Body-Tale 02 : Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion SPF 15

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Hellow, dears...

How's your weekend so far? Me, i've been having so much fun shopping from AM to PM with G, i believe we're a few grams (ya lor, being totally realistic, cannot be a few kilos right) lighter (then again we did ate a lot so maybe we're a few grams heavier instead FOL)-or at least our wallets are. I haven't shopped like a maniac for sometime already so i guess it's forgivable :P? I really want to tell you all about my day (from OOTD to the latest addition to my already bursting closet) but i am oh-so-tired right now-so it'll have to be postponed for a day or two and since my body lotion reviews starting to pile on my draft, i feel it's time to post one! Enjoy!

I'm a little bit overwhelmed right now, i just spent almost an hour rummaging through folders worth of months' pictures trying to find the swatch of this product i'm about to review this time-to no avail. Either i never took any (which is possible, since i am so lazy to take pictures of products that's already been used for a while-that's why i'm making it a habit to snap pictures right before i even began using it so save myself the headache-i probably procrastinated so well, i convinced myself i've taken a picture when in fact i never actually did) or i kept on missing it. After all, it's not really easy finding a picture of a blob of lotion in the sea of endless photos. I am nauseated right now *hoekkk*. Wait, the story only got sillier. Read on to know why!

The product's long finished, i even cut up the small bottle in half to get every last drop (LOL, sorry ah, Mrs. Kiasu here, don't judge!) so there's no way that i can take a picture of the lotion now. Less for getting a fresh new bottle-which i don't think i'm gonna do anytime soon because i still have so many various body lotions on my stash! I almost had to settle to use other people's picture (I cannot count how many times i went back to scan the pictures one by one, still not letting go hope that i had one picture), i actually did (and credited the blog of course, i wasn't going to steal anybody's picture or whatever okay!) and wrapped up this review, but being a little miss resilient that i am, i went through the folders one more time. And guess what... i found the picture. PFFFFTTTT. Have to re-write parts of the review obviously. So much work for one little review, pfffftttt.

Moving on now! The product that i'm going to review this time is : Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body (with Vitamin E) Lotion SPF 15.
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I got myself a tiny little bottle consisting of only 50 ml worth of product :

You have to twist the lid of this small tube to open it
I know Palmer's available in Indonesia, i see them all the time in Guardian-but i dunno if we have this variant (i just Google, i think it is available here, yay! Finally something i bought overseas that's actually available here hehe)? I myself picked this up in Singapore's Guardian a while back. Pretty sure it was on promotion :p.

I actually brought this to Europe and used up quite a bit there, but then i found it too be too greasy for my skin so i switched to Johnson's Body Care. We finished it up when we're back in Indonesia though, like... months and months ago. Then the fossil of the half cut-up bottle sat somewhere in a plastic container full of junks in my walk in closet, because i kept on procrastinating to review it. I know, endless devil's cycle right.

Now, moving on to the consistency.

The picture that took me hours to find, apparently it was in my Europe folder, taken at our family's apartment in Jakarta zzzz

The lotion was light (not heavy like body butters), very pale yellow with a light, fla sauce like consistency. This is hard to describe as it was actually thick (it won't drop as soon as you flip your hand so it was dense) but whip like (hence the light word i used earlier. So it was dense but light, very weird yes). It glides on like a dream, very easy to spread but unfortunately like i mentioned earlier, i found it to be very very greasy-more like a body butter than a normal body lotion. That, of course, is actually a very good thing for very dry skin *it worked pretty well on hunny's super dry skin, it won't be gone in a flash but actually still left residue on his skin-which is pretty remarkable for a body lotion, usually his skin would drink the lotion up in a matter of seconds* but since i have normal skin and cannot stand greasy feeling (which lasts forever on my skin, until i accidentally rub it off somewhere hahaha), this is not my favorite consistency.

One thing that i really really love about this product was definitely the scent! It has a... i guess it's a rich cocoa/chocolate scent, but for me personally it smelled more like...
A yummy cupcake's frosting!
I have one word to describe the scent :
Yes, i am sniffing the fossilized bottle furiously as i'm typing this. I cannot get over the smell! It's probably one of the best smelling body lotion (for me) i've ever had! I'm simply in love with it hehe.

This lotion also claims to smoothes marks (no wonder, Palmer's has a wide selection of pregnancy cares products right, they works well to prevent or minimizing stretch marks!) and tones skin. I can't really testify on the smoothing marks area since i only used up such a tiny bottle (and i don't have that much stretch marks either. I only have old ones on my inner arms and hips, which are from my teenage years and they are very silvery and faded already. I didn't gain any new ones during my pregnancy with Baby Boy, i guess my skin was already stretched out from being overweight during my teenage years WTF), or about the toning up skin part. 

But i do know that this is a very moisturizing and rich body lotion that would definitely help with very dry skin! And as it is so moisturizing, skin feels very firm and supple with regular usage, so i don't think their claims are base-less at all. You gotta use it more regularly than i did to experience their total benefit, obviously.

I'd highly recommend this lotion for people who are looking for a reasonably prized (it's not exactly cheap in Indonesia, nor it's outrageously expensive either. If you happen to be holidaying overseas i'd recommend you check out their drugstores because Palmer's significantly cheaper in Singapore/Malaysia, could be the same case in some other countries as well like Hong Kong, etc), rich and very moisturizing lotion/body butter with yummy cocoa (cupcake for me) scent (this product actually made me hunt for lighter lotions with the same scent-i found Vaseline Cocoa Glow Body Lotion, unfortunately i didn't like the smell! It's nothing like this Palmer's zzz. So i am hunting still!)

Wouldn't recommend it for people (like me, sadly) who cannot stand very greasy residue, also not recommended for people who doesn't like gourmand-y scents (because this seriously smells like a baked goodies and i know not everybody are fond to smell like baked stuffs! LOL)!

It's a very good product, unfortunately i cannot stand the overly greasy feeling, but i'd still repurchase them if they are having a promotion or something-if only for the scent! I'd use it on hunny though, his skin appreciates this lotion a lot more than mine (with this kind of lotions, i actually can still use whatever's left on my palm after rubbing it on hunny's skin and it'd be enough for my legs and arms! that's how crazily moisturizing this thing is!).

Anyone ever tried this product, or anything from Palmer's? What do you think of this brand?

PS : Yesterday A POPPED!!!!! Baby Luca has arrived and he's soooo cuteeeeee OMG i really want to bite his cheeks or something *violent aunt* hehehe... Will be sharing his pictures soon!

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