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Hey guys!

Yes, the monthly movies review is slightly delayed again, i'm blaming myself for being too busy and ehm... Lazy. I'm currently taking a new side job/project, as i am essentially someone who can't really stand still for too long and gets bored easily, i enjoy getting new jobs (this latest one's thanks to my cousin L ^^ keep on hooking me up, boo!)! It does keep me busy (mainly attached to my phone since that's the nature of the job i'm taking hahaha so nothing too different than my normal life, except it has a purpose rather than mindless browsing hahaha) and i can't be as productive as i want to be tho-plus KC and CL's in town-y'all know what that means!

Anyway, February is always short (even with the extra day this year hahaha)-we ended up watching 4 movies. I can say i LOVE 2 out of 4, and enjoy the other two quite a lot too.
Let's start!

What can i say... This is the movie that you either love or hate. I happen to LOVE it! It's hilarious, full of witty-very dirty, but very smart and sarcastic jokes that not everybody can take. You need to be an open minded person, isn't squeamish about dirty languages (or blood and gory. Even i had to cover my eyes a few times, but then again my specialties are ghosts and supernaturals, not gory hahaha), not easily offended and most important of all : mature. LOL. Even if you're old enough, it doesn't mean you're mature enough to watch it. I know because i read some super silly statuses of people after watching the movie.

I mean... Even stupid people should know what they're getting into when they go to watch the movie (helloooo, have you not watched the trailer? Or heard about a million hints roaming around?) so i find it effing sickening when they complain about the effing obvious (again, the language, the jokes, the nudity, whatevs). If you know you can't take it : DON'T WATCH IT. Period.

Deadpool follows the story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary, Wade Wilson (of course played brilliantly and hilariously by the one and only Ryan Reynolds). When he's at the peak of his own kind of happiness (having found the love of his life), he also finds out that he has cancer. In order to get rid of the cancer, he agreed to be a subject to a rouge experiment that's supposed to lure out his mutation gene. While the experiment really cures him, it also gives him accelerated healing powers and Freddy Kureger-like appearance. Taking a new alter ego, Deadpool, he then goes on a hunt to find the guy who almost destroyed his life.

Yep, if you have a wicked sense of humor and not easily offended by dirty languages, enjoys a crazy ride and a crazy anti-hero : IT'S A FREAKING MUST SEE!

Now, this movie is also hilarous but unlike the first movie up there, this one is totally suitable for the whole family. It has a good moral (never give up on your dreams! Don't let race/sex stereotyping stops you from reaching your dreams!) and it's super entertaining!

Judy Hopps always wanted to be a policewoman, but everybody around her tell her it's never going to happen. No rabbits can ever be a policewoman-until she proves them all wrong by becoming Zootopia's (the uber modern mammal metropolis) first rabbit to join the police force. She turned out the be somewhat of a token rabbit and given the easiest, most mundane jobs without any possibilities of real crime fighting though. Always the little firecracker, she's determined to prove herself and jumps on the opportunity to solve a mysterious case when some mammals goes missing. This leads her to having to work with Nick Wilde, a fox (she has always had issues with foxes since childhood) who seems to be your regular scam artist-but is so much more than meets the eye.

I personally LOVE it! Maybe even a little more than Deadpool haha. I do love a good hearted animation with some seriously funny scenes! All four of us (hunny, Little O, Au and i) roared with laughter from start to finish and my favorite scene is the wolf security guards heh heh heh. Another must see!

Okay... So i had my doubts about this movie when i saw the trailer *LOL*, i mean... All the shiny, metallic creature the gods supposedly can turn into? They reminded me of silly kids TV series like Kamen Rider *LOLOLOL*. It turned out to be quite okay, nothing special but it's not horrible-i cannot stand whenever the metallic creatures popped up in the screen tho! They look too cheesy...

There are many gods in the Egypt mythology and supposedly they love their creation so much that they decided to live with their creation on earth. Even gods need rules so there's always a king-and a new king is just to be appointed-Horus, son of Osiris, but on the day of the coronation, Osiris' brother Set (god of darkness) came to seize the throne, killed Horus and took out Horus' all seeing eyes. Egypt is thrown into the dark ages during his time as a ruler. A human, Bek, tries to save the love of his life by putting his faith (and all his might) on Horus, helping him to claim back the throne that's rightfully his.

Like i said, it's an okay movie. It's pretty entertaining and all (other than the disturbing metal creatures i cannot take my mind off hahaha), it's not a must see but watching it wouldn't be a total waste of money either. The guys in the movie are not my cup of tea, but this girl is :
Courtney Eaton plays Zaya, Bek's love interest in Gods of Egypt. Isn't she PWEEETTTYYYY? She's super sexy too *drool*.... What? A girl can drool on other girls while still staying straight, alright!

4. The Other Side of the Door

Well, i'd never miss any slightly interesting looking horror movie-and this one has a good synopsis and the trailer's quite promising too so i was quite excited about it.

Maria pretty much lives a perfect life as an expatriate in India with her loving husband and two adorable children until a tragic accident takes the life of their young son. She blames herself for his passing and can't function properly, neglecting her husband and daughter, unable to move on. Their Indian maid, feeling sorry for her, tells her about a ritual that allows Maria to communicate one last time with her dead son, with a seemingly simple rules-which she, obviously, disobeyed. She went back to her house, feeling appeased and finally at peace-before she realized that when she broke the rule, she opens the portal between the world of the living and the world of the dead-upsetting the balance. Now she and her family must face the consequences.

It's not bad, actually! Like i said, i like the background (i really enjoy how they start to go to Asia as the background. After Japan in The Forrest and now India. It's just a matter of time before they set the background in Indonesia, i hope hahaha. The world needs to be introduced to Ms. Kuntilanak and her gank!). The story line is interesting and it's quite creepy and effective. It's not one of the scariest movie i've ever watched or anything, but it's totally decent and refreshing compared to recent horror movies available in the market. Die hard horror movie fans should totally check it out (although i must warn you the characters can be quite irritating and hard to root for at times hahaha)!

Those are all the movies we watched in February! Did you watch any of those? How did you like them?


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  1. Pengen nonton the other side of the door. Dari trailer nya emang keliatannya ok. Hehe

  2. Deadpool! Sampe sekarang belum nonton dan penasaraaaann