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Before we start, i'd like to point out that this is the third post that i write within one day *it's quite a record so i need to write it down for memory keeping sake LOL*. As most of my posts are really long and detailed, this is no easy feat! I guess i'm really having a great writing day-also i practically didn't do anything the whole day so i feel better when i'm writing, at least i am being productive somehow.

Enough ramblings, now let's get on with the real post! I'm reviewing Real Techniques Blush Brush today that is kindly sponsored by Indoshopper! (read more about them in this post)
Now, i don't know about you-but if you're a die hard makeup junkie like most of my fellow (beauty) bloggers you must've heard about Real Techniques before, i sure did but that's as far as it goes. I HEARD about them but i never knew anything more. I, for once, certainly didn't know that it was a brainchild of arguably one of the most popular Beauty Guru on You Tube (i don't really watch You Tube tutorials so i'm quite clueless about Beauty Gurus except for Michelle Phan and Jen, but even i heard about Pixiwoo before even if just reading her pseudonym in other blogs) Sam Chapman and her sister Nic (read more about the story here) or that they only started on 2011! They're a young brand but sure made an impact since most people that somehow involved in beauty communities would've heard about them at some point.

I personally don't own a lot of brushes. I mostly do very simple makeup (i'm an eyeliner and blush kind of girl. Lately i am crazy about lipsticks too *sigh*) and i used to apply everything (except blush on) with my fingers *fact*. Then i began watching Michelle Phan's videos (not to learn anything but mostly because i love her soothing voice and seeing her transforms herself into different looks, but always ended up picking up a trick or two) and it piqued my curiosity. I started hunting for foundation blush (and never look back, totally hates applying foundi/BB cream with fingers now!) and my collection started to grow.

Still, most of my brushes are non-branded, the most expensive one being this ombre purple kabuki brush i picked up at Sasa solely for its color *haha* so i don't really have any experience with nice, professional brushes yet. Enter Indoshopper who very generously sent me a Real Technique brush and gave me a first experience with (affordable but) professional brush.
They sent me the blush brush because they noticed that there are blushes on my BH Cosmetics Forever Glam Palette that i purchased from them. How very thoughtful! (Picture taken from Google)
Let's talk packaging first :
The blush brush comes with a clear (at the front) mica box with details written on it. Very simple and no-nonsense but certainly professional looking. I was quite happy when i saw that they sent me a pink brush, coz i love everything pink and all :p.
More information on the back
If i didn't see this i would never know who created Real Techniques >.<
Moving on to the brush itself :
The wand of the brush is made of lightweight (but not frail) bright pink matte aluminum with cute writings of the brand and the makers' name on it. The wand is pretty long (normal length for blush brush, but i've been using my kabuki brush to apply blush on so i am used to a much shorter wand. It took me awhile to get used to this long wand).
The synthetic bristles (i heard that it's made of Taklon bristles) is plush, fluffy and quite soft (although not as soft as my kabuki brush, but i soon realized there's a reason for that).
Okay so on those two pictures above i was just camwhoring with my brush because i hadn't load it with anything yet >.<! But here goes :
I'm using it with the peachy blush on from my e.l.f Beach Beauty Palette for this post
The plush bristles feels soft enough for my skin, it's not the softest brush i've ever tried like i already mentioned, but it certainly isn't harsh or scratchy. 

The bristles picked up the color super easily, but very lightly too so when i applied it the color turned out to be very soft and light, which is mind boggling for me because (for me) those e.l.f blushes are very pigmented (i heard that this palette doesn't show up on some people, but for me it shows up really well. Maybe because i am quite pale, it's so pigmented to a point where i have to be very careful when picking up colors to avoid looking like a clown). This is wonderful for people who tend to be super heavy handed with their blush on (i'm dangerously leaning on the crazy lady with the red cheeks territory sometimes) because then we don't have to worry about over application and just need to load more if the color's too sheer. 

This i believe is got something to do with the soft but not crazy soft (like my kabuki brush which makes it very easy to over apply blush on even when i load it very carefully already) bristles! Now i can freely be heavy handed when loading my brush and not end up looking crazy anyway :D.
Blending is very easy with this blush and the rounded shape make sure that they are applied in all the right places. I snapped a close up picture so you can see how soft and perfectly blended the blush on became
Super close up, sorry for the huge pores >.< (the little pimple on the cheek was the one i talked about getting after using the Facial Cocoon). They claimed that their brush makes your blush on pixel perfect even in harsh light. I believe this is a based claim since my blush on look nicely blended with no streaking or patches. (PS : I darkened the close up pictures so you can see the blush on easier)
Overall i think this is a pretty fantastic brush, from the aesthetic down to the performance (and the fact that it's 100% cruelty free only adds to the plus point!), and certainly quite affordable if compared with higher ended brush brands. This blush brush is IDR 160.000 in Indoshopper (prices can go up and down though, since they are importing directly from USA so everything's greatly depending on USD exchange rate), pretty decent price for a blush brush!

In my introduction to Indoshopper post i already told you that one of Indoshopper main brand is Real Technique and it is definitely the best place for you to get your hands on Real Technique products with affordable price. You can even get an even more special prices for their products (as well as Urban Decay's Naked Basic 2 and Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot) by quoting "MindyBlogger" when placing your order.
Indoshopper's Contacts :
Website : (for pre-order)
WA : 08.9999.02019
LINE : yunisipenjual
IG : @Indoshopper (for ready stocks)
BB Pin : 76B6605F

Do you have any Real Techniques brushes? Do you like them?

PS : I forgot to remind you the last two days, but here's a reminder : join my giveaway! Hehe

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  1. I'm not a very large die-hard junkie but I appreciate watching beauty and tutorial videos such as those by Michelle Phan. I also don't own a lot of brushes and I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to what brushes to use for what particular part of the face. Maybe from this post, I'm getting to be inspired to also start using them. :) Do you think there's really a large difference in using brushes and only using the hand?

    1. Yes, just like you i'm kinda clueless when it comes to brushes! So many shapes and uses, they just confuses me hahaha. In the beginning the only brush i used was the blush brush and nothing else hahaha. Yes, especially for eyeshadows and blush on, brushes simply make the application more precise, neater and blended more perfectly! I like foundie brush too, but that's about all that i use!