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Haiiii everybody :D!

Calling all lip junkies out there, i have another treat for you : review and swatches for 5 shades of Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Cream :D!
But first, have you heard of Face2Face (they also often shorten it to f2f) before? I did but that's expected, seeing that i am a beauty blogger and always on the lookout for new brands and products (and as you might already know, i am huge fan of local brands and always strive to support them #supportlocalproducts :D). 

They're quite new actually, so if you haven't-it's time to get acquinted with them (i just checked their "about us" and found out they've been around since 2010-and that their first product were falsies! But i personally just heard about them this year or so). I honestly can't really find too many information on this brand online, but checking out their website (which is also a webstore, so you can actually shop directly from their website-totally covenient as i don't really know where to find Face2Face products in my town) they actually have a huge selection of products! From makeup to skin care to body care!

Face2Face kindly sent me 5 shades from their Soft Matte Lip Cream range (there are 9 shades available in total)
They came in this fun transparent plastic pouch-which you can get for free if you spend IDR 125.000 on their website (their current promotion)
Their Lip Cream range's named with cities and countries' names-i find that totally adorable!
L-R : Shanghai Red (02), Purple in Paris (04), Indonesian Beauty (09), New York Scene (05) and Tokyo Midnight (01)
Ingredient List
All of Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Cream have a pleasant, sort of Vanilla scent. This is nice because there are quite a lot of lip creams out there that don't smell really good... I tried a few that has very strong, paint-like scent-so Face2Face's already winning in terms of scent ^^.

As i already stated a few times, i am not the biggest fan of matte liquid lipsticks (but i'm slowly warming up to them) because i am more of a glossy/satiny lippie kind of girl. So far i've only tried about 4 brands so i am in no way an expert-so i'm just going to review this from a rookie point of view alright :p.

I find lots of lipsticks from the same range can have different texture depending on the shade, this inconsistency can be found in this lip cream range too. I have shades which textures i find pleasant, and there are also a few which i find less so. But as a whole, i can say that Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Cream is a little bit on the heavier side-as in you can definitely feel the product on your lips (it can be a bit heavy), they all dry matte (once they dried, your lips will look matte with no shine on it) but not dead matte and they all transfers. Therefore, they're quite easy to clean (although the darker, bolder colors does stain a bit on the rim of your lips so you might have to use eye&lip makeup remover)

They all can feel a bit gloopy and lumpy after a few hours and you need to make sure you do not paint the inner part of your lips because they'd stick to your teeth and that's not a good look :P. They do not make my lips dry or anything, but i always apply lip balm before wearing any lip color and it can feel quite drying (like most matte lippies are. I mean, i kinda felt like they're drying on top of my lips, but once i remove them i do not find my lips getting drier or anything-i hope i make sense!) so i would definitely recommend using moisturizing lip balm beforehand.

Now, let's talk about the shades one by one!
Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Cream in Purple in Paris (04)
It's my favorite color out of 5!
Like the name suggested, Purple in Paris is well... Purple! LOL. It's a medium tone purple with a hint of pink, this shade is definitely quite pigmented (i didn't need to re-dip the wand to coat my entire lips) . It's one of the heavier formula out of the 5 and it applies slightly streaky but the color is so so SO pretty (and since it's quite dark, it's perfect for fall... Although we don't actually have fall here but whatever... I wear fall colors when it's supposedly fall! Haha).
I wore it on my birthday and it made me feel absolutely fabulous haha
You know i love my purples, so this shade (although to be completely honest, out of the 5, it doesn't have the best formulation) is definitely my favorite shade coz it's soooo gorgeous....
These lip cream stay on pretty long, but as they never truly set and do transfer, you have to reapply whenever you have a meal. I wiped my lips on the napkin and you can see that most of the color transferred to the napkin 
If Purple in Paris is my favorite shade, this next one is my least favorite.
Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo Midnight (01)
Tokyo Midnight is a loud, neon bright pink. The color is quite eye catching and interesting actually, but it's just not the shade that i like on my face. It also made my teeth look really yellow... To make matters worse, it also has the worst formulation out of the 5. It's the heaviest, very patchy (i had to keep on moving the product around to attempt an even application) and slightly gloopy.
It certainly brightens up my face though
The third color is my other favorite, and i also love the name haha
Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Cream in Indonesian Beauty 09
Indonesian Beauty is a brownish, nude shade that as always, looks slightly coral on me.  I don't know why lots of nude shades looks corally on me, maybe it's my skin's strong pink undertone that's the culprit
I really like how it looks on me though, i warms my complexion up wonderfully
Not only Indonesian Beauty is a sweet, neutral shade that would probably looks good on most skin colors, it also has the best formulation out of the 5! It's lighter (almost moussey-not quite but it does feel more whipped), but still pigmented, not streaky and it's not gloopy at all. It does look a bit dry after a few hours, which is the same issue that most other matte liquid lipsticks i tried so... I guess you should just remove it and reapply if you are disturbed with the way they look. I personally is not that bothered and would reapply after i have a meal.

The fourth shade is another nude shade :
Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Cream in New York Scene (05)
It's a sweet, nude pinkshade
It does look quite pale but actually i quite like it! Since i am super pale, this shade would look nicer if i put on a bit more eye makeup and blush (i only wore eyeliner in this pic) because otherwise i do look sort of washed out. You know it's not very easy for someone as pale as me to find a nude pink lippie that doesn't make me look paler, but New York Scene is just right. It has a similar consistency as Indonesian Beauty (which means it's very nice) but slightly more watery.  Also like Indonesian Beauty, it's not streaky and quite easy to apply.

The last shade i got is a bright one 
Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Cream in Shanghai Red (02)
It's a bright red color that's totally gorgeous and instantly makes you look awake and done
Oh and say hi to my new anime-like pink contact lenses hehe
Formula wise, it's not as nice as Indonesian Beauty or New York Scene (after trying all 5, i come to the conclusion that Face2Face nailed the nude colors formulation), it's more similar to Purple in Paris as in it's slightly heavier (not as heavy as Tokyo Midnight tho), a little streaky and uneven-but once i got it to to work, it looks pretty spectacular! It is a gorgeous shade, although it's quite tricky to apply (i do find bright red liquid lippies the hardest to work with) but i think it's worth the end result.
So those are my thoughts on Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Cream, it is retailed at IDR 60.000 (which is a normal price margin for local liquid lipsticks) each. I definitely think they're pretty nice lipsticks and if you're a matte liquid lipstick lover, this brand is one you should check out.

If you're looking for pigmented, pleasantly scented liquid lip matte with decent staying power and gorgeous shade selection, i would recommend this range. I would not recommend these for those of you who are looking for matte liquid lipsticks that dries completely matte, non-transferring and last all day long without any need for reapplication.

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Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Creams are available in 9 shades (photo from their Instagram)
Thank you Face2Face cosmetics for sending me these babies!

Which color would you love to try?


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