Baby Boy's 6th Birthday Celebration

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Hi guys!

So... You might already know that my little Baby Boy turned 6 last July (on the 29th, exactly) and we had a little celebration on the D-Day at his school (he's a P1 student now!) but couldn't host his birthday dinner sooner because we're leaving for our Taiwan trip, so we only held it when we got back-on the 11th August hehe.
At Baby Boy's classroom :p
I am mainly documenting this for him to see when he's older, but of course, as usual-i am very happy to "invite" to guys to the celebration! 

This is his fourth time having a birthday celebration in his school already. The first time we were such a newbie *he's only started school for like a week or something, he was just 3!* and i am not really your typical full time mummy (i hate going to school functions, parents teacher meetings bore the hell outta me, i don't hang out with other full time mummies at school. Yeah yeah, judge me all you want, i bet you're just jealous-i don't care how hard you're denying it!) so i was (and still) so out of touch on what's the norm for celebrating your kid's birthday at school so i wasn't even aware that you should give out invitations!

I mean... why? It's at school on school hours anyway! It's not like you need them to be aware long beforehand! But maybe, just maybe, it's for the other kids' parents so that they'd prepare a gift for your kid? Hahahaha, i dunno lah! Some never gave pressies even if you give out invites anyway, not that we're asking for them to!

Anyway, the first time was so simple, we didn't even prepare souvenirs or food (again, i didn't even know it was necessary. He was the first to celebrate his birthday in his class-doesn't mean he's the oldest ya because some of his classmates are a year older than him-so we didn't have anyone to copy!) and just gave out cupcakes and candies and brought birthday cakes to the school. At the same day a girl classmate of his also celebrated her birthday and it was so much "grander" than his *with souvenirs and all*, imagine the grief my 'rents gave me! ZZZ. Sometimes it's so annoying that they care so much about appearances and how people perceives us. I certainly couldn't care less.

So, the second celebration was an all out kind of thing, we even called some clowns (actually one clown and one useless person who dressed up in a costume that the kid requested, it was Power Ranger or something in Baby Boy's fourth birthday) and all. But then we heard (incorrect) rumors about the school no longer allowed calling entertainers to the birthday celebrations (because it was getting out of hand, parents were showing up to each other, trying to outdo each other with magician etc)-much to my relief (because i hate this kind of stuffs), so his fifth birthday was less crazy (as in no clown, of course we still gave out souvenirs and all-ones that i personally packed and wrapped-so think twice if you want to call me a bad mother, okay!).

This sixth birthday celebration was even briefer than usual (usually it took almost an hour-or more if there's kids' entertainer in the celebration) because he's already in elementary school, they only gave half an hour (during recess, i think) for the celebration, so it was all CHOP CHOP CHOP!

First of all, lemme show you Baby Boy's 6th birthday cake-part 1 :
This year's theme : Spider Man haha
Sorry for the messy background, it was perching on my mum's working desk (coz it's the closest table to the door) :p
In case anyone's wondering where i ordered that cake from, every year i ordered Baby Boy's (and any other cakes) birthday cakes from my own sister in law (Hunny's only brother's wife) and every year we got plenty of compliments on the cake haha. They're always cute and special lah. My sis in law (and her sis) runs her own bakery and she receives orders from any kind of cakes, cookies, etc. Usually i'd also order some cupcakes to give out to my family and friends, but since this time the birthday itself and the celebration's so far apart (we prefer to have any kind of celebrations of weekend so we can make sure everybody would be able to attend) i skipped the cup cakes.

Oh yeah, not only the cake looked cute, it (always) tastes super good as well! My other sis-in-law CL who's a total foodie (and an awesome baker herself) loves errr... let's call her CLL (hahahah) okay, CLL's cakes (and even stated that the best tasting cakes are made by CLL and one other bakery i couldn't even remember the name anymore) very much. I'm not sponsored to say this (even though she always gave us free cakes and charge very lowly for any cakes i ordered hahaha) but her cakes are awesome lah! E-mail me if you want her contact okay hahaha.

The school celebration was at 10, and we rushed to the school (coz i am always sluggish in the morning, so... you guessed it, we're running late *LOL*). Oh yeah, previously we always ordered McDonnald's to give out to the kids (and teachers), but one day a few months before, my friend Candy (yep, from Candy Photography) sent out a BM promoting her friend's kids bento catering. And since the bento sets looked oh-so-cute, i was interested! It was something new and a much healthier choice than McDs! (not only because it was home made but also because it's especially catered for kids, so she only used the best ingredients and made sure that they're healthy and nutritious).

Okay lah, i dunno why i always sound like i'm promoting things, again i am NOT sponsored *LOL* (i think people should start sponsoring us though, we're good for advertising LOLOLOL) but if anyone's interested-it's called Loavenfish Bento-and yes i can hook you up (e-mail please). 

The bento was shaped like Spiderman, in case you couldn't tell HAHAHA. Actually this is why everything became Spiderman themed lah, i asked Baby Boy what shape he'd like his birthday bento was, even pushing him to choose the cutely shaped ones, but he insisted on Spiderman. PFFFTTTT. Honestly i don't think the Spiderman looked cute at all LOL, but i saw her other works and they were super cute! Notice how the owner featured veggies, fruit and egg for an well-balanced and fully nutritious bento? Very thoughtful!

When we reached Baby Boy's class, he was like "Should i go change???" and i was pretty speechless zzz... It's the norm to change out of the school uniform during one's birthday celebration when he was in Play Group and Kindergarten, but now he's already in elementary school, you know! No need to change out lah zzz. His teacher looked every bit as off guard as me. But i couldn't say no to a birthday boy now, can't i?
Baby Boy, being changed into his birthday suit (haha) by his nanny
And we rushed back to the class.
Birthday Boy and his birthday cake, part 1
The celebration was like the typical kiddies school celebration lah hehehe. I used to celebrate my birthday at school all the time when i was in Elementary school too (but i was super shy i hated the attention zzzz) and it was a lot like that lah hahaha.
Dunno why Baby Boy's standing like that, with his hand on his hip. He always seems off on his birthday celebrations at school (except when there were clowns...), and maintained a cool face. LOL. Wonder if he's actually uncomfortable like i was?  But he's such a Leo i think he loves attention, really!
Praying time...
The thing that caught my attention was... How hard it was for the teacher to gain control of the kids and quieten them down (that never really happened). LOL. I mean, i notice how active Baby Boy and his friends are since PG, but i always thought that was because they were so young. But P1... I remember (barely) my own P1 days and how quiet and obedient the students back then were. Is it just me, but are the kids nowadays louder and more active? Like... ten folds.
Getting ready to blow the candle
My stupid-kinda-broken camera kept on "processing" that when i tried snapping his picture while blowing the candle... Well, it only snapped AFTER. FML
Happy birthday Baby Boy, kisses from mummy and daddy!
Cutting the cake
We just slice the cake once lah, for picture taking purposes *LOL*. We left the cake at his school for his teachers to enjoy (we always had two cakes, one for the school and one for home. Usually we'd give out the smaller cake while the fully decorated one we bring back and bring to the birthday dinner venue, but again because we're not having the dinner for another week, we simply left the big cake at school) and bought another (Baskin Robbin's ice cake hunny been eyeing forever) for people at home.
Baby Boy and his teachers
The taller lady was his head teacher, and maybe she mainly teaches Chinese because she talked in Chinese the whole time. Hunny and i were quite flustered because we clearly don't speak Chinese. Hunny more than me, at least i understood everything she said, i only couldn't reply her in Chinese. I always responded in English or Indonesian *LOL*.
With the girls
And the boys, who were a lot harder to control *LOL*, some kept on trying to poke at the cake *___*
Look at this little boy! LOL! He wouldn't let go for the longest time!
Then the teacher made the kids line up and shake hands with Baby Boy, and give him a hug (which is not something i was used to when i was a kid. I think this is great though, how they teach the kids to love each other and not afraid to show their affections to their friends through hugging. Back when i was a kid, others would go crazy if we hug each other. Endless teasing would surface. You know lah, stiff Asian people. I got so stiff too until i grew up and have more Westerner friends who always hugs and kisses when they're greeting you, now i am used to it!), also Baby Boy would give out the souvenirs we had prepared (i forgot to take a picture of them, but you'll see what it is later when i made my friends pose with the souvenirs-yes i gave the aunties one each haha) and most of his friends gave him the pressies they've brought with them.
And that's it for the school celebration! Because i didn't want to waste the beautifully decorated cake *coz we're leaving it right after), i made Baby Boy pose with it one last time!
Then we had a little celebration at home... Not really lah, just bought him another cake (the ice cream cake from Robin Baskin i already mentioned) and cam-whored with it haha..
Baby Boy and his 6th birthday cake, part 2 *LOL*
My dramatic Baby Boy *LOL*
Wasn't the cake cute? Baby Boy didn't know what Frankenstein was though *LOL*, but he loves weird, scary creatures especially monsters (boys....), so he thought it was cute!
The hair was made from melty, super thick chocolate paste, YUMS! Best part of the whole cake, i'd say
Took us forever to finish this cake although it's not really big haha, we're not much of a sweet lovers actually *except my mum, who despite her cray cray sweet tooth always has a low blood sugar count, weird... But she didn't like the cake. She doesn't have a taste for non-coventional/non-Asian foods FHL*, i think we managed to finally finish this after more than two weeks LOLOLOL (yes, just now).

We also wanted to cam-whore with it la (hurry hurry, before it began to melt!!!), so below are just us with the cake la hahaha...
With mummy and daddy again :p
Some people says he looks like his daddy...
But more people thinks he looks like me! What do you think?
Personally i think he looks more like his Ah-kong :p
No picture of his Ah-ma, actually have but she already refused to take pictures back then because she was in her jammies *LOL*, i'm afraid she's strangle me if i go on and post the one pic i forced her to take here :p. More cam-whoring still ahead :
Next was time for him to unwrap the many presents he got from his classmates :D, he'd been waiting forever until we got home to do so (i told him NOT to open them up before i get home because i wanted to write down who gave him what so i can give an appropriate pressie back when it's time for their birthday (you'd understand when you're a mom *patronitizing* ROFL).,
Baby Boy excitedly dragging the box containing the pressies that i could only caught blur haha

Mine!!! All mine!!! LOL
Like usual kiddies birthday, lots of the pressies were stationary and all, which he wasn't excited about *LOL*, he's only happy whenever he opened this kind of jackpot :
Papoy! I mean... a toy!
Fast forward to two weeks later!
We held the birthday dinner at Pavillion restaurant in Galaxy Mall (just because mummy loves the decoration LOL)
As usual, we invited our closest family and friends only (some like my sis' family couldn't make it because they were still on a holiday in Australia and my friend LL's family were also still in Batu).
It was just our usual birthday dinner, full of chit-chatting and jokes :D.
Baby Boy with his grannies and uncle (my eldest brother, you might not see him a lot yet in this blog haha)
Oh yeah, that's his only nephew (by blood, he's got plenty from my side!) that hunny was carrying.
Hello, William!
Hahaha William looked exceptionally funny here :p, hunny kept on carrying him throughout the night everybody bugged me that he's ready for baby #2 FML
With Eek, L and her little E, Preggy A and her hubby
Me and G, #Undecided was an hour late, like i said in previous post :p. That's my snakeskin patterned Guess clutch that...
G insisted to cam-whore with, saying it matches her top... Matches HOW??? LOL
Finally #Undecided and hubby showed up, that's Vicky-G's husband and #Undecided's hubby's cousin at the front
Hunny's family, his brother KT and his wife CLLL (yes, the cake baker!) and his mum
Finally the food starting to arrive...
While some still waiting in hunger *LOL*
My NZ tenderloin that's more of a steak wannabe than a real, juicy steak, but it was pretty good haha
Then i made my girls posed with the souvenirs i gave'em haha, which they happily obliged (much to my mum's amusement, she thought i was the craziest cam-whorer, little that she knows that... Most of my friends are too!!! LOL)
#Undecided's not into pink (not ME!), so i specifically brought her the yellow one haha
Did you notice how little E posed but without a trace of smile on her face? That happened through out the dinner *LOL*. She'd start crying hysterically if anyone approaches or try to talk to her FHL LOL, but pose readily whenever i pointed my camera at her.
Yep, constantly.
Ahjussi club hahahaha
Of course, you wouldn't expect me to be with my girls and not take endless pictures, yes?
LOVE this pic!
The boys, who-except Eek-accidentally dressed in Blue-Greenish Blue-Green tees!
To be honest if we had more time to plan i'd tell them the dresscode was blue *LOL*, but it was a last minute decision so... no dress code :p
Obligatory preggy pose hahaha documenting how A's belly grows from month to month :p
For once, #Pink looked taller than #Undecided *LOL*, lost the advantage as soon as i stepped off my heels hahaha
Group pic!
The lazy preggie lady actually dressed up and put on make ups that day! How surprising! #Undecided kept on voicing her surprise in this development hahaha!
Wasn't William super adorbs in his monkey suit? Hihihi
Blue family :D, i made Baby Boy wore his new pointy neon green backpack, a gift from Taiwan from his favorite uncle and auntie
Yea, i'm talking about #Undecided and her hubby lah who else hahaha
Baby Boy black mailed them to hang out at our place after we went round the mall for a little bit haha. #Undecided's hubby as usual spoilt him, bought him new toys (that i meant to make Baby Boy buy with his birthday hong-baos!) even though they already pitched in to buy him a special roller skate with the other aunties and uncles! And here are pictures of #Undecided helping him unwrap another gift he got from L and family to end this entry.
Happy birthday, Baby Boy, mummy and daddy loves you very much! May you grow as the happiest kid on earth and be the best YOU you can be! 


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