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Hey guysss :D.

Can't believe it's a week into December already, geez. Time is not running away, it's whizzing past! I wonder if it feels faster the older you get??? I remember thinking that the clock seemed to stood still when i was little (up until i was a teenager actually), but now.... Days feels like seconds.

Anyway, towards the end of November i started picking up the pace of my blog posting, but once December starts.. I was feeling down again for no reason whatsoever the last couple of days *sigh* i truly have no idea what's wrong with me! Maybe it's pre-mid life crisis *grumble grumble* or maybe it's just PMS -___-.

Oh, i have a good news though! No, not a baby on the way, but we got ourselves a new fur baby! I named him Bear and he loveeessss me <333 *LOL*. Would probably blog about him soon, as soon as i teach him to wefie hahahaha.

Oh well, let's get into the topic... It's movie review time!
Okay, how many Paranormal Activity movies are out already? It's crazy, i feel like we just watched the last one and here comes another one *LOL*. Wonder when the cow's gonna be dried out of milk? Hahaha. But yeah, i still gotta watch it (coz when you watch the first movie, then how can i not watch the sequels? #OCDlogic ). Anyway, this one's actually brought some excitement back for me (as in it's got me less sleepy and more scared haha), the previous few started to really be lackluster to me.

So The Ghost Dimension is following yet another new family, the Fleeges which consists of a young father, mother and their little daughter. They move into a house and of course, found some old stuffs belonging to the previous owner, including a video camera and tapes. The father started to use the camera (and watch the old tapes, which first few ones started innocent enough but soon turns more and more disturbing) he began seeing things that naked eyes can't see and paranormal activity start happening around them. Young Kristi and Katie (from the previous movies) re-emerge at the old videos.

Okay... Don't raise your hope too high, it's the fifth movie (not counting the spin offs) so originality is totally far from happening *LOL* but like i said earlier, i personally found it slightly better than the last few ones (which made me yawn instead of getting scared). I shared before how i don't like how the franchise's direction going (cult is not my kind of thang), but this latest movie brings back the classic jump-out-of-your-seat scenes, which i like i horror movies. It's nothing special, it's not super scary, but it's not super horrible either. If you're a huge horror fan like me, watching this movie doesn't harm haha.

Hm yeah. Another James Bond Movie *LOL*. You can tell that i'm not that enthusiastic, right? But it was alright la, maybe because i have no expectation. Hunny told me it was below the expectation and lots of people are disappointed at the finale of the trilogy, i thought it was not bad especially from mid to the end.

James Bond receives a cryptic message from the past and he went to inspect it all the way from Mexico City to Rome (without actual permission from his bosses). He infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of a dark organization called Spectre. At the same time, a new head of CNS tries to close down MI6. Bond roped in Q to help find find Madeleine Swann, daughter of Mr. White (his old nemesis) who has connection and understanding about Spectre. They went to the heart of Spectre and Bond learns the connection between him and his enemy.

The first half an hour (or was it 45 minutes...) was super slow, draggish and boring. I was almost asleep *LOL*. But when it gets to the mid of the movie, the pace started to pick up and it keeps getting better from it. Admittedly, it's not as action packed as how die hard Bond fans would like it, but i think it was pretty good and entertaining. Not something that i would bash my head for if i missed it haha.

3. Kakak
I haven't been watching local horror movies for the longest time. I used to love local horror movies, but then they started to shift into porn-comedy horror, which is so not my cup of tea so i stopped going. Such a shame because back then, we really had some very memorable, creepy horror movies *sigh*. I'm still hoping for some good one to be available and usually when the leading lady is an actress known for their chops instead of their willingness to show a lot of skin, that'd be the indicator that the movie should be decent (but then again i used to watch Shandy Aulia's horror movies hoping that they'd be good and so far i've also been disappointed. I mean, no boobies shown and no real scares, that's worse than boobies+no scare okay hahahaha)

This movie Kakak (which is Indonesian word to call someone older than you, like big bro/big sis) is starring Laudya Cynthia Bella (who recently started using Hijab and there's a lot of brouhaha because she's hijab-less in this movie and actually wore some quite skimpy outfits if you compare it with hijab! This was shot before she started using though, so personally i don't think she should be crucified for it...) who's a rather serious actress locally, and i thought the trailer looked decent so i decided to check it out.

This movie follows a married couple who's struggling to have a baby, the wife already suffered multiple miscarriages. They decided to move to a house (they used to live with the husband's very dominating, extremely irritating mother) and soon the wife (who suffers from chronic asthma) discover that they're not alone in that house. There's a spirit of a young girl (who was the daughter of the previous house owner) who died there, likes to help them out and treats them like her parents. But like all children, she can be quite mischievous and since she's no longer alive-sinister at times.

I quite like the plot and they classy way they make the ghost appear (not gross and overly narcissistic like most local horror nowadays), the storyline's not bad and there are actually some really good jump-out-of-my-seat scenes. Of course, loads of plotholes (can't escape them with Indonesian horrors) and there are some things that's bothering me badly. Laudya Cynthia Bella's not a bad actor, but her acting whenever she gets the "asthma attacks" annoys the shit out of me -___-. She makes some really ugly faces and weird whizzing sounds from her teeth. As someone who actually suffers from asthma, that really offended me -___-. Well at least they didn't make her wear long, sheer lingerie and wakes up wearing crazy falsies and blue eye shadows (like Shandy Aulia in most of her horror movies LOLOLOL).

It's not bad at all, i actually enjoyed it a lot (aside from those cringe-worthy asthma attack scenes).

4. The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2

Well, i never hid the fact that i'm not a fan of The Hunger Games, i only started to like it in Mockingjay Part 1 (no offence to Hunger Games fan, it's a matter of preference. I like idiotic love stories like Twilight better, Hunger Games' a bit too political for my daft brain) so i was quite looking forward to the second part. Aside from the very brief (i was like "HUH??? That's it???") climax, i do like Mockingjay Part 2. 

Picking up from where the last movie left off, Katniss continues to be the Mockingjay (symbol of the rebellion). Peeta is still not his normal self and tries to attack her from time to time but she never gives up on him. Despite President Coin's order for her to stay back, she found her way to the Capitol with one purpose, to kill President Snow. Katniss and her squad (including her old friend/old lover Gale and later on, still kinda uncontrollable Peeta) must find their way safely (well, that part doesn't quite happen) to the Capitol while dodging traps and muts.

The movie's rather exciting and entertaining for me, lots of action scenes and unexpected attacks (coz i don't read the books, i guess). It keeps on building up momentum, that's why the climax is a bit (or very) brief and unsatisfactory for me hahaha. It's still good though, i can totally say i like Mockingjay movies although i found the first two movies quite so so. Oh, and i found Jennifer Lawrence a lot more likable in these last two movies (that's saying a lot because i used to really really dislike her haha).

5. Victor Frankenstein
Okay, here's another story that i found being retold way too often and i'm not really a fan of hahaha. I mean, there's only so many ways you can look at the angles of the Frankenstein story and i personally find it's kinda stale already. But since it's starring the always so passionate James McAvoy, i decided to give it a try.

This movie is telling the story from Igor (Frankenstein's assistant, which i didn't even know existed *LOL* i guess he doesn't get a lot of parts usually), starting from his origins and how Frankenstein rescued and gives him proper life. Of course then we're led to the part where he is introduced to his master's crazy experiments and actually have a pivotal role in the success (if we can call it that).

It's quite good actually, a lot better than i anticipated. I mean, i actually expect to be bored out of  my wits, already knowing the basic story and the fact that it won't deviate too far from it. But looking from Igor's eyes are quite refreshing. It's quite gross too, i'm glad we didn't bring any snacks in or i'd be gagging zzzz. I guess mostly i was mesmerized by James McAvoy's acting (hell, he can act as anything and i guess i'd still be mesmerized)-Daniel Radcliff wasn't so bad either, although i kept on having to hold the urge to shout "Harry Potter, is that you?" in annoying fake British accent WTF.

6. The Good Dinosaur
Little O's been waiting for the longest time for this movie! While i.... Am not a fan of dinosaurs anything (but i do like animation movies) so i was not that enthusiastic hahaha. I ended up liking it quite a lot though, not crazy over it or whatever (it's no Inside Out), but i do enjoy it very much.  

The movie begins with the what if, what if the asteroid that changed life on earth missed our planet entirely and dinosaurs never became extinct? Well, according to the maker, they become civilized and humanized hahaha. We follow the life of a farmer Apatosaurus family consists of a papa dino, mama dino and three little dinos. Arlo is the youngest of all three and since he's little, he feels like he's different-not as good as his sibling or parents and is always scared. He cannot find his place just yet. 

Like usual, the family fams corns and hoard them to survive winter-but a vermin (which turn out to be, yeah you guess it-a little human boy hahaha) keeps on stealing their stash. Papa Dino set up a trap and sent Arlo to finish the vermin if it got caught, but Arlo's soft (and kind, although often mistaken as weak) heart prevent him from killing the human boy. Papa Dino lost his patience and bring Arlo to hunt for the vermin and finish the job, but tragedy struck. A while after, Arlo got into another accident and lost his way, that's when he realized that the "vermin" is actually a lot like him, and that he is looking out for him. Together they go on a journey to find their way back home.
It's quite a nice movie, some (of course) touching and tear jerking scenes and i really love Spot (the human vermin *LOL*, he's so so cute!) but i personally don't find it to be one of Disney's best. Again maybe because i am a girl and dino movies are always more like boys kind of thing? Hunny, Little O and i enjoyed the movie from start to finish though and i totally recommending it for everybody, especially if you're a fan of animation movies.
And that's all for November movies. I just realized that most of them are very so so, i don't have any strong feeling for any of them. I guess my fave would be The Good Dinosaur, least fave Kakak haha (i don't hate it though). Hope for more exciting movies in December (i already listed 3 movies to watch ASAP)!


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