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10:28:00 PM

Hi y'all!!!

How's everybody today? I had another long (but very fun) day! Started early, went to take photos for Europe visa application, which turned out quite scary. Really really scary. You should already know i have a long long hair, bangs and all, and i love to cover the sides of my chubby cheeks with my hair to make it look smaller, the problem is for visa applications one should pin their bangs up (you need to show your eyebrow or forehead or whatever), and even worse, they want to see your ears (why??? Do they suspect us to be aliens without ears or something???). First take was unsuccessful, once we saw the horrific result on the computer screen the photog deemed the picture a failure because my ears cannot be seen, so i needed to had one more shot.

FYI, i hate to take my picture taken on photo studios. Actually, scratch that, i hate to take any formal pictures, period. Be it for ID cards, passport, anything. I even hate going to non-formal photo studios for casual shoots (there was a period of my life when i was young that i LOVED doing that, i have hundreds of "professional" photos taken for fun, LOL. I guess i got over them, BAD) so it was a torture for me. Even worse because the final result's horrendous zzzz.

The photog kept on telling me to pin my hair back to show my ears (my ears are not protruding out, they kinda flat against my head a bit so it was really hard to make them show on photos), in the end i had FIVE pins around my head to show my forehead and ears! WTF. I looked at myself in the mirror and tried not to sob or shriek hysterically, i looked like cross between a fugu fish with a shih tzu FML. The result? More like a full moon. Completely round with no trace of chin at all. Hunny's picture turned out the same so it's not my face lah okay!!! We both looked like a balloon (because they asked for 70% face on the pictures), just attach some string on our heads and we're done. FOL.

Things got better afterward, thankfully. We went to the banks (again) to get letter of recommendations (still Visa thingy), and then we had a brunch (because we hadn't had breakfast yet so should call it brunch right? Haha, it was lunch lah) and then hunny dropped me off at TP. I met up with my friend, LL. It's been awhile since i've last seen her, she's been super busy with her new house and maids (who kept on quitting FHL), and i've been pretty busy too lately with various projects on my agenda heehee. We were both accidentally wore monochrome outfits! Didn't take any pictures though :(. I was wearing a black jumper with leggings simply because i had to wear something with collars for the Visa photos, i don't really have that much clothing with collars on them zzz.

As usual, when LL and i met up, we ended up having a shopping spree haha... It's also been awhile since the last time i went on a girlie shopping spree (sprees are strictly limited on online shops lately, yeah i just got my bulk clothes sprees.. like... 30 pieces of clothing... i need a therapy, i really really do...). But i behaved lah, i bought a floral legging (twinnies with LL :D), skort, and two blazers (spent around IDR 350.000 for those for, or about USD 35, not bad, no?). We also hang out over coffee (for me, and tea for LL) and catch up. I really do kinda miss her :D.

We had so much fun that even though i promised my mum i'd be back by 6, in the end i got home at 8 LOLOL, sorry ah mummy :p, it might be a few months before i get to see LL again! 

Okay, enough random ramblings about my day! Get on to business! I know most of you'd be wondering, it's supposed to be a review but yet i kept on going about my day hahaha, sorry ah, you can expect that always from me :P.

Anyway, as you can see from the title, it's a review from my favorite face mask at the moment (update : this review's written on January, i've tried on different sheet masks since, i love this Acnes ones still, but i am exploring other brands right now, i may have found a new favorite! Will be reviewing them in the future!) Acnes Oil Control Mask. It's from Mentholatum company, a global health and wellness company from Japan (but for products in Indonesia are already manufactured by Rohto, an Indonesian company, that's why the price's so affordable but the quality's still top notch)
Okay, to be honest I’ve not tried too many face masks, I was way too lazy to use one. There was a time when the only time I wear a face mask is after a facial, when the facialist put them on me :p. Especially when sheet masks weren’t available yet, I wouldn’t touch a face mask within a mile. Imagine spreading them on your face, waiting for them to dry, and then putting them off (which is not the easiest thing in the world, it takes a lot of patience washing them off and I am definitely not the most patient person), haih just thinking about it make me yawn like crazy *zzzz*… Wha…? Boring.

So I was pretty excited when the sheet types were getting popular, the first one that was popular in Indonesia were the Shinzui ones and I used to use them, it was pretty nice I think.. But then I got bored and always forgetting to put them on so my love affair with a face mask ended :p. Then I tried  some other brands, not too many probably two or three, Nuface and others (mostly I got them as a free gift from purchasing other things or from my sister. I’ve never bought any face mask after the Shinzui ones), until recently I made a resolution to take a better care of my skin (I think I took care of them pretty well already lah :p) since I’m getting older and stepping into the territory where I need to start wrinkle prevention and stuffs *sigh*, and one of them is by putting on face mask and eye mask at least once a week.

I know I know, they urge you to put them on once in every three days or so, but putting them on once a week already is a hassle for me okay and it’s really hard for me to keep track *forgetful*, but by having a specific day on when to put them on, I fared pretty good the last few months (yes, I’m just getting started). I put my eye mask on every Saturday and face mask every Sunday (at least I’m trying to :p, sometimes I really forgot lah but then I will put them on the next day!).

Anyway, a few months ago (actually maybe only two months ago or less :p)I got attracted to this Acnes Oil Control Mask at the supermarket because : a. I use a lot of Acnes products (they are very good!) and b. it’s for oil control! You know my oil mine-skin could use a little help :p. I bought only one at first because I wanted to try them out, I cannot remember the price though, it’s under IDR 20.000 though, very affordable, the pictures below are taken during the first try (but by now I’ve used more than 5 times so I can write a pretty accurate review of it).

I like how they come in two parts, one for your nose up area and one for below nose area. I know from past experiences that sheet face mask sometimes doesn’t fit your face right (too small for hunny’s huge face, yes I do slap them on my defenseless hunny sometimes, but not the Acnes ones because his skin’s dry as a desert as it is so i put on a deep moisturizing ones for him. Or too big for me-my face is not small or whatever, so I think the masks were too big in size in general lah), it is much easier to adjust with these two-parter masks.
I put the masks on the floor after using to show you how it looks, not before putting them on my face lah hor HAHAHAHA

One more thing I am not too crazy about from this sheet type is how they usually were so drenched that the liquid from the mask drips everywhere, but this Acnes one has just right quantity of liquid so they don’t drip but also not so little because after using them when I squeeze them then the liquid would still drip quite a lot. Oh, that’s one of the tricks I used on sheet masks *kiasu*, I squeezed them and use the leftover liquid on my legs haha. Waste not :p.

Oh, by the way, in case any of you are as helpless as my friend G *who just today said it’s nice that I’ve an oily skin so I can scrimp on a face cream, OMGGGG*, oil control doesn’t mean it’ll dry up you skin, okay? As you can read on the instruction on the foil (click on the picture to zoom in), they contains Aloe extract etc to keep and maintain the moisture level on you skin. This is very important, we definitely do not want to dry out our skin! We just want to control the oil level and keep the moisture level on our skin as high as possible (oil doesn’t equal high moisture level please *sigh*). 
BOO! Wahahaha. Even this picture's not as bad as my Visa picture lah i think FML...
This also claims to refine skin pores and care for acnes (yes, if you read this blog from the beginning you’d know I had a major-okay lah minor-acne problem for a bit and I bought this face mask for the first time during that period) so it’s good for oily and acne prone skin types.

As I said before, I really love this face mask. After putting them on for 30 minutes (okay, the instruction said 15 but since it was still wet I left them on longer LOL), remove them and please DO NOT rinse! (another helpless person : #Undecided. She used to rinse her face after putting on the face mask, WHAT’S THE POINT then #Undecided???). For me, other sheet face mask brands left my face really sticky and greasy, Acnes does left a sticky residue once you take the sheet off but they dries off very quickly and once it dries off your skin won’t feel any residue or stickiness but it will leave your skin (okay, mine) very supple and soft.

The oil control lasts for a few days after, alright! I notice I do not need to use as many oil film sheets (my skin’s pretty scary okay, if I go out for a full day I might need more than 8 sheets) to remove my facial oils for the first few days after using this mask, so it really works! I love the effect so much I kept on buying them ever since. (especially when they are having a promotion, only IDR 12.000 each, I bought half a dozen and finished them all by now)

Now, as usual, once I start a ritual I cannot undo them, so this has become my ritual also. But also as usual :p, I cannot be tied to one brand (yet), I bought a face mask set on (oh Sasa..) and will use them (and review them), and I will try out other brands as well :p and we’ll see if I can find other masks that I love more than this mask, but for the time being I really LOVE Acnes mask okay! (Update 2 : i've used the masks from Sasa and love them as well, but as far as oil control for me Acnes' still #1)

Very recommended for oil tanks people like myself! And I bet they’re very good for acne prone skin as well because the rest of Acnes products are :D.

PS : result are based on my experience and my own skin, result may vary on different skins.
PS 2 : This is not a sponsored post, bought and paid them all by myself and I don’t receive anything by writing this.

Hope y'all enjoy this post and find this helpful! Tha tha!
This was OOTD i took in Hotel Santika Premier Malang on our trip last month :p, Black top and braided belt from Magnolia, Stripy ribbed tank from Matahari Dept Store, Grey hot pants from Cotton On, Stripy legging from random online shop :D




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  1. Woah I need this mask!
    Sorry to hear your bad experience in taking visa photos but I kept laughing at the FOL and FHL LOLOLOLOLOL!

    1. Huhhh, huhhh, do i need to post the picture to scar you for life.? Muahahahahaha *evil laugh*

  2. Terima Kasih artikelnya SObat ....... Di tunggu visit backnya ya di Terima Kasih

  3. lol to the pic with the mask cute..
    thanks for a review..
    kalo pas ke Europe, belanja makeup dong say..hiihiih...
    jgn lupa haulnyaaaa