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Yes yes, this is the worst yet-last month's movies review at the last day of this month.

I know.

I kinda forgot to write it earlier, i got swamped with Surabaya Beauty Bloggers' projects, it's not easy to handle a community and work on the projects as well you know. I'm still getting used to the rhythm too so please cut me some slack if i neglect the other aspects of this blog for a bit.

You may also knew that i just got back from a short escape with hunny to experience USS' Halloween Horror Night, which was spectacular! I will try to blog about my experience soon (i'm not making any promises tho, i haven't even managed to finish my Japan travel post zzz).

Anyway, let's get on with the reviews. Watched 7 movies in September, some were good some were so so...

This movie seems to be raved on by so many, saying how it's different and edgy.. I personally find it quite interesting and entertaining, you're definitely kept at the edge of your seat throughout the movie-but i also find the plot holes to be a bit ridiculous and the characters unlikable-so i do have quite a mixed feelings for this one.

So there are these three youngsters whose side job is to rob houses (one of them, Alex, "borrows" the keys to the houses from his dad who works in their security company. The irony...) for items that they can sell (no stealing money because then they can be jailed) but then Rocky and her bf Money started to persuade Alex to rob this house of a blind man who keeps a huge sum of money in his house (supposedly it's a compensation money by a rich girl who killed his daughter in an accident) because Rocky wants to start a better life for her and her little sister and move to California and she needs the money. It seems like such a simple job, robbing a blind, elderly man-but things becomes so much more dangerous when they realize that he is not just a weak blind old man.

The movie is intense alright, kept me on my toes since the beginning. But like i said, i really think the characters are so unlikeable (Rocky is a selfish b**ch who doesn't care about anyone getting hurt as long as she gets what she wants, Money is your typical punk asshole and Alex-the most sensible of them all is a bit of a pushover) that i couldn't make myself care when they started getting whacked around by the blind man. And man, are they stupid or what. They made so much noises since the beginning, it just doesn't make any sense at all-even if they do it in my house (which is not as old, crickety and so much bigger)-i'd hear them from the first 5 minutes-let alone someone who lives alone (and blind. Blind people tends to have very good hearing, no?), as seasoned  robbers they should know better than that. It's still a very entertaining and thrilling movie though, so it was not a total waste of time.

2. Me Before You
Okay... This movie... I have a lot of things to say about this one *LOL*. I didn't read the book prior to watching this, i have no knowledge of the plot whatsoever-i saw the trailer and thought it's going to be those sweet romcom with happy ending that makes you leave the theatre feeling warm and fluttery inside. If you haven't watched this, then i'm sorry if i spoil it for you-but by now the plot line is everywhere so i don't think i can ruin it any further for you-but basically it's that sweet romcom i thought it's gonna be up to the first half of the movie-then it turned to be something totally different and i'm not sure if i agree with.

This movie follows the story of a young woman named Lou Clark, she's a happy-go-lucky girl with quirky sense of fashion with a huge dream inside but even though she seems to be stuck in her mundane life, she still manages to be happy. When she lost her waitressing job, she got a new one caring (or more like... being a companion) for a young man named Will Traynor who was a very active, very successful man before getting into an accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. It started very predictable with Lou trying her hardest to cheer the uncheerable Will, and he keeps on rejecting her coldly. Then they began developing a friendship that of course, turns into romance. What Lou didn't know is that Will has already decided to end his own life via assisted suicide and he has given his parents 6 months to come to terms with this decision and that his parents hires her basically to try to change his mind.

Well. I first learned about this movie when a friends of mine (who's got spinal cord injury and is paralyzed from his waist down due to an accident) shared the trailer in FB-it seems to give him some hope and dreams of-i dunno, romance for himself in the future, perhaps? Imagine how shocked i am when i realized that this movie-when everything else is done-is about assisted suicide. And how a man who used to be very lively and happy decides that his life is no longer worth of living, despite all of the privileges he still has and a girl he claims to love so much (and loves him back as much)-he still just wants to die. Coz he is paralyzed. I dunno, i find it insulting. Insulting to all those men and women who are paralyzed and still have such strong fighting spirit in them despite their hardships, and those who are not selfish enough to cause a pain for their loved ones of losing them unnecessarily. 

I dunno, actually really liked the movie. And i cried like a baby watching it so it did tug on my heartstring, but i can't say that i agree with it-at all. This movie (and the book) has so much potential of giving people strength and hope (although it might seems cliche), but instead it decided to go the exact opposite way. It's still (quite) romantic, and Sam Claflin is dashing as usual- it's still a good watch, but be warned you might feel a bit angry in the end-like i did.

3. Warkop DKI Reborn : Jangkrik Boss! Part 1 
If you're Indonesian then you'd most likely have heard about the legendary comedy group Warkop. I grew up watching them (that makes me realized how much more relaxed our parents were when it comes to parenting. I think most young parents today would not let their younger kids watch Warkop movies because of their often sexually suggestive jokes), i remember being elementary school age and went to the movies with my parents to watch them. I am not a slapstick kind of person, but watching their movies did entertain me and even now they bring me a certain feeling of nostalgia. When i heard that they're remaking the movie and using young (and handsome) actors to play the trio, i was really really skeptical. But i do get why they choose real, good actors to play the characters instead of real comedians-coz they need to get into the characters (instead of trying to be funny in their own way).

So Dono, Kasino and Indro are now members of CHIPS (some sort of social issues civil officers) who are often get into troubles because of their silly personalities. One time things get way too far and they end up having to pay a hefty amount of fine for the troubles they caused (or face jail time) so they embark on a crazy adventure all the way to Malaysia to get the money.

I know that people say no one can ever replace (or recreate) Warkop, that's often the case with legends. I do agree to that, having said that-i applaud Abimana (who shockingly looks the closest to the character after using false, protruding teeth), Vino (who's normally so hot it's unsettling to see him in this character) and Tora (who looks the more normal out of them all) for being able to bring the characters back to life. I personally think they're great, wonderful actors and they managed to embody the spirits of Dono, Kasino and Indro. Being 2016, the jokes can fall a bit flat and like i said earlier, i'm don't appreciate harsh slapsticks all that much-but as a whole the movie is still very entertaining and funny. I also love the crazy attires the only living original member, Indro, was dressed in throughout the movie. I think they did an amazing job, and they made a the movie relevant enough for today.

Oh, and i'm so gonna be judged for this, but i did bring Little O with us to watch it. I guess i'm every bit as 'lax as my parents were *LOL*.

4. Train to Busan
So this is the movie that everybody refers to as "Korean zombie" *LOL*. If you're from a Western country, let me explain that in Asia-zombie movies are not that popular. Especially in the local movie scene. Why? Hm... I think because most Asian don't find zombies to be all that scary? LOL. Entertaining, maybe-scary? No, not really. We're more into ghost movies and we have some seriously scary ghosts, and they sell better. So when an Asian country makes a zombie movie (which we normally associate with Hollywood), well... It's quite interesting. But honestly i wasn't interested when i saw the trailer, i have very Asian mentality and zombie is so uninteresting to me-until i heard people raving about it. That tickled my curious bone and we ended up checking it out.

A good looking (most people seems to think so. Me? He's not my cup of tea. And he reminds me too much of Kathy's boyfriend that it irks me *LOLOLOL*), very busy young father takes his young daughter on a KTX (fast train) from Seoul to Busan to see her mother on her bday. During the journey, crazy things started happening outside-and soon, inside the KTX as well. An infected passenger started transforming and turning passengers and staffs into zombies so it's time for Soo Wok to team up with other survivors to try to keep himself and his daughter safe.

Storywise, it's pretty basic. Nothing much to tell here, just another zombie invasion-trying to stay human sort of movie. But this Korean movie, which is strong in the drama category-so there are a lot of drama in this movie too (which is the saving grace, i guess. If they try to rely heavily on the zombies only, it wouldn't be anything much than just a Hollywood zombie movie wannabe), especially about the bonding between a father and daughter and how a father would do anything to be his daughter's hero-and to keep her safe. It's not bad, very entertaining and moving (i cried at the last scenes), and Korea really does have amazing child actors. And yep, i am one of those people who keeps looking at the watch and wondering how come the dad's transformation took such a long time compared to the others' :p. But that's Asian movies for ya!

Okay, this is my favorite movie in September. I didn't expect it to be, i even find it a little bit slow at the beginning, but soon i was immersed in it. Especially after i learned that it's based on a true story (you know i'm a sucker for anything that's based on true stories). It just tugs on my heartstrings, and i guess it does help that Tom Hanks (one of my all time favorite character actors) plays the titular character. I don't often find Tom Hanks' movies that i dislike, or that i think he is miss-cast in. I think the guy knows what characters work for him and that what makes him so great. And he is just so damn likable.

On January 15th 2009, "Miracle on the Hudson" took place. A veteran and highly regarded pilot, Captain Chesley Sullenberger (Sully) managed to land his disabled plane onto the Hudson Rivers and saving all 155 abroad. But soon, Sully finds himself doubting himself and his action-which he knew is the best decision to make-when an investigation goes down about the water landing (which has very slim success rate) that is deemed unnecessary and instead of taking the only route to save his passengers, he is accused of putting all of their lives in danger.

The movie is a real emotional rollercoaster, it takes you back and forth between the investigation and the actual incident. One can't help but fall in love and root for Sully. It's not just a movie about a plane crash or whatever, but about the people in it and how people can turn a hero into a villain so easily. It's a great, great movie and i highly recommending it (it's a drama btw, so if you're expecting a crazy action scenes, you got the wrong movie my friend!)

6. The Magnificent Seven
This one is definitely not the type of movie that i would normally be interested in watching. In fact i was pretty much dragged by my hunny *LOL*, and it was also the first time we experienced a 4Dx movie and i wore a slippery organza skirt to it *big big mistake* so i was busy trying to balance myself and keep from falling off my seat throughout the movie FML. Overall, not a bad movie-and i managed to enjoy it a lot more than i thought i would.

I think i heard about the Magnificent Seven before, but very flippantly-i think i knew it was a cowboy kinda story but i didn't know that it's actually considered a classic. Set in the day when the wild wild West was still very wild and dangerous,  Rose Creek is under the control of the villain Bogue-therefore the newly widowed Emma Cullen seek the protection from outlaws that are crazy enough to stand up against Bogue. The 7 outlaws are a mix of crazy characters who find themselves fighting for so much more than money. 

It's funny, i sort of guessed it's gonna be since Chris Pratt is in it-and it's totally star studded. It's entertaining and quite action packed-too, i am at loss at what else to say. It's pretty good, i probably still wouldn't go to watch it if my hunny didn't drag me in, but i didn't hate it and i don't feel like it was a waste of  my time at all.

7. Pete's Dragon
I was wondering why a Disney movie got such a minor promotion, i didn't even hear about it before. Well, i should take that as a sign, and also the fact that Little O actually refused to got and watch it with us *LOL*. I dunno,  i usually would like a Disney movie just fine even if it's not all that special, but this one is unexpectedly very dull and boring...

Pete is a young boy who's been living in a forest for six years after an accident killed his parents. When he is found, he claims that he didn't live alone but accompanied by his friend, Elliot-who's a dragon. Grace, the ranger who decides to take him in, takes Eliot's picture drawn by Pete to her dad who claims that he himself saw a dragon years ago in the forest (nobody really believes him, ofc) and they all went together back to the forest to try and find Eliot, but at the same time Grace's fiance's brother (they're both working in a lumber company) is determined to capture the dragon who's made a fool out of him the day before.

I dunnooo... The movie's just so... damn... slow... And nothing much really happened. It's super hard to relate and grow any sort of sympathy to the characters, even Pete is super annoying to me -___-. Oh, i do like Eliot tho *LOL*. The movie is super flat... Bland... Even at the climax, it's not that engaging. I dunno what happened to this one (or how it scores 7.2 in IMDb), but it's just not a very good recreation (not sure if the original is any better, but it should be-why else would it be recreated?). I think only very young children would find this movie okay, the only good thing about this movie is Eliot-who's quite cute and acts like a puppy (i couldn't get over the fact that he has furs instead of scales tho). Easily the worst movie i seen in September, i almost fell asleep!

Did you see any of the movies i mentioned? What do you think of them?

Oh, and Happy Halloween! I hope you have a spooky one!

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  1. Diantara kesemuanya aku baru nonton Don't Breathe aja hihi

  2. pengen nonton don't breathe sama train to busan... :D

    1. Udah ntn donk pastinya gmn kesan2nya hehe

  3. Waaaah Sully juga favoritku nih Ci, suka banget lah. Basically, aku emang suka banget sama Tom Hanks dan cerita ini oke juga perfect match

  4. Ah aku kelewatan nonton Sully,, penasaran banget,,, baca review mbak jadi tambah penasaran *cakar2sayappesawat

  5. Me Before You itu favoriteee saya banget meski kesel endingnya si cowo tetep pengen mati karena ga punya harapan hidup..awalnya mikir kalau si cowo jahat karena ttp pengen mati padahal ada wanita yg sayang sama pas dia bilng ke si cewe kalau pun mrk bersama dia malah akan bikin susah dan malah ga bisa take care si cewe..duhh baru sedih deh

    1. Hehe iya tp aq tetep ngga setuju sm endingnya T.T, tp yahh namanya juga cerita ya hahaha