it actually went on til 8!), i already promised my hunny that i would be out of the place at 6, and he was waiting (im)patiently already coz we already set up a date afterward so i sadly had to leave before the show ended (there were still presentations from Malaysian hair expert, if i'm not mistaken! Tia and Jean flew in just to cover the events so you can expect a more thorough reports on their blogs since they stayed til the end!) even though i would really really love to be there for the whole event, at least i was there for majority of the show i guess!
Before i leave, snapped pictures with Puput, Tia, Jean and Ms. Ferina at the backdrop
Then i had to say bye bye to all of them :(... It was so great meeting all of you and i hope to see you again soon, girls :D!

Puput had kindly set up a goodie bag for the bloggers and i was really taken aback on how HEAVY and full the goodie bag was!
It was totally jam-packed with all full sized products, one of the most generous goodie bag ever! Let's take a closer look on the items inside!
A notebook (just in time! I just run out of my old notebook to record my spending, this couldn't come at a better time!), little towel and an umbrella
Makarizo Honey Dew Nutriv Serum
Makarizo Texture Experience Body Scrub in Deep Sea Mineral that i've sampled the day before, so happy i got a full sized product that i would definitely use religiously!
Makarizo Provoc Shaping Spray, Maxx Gel (this would be used by my hunny for sure) and Straight Balm
Awesome goodie bag with products that i would definitely review here in this very space, so stay tune!

Thank you so much Makarizo for the amazing two days and wonderful experience, Tia for inviting me, Puput for being our "insider guide" and "guardian angel"! Hope Makarizo would have me again for their next events :D! You rock, Makarizo!

Until next time,


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  1. cc satu2nya yg bs dtg ya? :O
    wah asik bgt goodie bagnya ce XD
    sayang bgt aku ga bs dtg T_T

    1. Gimana shel? Satu2nya? Errrr... itu d atas foto2nya ada Katherine sama Sabrina gitu loh haha. Kalo satu2nya yg bisa stay sampe before break (dari Surabaya) iya...

  2. omg..!! that heat wave or fire something was so cool...!!!
    pasti seru banget ya say =)


  3. When watching shows like that, I am normally excited and amused at how the choreographers have thought of the routine matching the beats--in the opening. I'm a dance and wushu performer myself so more than enjoying the show, I'm also thinking about the technical aspect of it. Haha.

    I loved Misty River's hair the most. So cool!

    1. Yeah, the dance part is a bit short though :D. Yeap so cool do you think of a red snake too when you see the streak though? :D