NailBar2013 Special Blogger Event : Report

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Hi my sweets!

Yesterday (Friday 30th, not Friday the 13th thankfully hahaha) i attended our blog's official first event as an invitee (as opposed to hosting it like last time for Collection), to NailBar2013's Special Blogger Event. We first got the invitation by e-mail about two weeks ago, thank you so much for Sisca (one of the owners) for inviting me, and special thanks to Shasha who included me on the list she gave Sisca of Surabaya beauty bloggers :D (kisses for Shasha!) and i was naturally (#Undecided was too) very exited, our very first event! Haha! 
Apparently it was a private event and only 5 bloggers were invited! Wow, i feel so honored :D!

A little bit about NailBar2013, it's a delivery service manicure/pedicure (they also do spa and massages) founded by Sisca and Yusi. It's pretty unique because as opposed as the customer going to a spa/nail parlor, they'd go to YOUR place instead! I found that super convenient, especially for people like me who couldn't be bothered to go to nail parlors! Now you can experience professional treatments at the comfort of your own home! (But if you don't want them to come to your place for some reason, you can always go to one of the owner's place-after an appointment of course!)

The event originally planned to start at 5 and i planned to go there earlier (to hunt for Mortal Instrument books, in case you don't know yet it's my newest obsession), but at 4 PM (while i was getting ready) Sisca BBM-ed me telling me she's at Starbucks (where the event was held) already so i can come earlier if i want to (i wonder if she knew i'm unemployed? So she knew i didn't have anything else to do anyway? LOL!), so i just jet there as soon as i was ready! Hunny wanted to go to the fitness centre so he just dropped me off at TP.

Immediately greeted by super sweet and friendly Sisca (hello Sisca! You must read this at some point :p!), introduced to Yusi (the other owner) and their employee (i forgot to ask her name :(...) and then started the treatment because i was the first to arrive so they can start working on me right away!

O yeah, first let me show you the state of my nails before they worked on them :
Very long because i haven't cut them since my pre-Taiwan trip gel manicure (almost a month ago)! Stupidly i removed the gel polishes on my nails *by buffing it like crazy* the day before because i was worried they might not bring gel polish remover to the event, i thought when they told us we're going to get a manicure+nail art, they meant regular nail art using regular nail polishes, i didn't know they were so generous and actually did gel polish nail art for us!!! I should've asked...

Do you think my nails looked healthy in that picture? Well, normally my nails ARE really healthy and super hard but the constant gel polishes i had throughout the year and my amateurish removal (i tried purchasing one of the Korean brand's gel polish remover from A but they were ALWAYS Out Of Stock FML!) made my nails super thin and frail. It got to a point where to nails on my right hand were shredded! Seriously, i had to wrap one nail with a band aid because the tear was so deep i was afraid it might get stuck somewhere and tear to the nail beds! HUWAAAAAA i got nightmares just thinking about it.

So yeah, they faced a hard task in front of them because of my very sad nail condition :p. For the first time in my life i am thinking of getting a hair hardener. WTH.
The basic manicure station :D
"War" equipments Part 1 haha
The mbak prepping, disinfecting, and removing any last trace of polishes on my nails
I asked her to cut them real short so they won't look weird with the two nails that i already cute SUPER short (due to the shredding!), plus i also do not like long nails-they are just so impractical!
Then finally, the second blogger arrived! Say hello to Xiao Vee
Xiao Vee and the backs of Yusi (left) and Sisca (right) hehehe
Xiao Vee on a full blogger/reporter mode!
Yusi was so sweet, she actually went and ordered me a drink (of my own choice, i don't really drink Starbucks so i was a bit confused when she asked me what i wanted so i copied #Undecided's usual beverage : Caramel Macchiato :p) and brought it to me! Thank you, Yusi!

Btw, apparently Xiao Vee didn't know i was married LOLOLOL, when i told her my "personal photog" lied to me and never returned for the longest time, she was like "Who?" when i told her "My husband", she went "Ha? Huh? You're married????"... errr.... She was even more taken aback when i told her i have a 6 year old son LOLOLOL. She also went and accuse me of never posting Baby Boy's pictures on ma blog. Whhhaaa....ttt??? I posted TONNES of his pics here Xiao Vee, check one this latest one for instant, or this one hahaha.  

Next blogger arrived : Lina!
Hello Lina!
The mbak busily working on my nail :D
Once the mbak finished doing the basic manicure on my nails, i moved to the next station haha, nail art station! Sisca did my nail art today :) while Xiao Vee (who was in a hurry) was worked on by Yusi completely to save time.
Sisca, hard at work :D
And Yusi too of course!
War Equipment Part 2 :p
I was asked to choose a design for my nail art, by this stage i still didn't know that we're getting gel nail art LOLOLOL *stupid*.
Everything was SO CUTE! How to choose???
Xiao Vee suddenly said "The pink one?" and caught me totally off guard hahaha. Well, i shouldn't be surprised, look at my blog's name! It's no secret at all what color is my number one love :p. But i was more drawn to this cute pastel stripes with little stars design :
The one at the bottom (middle one)!
They do have very pretty designs, yes? And everything's painted by hands! One by one! I can never have that kind of patience >.<!!!

Oh, finally Shasha arrived!
When did i finally realized that we're getting gel nail art today? When i saw the base coat bottle hahaha. And when they cured the gel polish using this tiny and super cute LED UV lamp!
I've done gel manicures quite a few times in two different nail parlors, but i've never seen this type of UV lamp yet! It was super fast! Yusi told us that LED UV Lamp cut off a chunk of time needed to cure gel polishes, much faster than the regular UV lamp!
Sisca drawing designs for each nails, based on the design that i picked so that every nail in one hand will look different but harmonius!
Thank you Oline (who finally arrived hahaha) for taking ma pictures :D
After base coat
That's Oline and Lina ordering their drinks hehe
Yusi also planned on the designs for Xiao Vee's nails, they are very detail oriented!
Sisca working on the nail art for my nails
Look! One of the stripes looked flourescent!!! I was obsessed about it, it just looked so CUTE hahahah
Sisca offered me to put on some colorful beads on my nails, something that i've never done before because i was always afraid they'd fall of within a few hours *knock wood!* but i thought, hey it's a gel polish, should stick longer! I hope so anyway hehehe
Result on my left hand :D
My and Xiao Vee's!
Didn't i say i was obsessed? LOOK! One of the stars also shoned under the UV light!
Sisca's so thorough and detailed that she even checked with flash light since the lighting in Starbucks was kinda yellow hehehehe
Xiao Vee had to leave first so we snapped a quick picture first!
Oline, Lina, Shasha, Xiao Vee and moi :)
Us with Sisca, Yusi and the mbak!
These were the colors used on my nails!
Super cute, yes???
I LOVED the result so much that i feel the need to snap LOTS of pictures of them!
Design for my right hand
Stars on my thumb...
This one looks like a cupcake with cherry on top! You need to see it from the other side of course haha it's upside down cupcake!
Just a little more, i promise...
Spot the "Cupcake" yet?
Sisca also gave me a very useful tips, that i should apply cuticle oil every other day so my cuticle stays moist therefore the gel polish will stay intact longer (because with dry cuticles, the edges would start detaching from the nail bed faster), i'm so going to follow that advice!

I lingered a little more and snap some pictures of the next batch haha...
Shasha and Lina were the next in line :D
Haha Shasha was looking at the other camera that Oline was snapping :p
Before i said goodbye, i grabbed Oline for a quick pic coz she's still waiting for her turn hehe.
The height difference is quite far eh? I think she's smaller than my niece BB (who's 13, i must add hahahaha, Oline is 17 :))
I went on shopping for a little bit afterward (FML), i will show you what i got on another entry (complete with OOTD and FOTD piccies coz i am narcissistic like that). I need to share a stupid story though. I bought some cheap rings (they were on a sale, IDR 59.000 for two) at Bling, but proceed on forgetting them somewhere in Magnolia or Cache Cache (most probably the latter because i went in the fitting room to try on some clothes, TWICE!) and only remembered them when i saw the receipt in my Periplus plastic bag! 

HUHUHUHUHU WTF!!! I'm so stupid, and this is not the first time i did something like this. More like the 10th times or something zzzz. Hunny consoled me by telling me he'd check on Magnolia and Cache Cache tomorrow morning (because i realized it at 10.30 PM, i only left Cache Cache at 9 though) but this is not Taiwan you know (where you can leave Blackberries mobile or even a box of mochi inside the train and they'd keep and return them to you, both happened for real on our trip, stay tuned on our trip entries to read the full story!) i'm pretty sure they are gone for good. HUHUHUHU. I would need to return and purchase the exact same things in order to appease myself. WHY AM I SO STUPID THOUGH????

(UPDATE : This is even more stupider, but found the Bling stuffs already! Apparently i didn't even leave it at Cache Cache but before i even set foot there! Left it at Magnolia while i was paying for my shopping WTF. Thankfully i had Magnolia TP's contact on my BBM list and i nonchalantly BBM-ed them, just in case right, and in the morning they replied "Yes, we have your items". ZZZZ. But i'm still very happy that they are not gone!!! Faith in humanity restored probably hahahaha)

Okay, enough with the whining, let's go back to a much happier story! Nailbar2023 not only gave us manicures+gel nail arts (and refreshments), but they also gave us a goodie bag! Talk about generous!
BeautyBar2010 is a Korean online shop owned by Sisca (maybe joined with Yusi too, i'm not so sure)
Dermal Pomegranate Collagen Essence Mask, i used Dermal masks previously and i loved them so i am very happy i got this!
TFS Milk Calcium Nail Pack, such a great timing, i need it to improve my sad nails condition!
Nature Republic nail polish, i don't have any Nature Republic nail polish yet so i am super stoked i got this, in such a pretty neon color too!
Etude House Collagen Moistful trial kit, i also used this previously and loved them!
Various samples!
I love every single thing inside the goodie bag, thank you Nailbar2013 and BeautyBar2010! I am very satisfied with their service, not to mention the friendly owner and mbak as well :)! I'd very much recommend their services. Psttt, not only they would come to your place (so you can relax a lot more than in a nail parlor), their prices are also a lot lower than normal nail parlor (yes, of course due to the fact that they do not have to pay a rent, but i personally prefer this since i actually dislike going to a spa/salon/nail parlor if not absolutely necessary)!
Yussy's contact! Add them at their FB and Twitter for updates :) (i already linked their FBs above)
Only IDR 125.000 for gel polish!!!
So next time you're thinking of having a manicure/pedicure (or massages!), you can contact them in these numbers :
Fransisca 0821 4249 7799 (BB Pin 261D2FAD)
Yusi 0817 0329 6200 (BB Pin 28C47DAD) 
Also if you're looking for a trusted online shop to purchase Korean branded cosmetics, BeautyBar2010 is a very good option!

I had sooo much fun today! I wanna thank Sisca and Yusi once again for inviting me and for such a pleasant time, i hope to see both of you again sometime soon (like Sisca said, let's hang out together next time! We shall, Sisca, we shall!) and good luck for both NailBar2013 and BeautyBar2010!


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  1. Err aku noleh ke kameraku yg dibawa oline ha6 jd ga kompak sendiri :D

    1. Hahahaha, latihan d rubung paparazzi Sha!!

  2. Waaaaah postnya cepaaat sekaliiiiii........
    Aku beluuum......
    Naksir kuteks ijo...aku dapat pink and aku punya warna sama persis di rumah........
    Btw thanks buat ur husband yang udah bersedia dimintai tolong......
    Nice post,,,, :)

    1. Hahaha iya excited, malem pulang lsg nulis hahaha...
      Wah, dpt nya warna yg sdh punya ya #puk2 aq kayaknya belom pny ijo kayak gini *brb ngecek lemari kutex* hehehehehe
      Hohoho my husband udah biasa koq, adanya jg dy ngomel2 minta camera yg kyk pny Shelvi zzzz
      Thx Lina :D

  3. Lol,,,,suami pengertian....
    And kalian keliatan kaya masih pacaran,,xixixi
    Yes,mudah-mudahan next time bisa kumpul and rame2an lagi...

    1. Hihihihihi kita emg pacaran forever loh lin huahahaua
      sippp, sering2 aja, seneng kumpul sm org2 yg hobby nya sama hihihi XOXO

  4. Seru yaaa.... bulan depan bakalan ada acara lg nggak ya?
    Bulan depan balik sby.... pingin ikuttttann *sok SKSD hihihihhi

    1. Hahaha so far kalo aq sih belom denger ada event2 lagi sayangnya :)

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