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Hi guys ^^.

Sorry for spamming you with sponsored posts back to back the last three days, but i thought since they're all different (a giveaway, a store introduction and a review) that should be okay (let the OCD explain herself, please! I have to!) >.< anyway, finally some variation, October truly is a month full of celebrations (it saddened me that there's only a little more than a week left in this lovely month :(...) so i better start blogging about them before they pile up (like my to-review and travel posts *sigh*) too high.

We were invited to my close friend MM's niece's, Nadya's, sweet 17th party on 3rd of October (yes, my bday :p). For those of you who don't know yet, MM's family is more of a family friend, her mum is one of my mum's BFF (they've been friends since they were little), and her older sister is CW's (MY older sis) close friend and now my nieces Au and BB are close friends with Nadya as well!
So we went in a horde like this >.<
The party was held in Empire Palace, the same place where i attended Makarizo's Hair Show a just two days before. As soon as we arrived (we drove in 2 different cars but somehow we reached the venue at exactly the same time!), my cam-whore loving partner in crime a.k.a niecey BB dragged me for a selfie.
Got told that we look alike alot, are we?
As soon as we got off the lift, we were welcomed by the the scenery that you can see from the first pic up there. We cam-whored a lot more later, but when we arrived there were people roaming around, i couldn't take any pic in peace so i decided to do it later
Look at the decor! Sweet 17 bday parties nowadays are getting crazier and crazier, it's very similar to a wedding haha
Actually the tradition to have huge celebrations on a girl's Sweet 17th has been around forever in Indonesia, i remember CW's HUGE Sweet 17th when i was just 6 (and being teased by the MC for missing a tooth *__*) but i felt like the generation after me me started to neglect having such huge parties until recently, or maybe they were always around, i was just never invited to one *LOL*. 

I celebrated my own Sweet 17th in Singapore, where the tradition of crazy bday parties are not really popular so it was just a big dinner party at Marche. My 'rents still spent a fortune back then, but it was really laid back and casual (which i love. You know i'm not really into big parties for myself, just don't put me on the stage like, ever...). Now that i really think about it... I've never been to a huge Sweet 17th's other than CW's before @___@!

There's even a pre-sweet photo sessions now @___@. For someone who thinks a pre-wed is not even that necessary (seriously, i'm not big on crazy celebrations, do i? And i don't like professionally taken pictures as well, i'm just not photogenic enough haha. Dun want to spend a fortune on a professional pics only to scowl at the result) i find the concept to be... perplexing.

Anyhow, like most bigger celebration, i could hardly ask the birthday girl for a selca right (and i just talked to her a few times so far... That'd be... awkward) so i snapped some of her pre-sweet pics displayed on the entrace.
The ballroom
Our table's quite faraway from the stage and the lighting was very dim throughout the party so i couldn't really snap a pic of the bday girl or what's going on in the stage, this is not an event where i can casually go up and snap endless pictures right? I don't want to embarrass my family (who already found it amusing that i snap pictures of foods)
Are you ready for (what else) endless selcas?
My dapper duo ^^ (they really should've sucked it in though hahaha)
My nieceys. Au's so annoying, she tried to come to the party bare-faced so i had to rush and apply some makeups on her in like, 5 minutes. Gave her a sexy and mean looking cat-eyes for the night
Niecey's and their fave aunt (SAY SO!)
I slacked on trying to look matchy2 the past year but now i'm getting back on track. I used to make sure that we matches whenever we go out but stopped caring for a bit (yeah, due to laziness), which is bad! So now i'm gaining back the effort!
Nowadays there's always some sweet treats ready on the table, maybe to shut you up if you're hungry since parties nowadays starts latter and latter *___*
Then the pretty decors outside is calling me to camwhore with *LOL* and since the party still hadn't show any sign of starting, we went out to snap some pics :D.
The uncles hahaha
Us with the interesting "pineapple" hehe. Full details on my look here
And the birds (why the hell did i stand like that? I looked preggy hahaha)
Being silly
Couple in blue
With MM a.k.a the birthday girl's aunt. I just realized something, the dresscode was "No Black!", then how come the aunt was wearing black and white???
At the photobooth
One more with MM and her little daughter ^^
Then it was time for the party ^^. I didn't take any picture of the events due to the reasons i already mentioned, but it was... Interesting. A whole lot like a typical Chinese Indonesian wedding with dances and all. The best part was the magician (or illusionist? I don't think he'd be happy to be called magician hahaha) who went and hypnotize Nadya's friends. It was HI.LA.RI.O.US. Now, i'm always quite skeptical about hypnotism and kept on wondering if the whole thing was real (funniest part's probably when one of the hypnotized boys starting to open his shirt WTF), maybe one day i'd let myself be hypnotized (in private, not in front of a lot of people) and be video taped so can i prove for myself if it's really real.

I also love the part where Nadya went to dance with the dancers, she did great! Must've practiced non stop! Hehe. I wonder if MM's the one who scouted for all of the entertainers? Since the MC is our university senior and the dancer company belongs to our university friend haha.

Anyway, i did take pics of the foods :
Chinese tea *shudder* which i didn't touch. Plain teas make me gag. I don't care if people tell me they're good for weight loss, i'll take the pill version please!
Totally forgot to snap the soup, but here's adorbs Baby boy eating it
And then started drinking it instead @___@
With the dessert arrival, it was time for us to bid adieu. The party's not really over yet, there's a.... disco time? But since we're old (or severely underage in Baby Boy's case LOL), we head out before it started. Dunno why Au and BB didn't stay, i guess it's not their style haha.

But of course, more cam-whoring first
The flower thief :
You know i'm kiasu right? But i am nothing compared to my mum and CW. I'm serious!
Us with photobombers
More selca at the lobby
Hunny also want to join in haha
Mirror selca, naturally
Cam-whoring at the car with the glow sticks supposedly for the disco time hahaha
Before i go, lemme show you the invitation and party favor (and it's the more normal ones. CW showed me plenty of crazier ones OMG. Makes me think twice to have a baby girl, would i have to throw such an extravagrant party for her? LOL. If i ever do have a girl, i hope she'd turn out like me and dislike the limelight hahaha) :
Ignore the names in the invitations, this was my parents' invitation i just borrowed it to snap pic. Yes, it's a photo frame
The most popular favor type lately, a mug! Both cute and functional, so i'm always happy to get them even though we have so much now our cupboard's jam-packed with them >.<!
And that's it! Hope you enjoy this post! TTYL!


PS : Imma remind you this in every posts until the 10th of November, don't forget to join my giveaway with Me-Nail :D!

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  1. wow iya.. dekor pestanya udah ngalah2in kawinan ya... gile bener. hehehe

    1. Dan ini adalah pesta yg lmyn normal lo hahaha bayangkan yg heboh gitu gmn...

  2. The ambiance was super duper pretty! I love it, it's like in heaven with those flowers and tall ceilings! For us, the birthday celebrated called debut is when the girl turns 18. It's my first time to hear about the sweet 17th. The decors and food looked awesome. This was a nice elegant party for Nadya.

    1. Oh wow, it's so interesting to know other culture's celebrations! This is the first time i heard about the debut too :D! I think in Western country they have a sweet 16 instead of 17, have you ever watch the MTV show My Super Sweet 16??