One Brand Tutorial 02 : Viva Cosmetics

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Hey guys!!!

So after i posted my first One Brand Tutorial (Revlon) last time, i got really good responses and i had soooo much fun! It became my new obsession and since then, i bought products from different brands to make more-but then i got swamped and never got to do them #storyofmylife but now i am determined to start doing them again! It's just so entertaining for me to do this (and yes, i love the excuse to buy more makeup "I'm doing it for a blog post" seems like a legit enough reason :p. I do anything to justify myself, in case that's not clear enough LOL).

Anyway, since there's nothing that makes me happier than cheap makeups that works (except... Free makeup! LOLOLOL), i decided to go for the cheapest makeups i can find and work my way up. Disclaimer : My next One Brand Tutorial will be sponsored (i got the items already, i just need to use them haha) but all of the products used in this blog post are paid by myself. I mean my hunny, potato-potayto. You know.

And for this second One Brand Tutorial, i am using all Viva Cosmetics products and here's the result :
Full face using Viva Cosmetics
Not bad at all, yes? Especially considering Viva Cosmetics is one of the cheapest (local) cosmetics (that's totally safe and registered to BPOM) that i can find in current market. In fact i got plenty of compliments especially on my eye makeup. If you live in Indonesia, you can find Viva products easily everywhere, cosmetic stores, supermarket... Or if you don't want to leave you house, get them online at Lazada (it's their official online seller, but weirdly i think they do not stock a lot of variation. I find more in Orami instead. So weird. I'll try to link every product, in case you want to purchase them)

One Brand Tutorial is also a chance for me to try out different products from one brand and discovering new favorites (and a few dislikes of course, that's totally normal) so i will also give you a brief first impression on each product that i used.
Here are the products that i especially bought for this tutorial... Minus one that i bought separately. They have two different makeup lines, the basic one and the Queen one (some of the products are slightly more expensive, but not by much)
First up is Viva liquid foundation in Mangir (this OS sells it for IDR 5000 which is what, USD 0.35? LOL. Insanity. It's not as cheap at the stores though still very cheap, around IDR 12.000 or something)
One thing about Viva Cosmetics is, even at their counter-it's a bit hard to find testers. I dunno if they think their products are so cheap you should just wing it (LOL) or what, there are testers for the lipsticks and eyeshadows sometimes but weirdly no testers for the most important products to get color-match with like foundie or powder. It was a bit frustrating and i took super long trying to find the colors online (i stood in front of the counter in Hypermart for so long, the BA *who wasn't much help or seemed like she was interested to* seemed to get sick of me WTH), but it was just so freaking hard! Plus my skin tone is a bit hard to shop for locally, i'm very fair with pink undertone while most of local base products are either super dark or fair with (VERY) yellow undertone.

I decided to just took my chance and went with the lightest shade (by sight), Mangir. Turned out it's quite close to my skin tone #phew.
The foundie is very runny and looks very yellow, but it's super duper light (it feels more like a tinted moisturizer) so it kinda disappear into my skin. The plus is it doesn't clash with my skin tone, the minus... It has almost no coverage *LOL*. FYI, i cheated and put on my usual concealer (because Viva doesn't carry any concealer. That's one product that's hard to find in local drugstore brand *you can only find it in high end/professional makeup brands like LT Pro and PAC*) because as you can see in this pic... The foundie does nothing to conceal my undereye and i looked like the living dead!
Next is Viva Compact Powder in Kuning Pengantin (kuning pengantin translates roughly to "bridal yellow". Dunno why bride should be yellow though haha), the seller sells it for IDR 11.000 (less than USD 1), i don't remember how much i paid for mine but not much difference i guess because i paid around 80K for all of the products 
Now, i know that my skin is PINK toned and i had no business buying a yellow anything powder, but i had no choice T.T. All of the other colors are crazy dark and i will end up looking like i sun-tanned my face only for 6 hours or something, so i got the less of the two devils and went for the lightest shade i could find. Which was yellow. VERY yellow.
Notice how i immediately look like i dipped my face in a curry powder or something? It's worse in real life. I'll post a video of this tutorial in my Instagram tomorrow, you can check it out if you want to see the color in motion. It's very very yellow. And it's definitely my least favorite product in this tutorial. The powder is very rough and has no coverage. I mean, no coverage is fine, but it's just so rough i hate it T.T. I heard good things about their Lilac powder (i'll give that a try sometime), but this one is just... Not working for me. I cheated again and used a white Marck's loose powder to try to neutral the shade a little bit because i was going out and i can't risk people thinking i fell into a curry wok or something. Maybe their Queen compact powder would fare better, i was just too cheap and went for the cheapest powder i could find :P
From a product that i hated to a product that i LOVE, this is the item that i forgot to include in the collective photo, Viva Queen Moisturizing Eye Base Gel (IDR 30.000 online, but i bought it much cheaper, i think it was on promotion)
This eye base gel is light, absorbs quickly and makes my eyeshadow color POPS. I also helps to keep my eye makeup intact for hours-but my eye makeup does tend to last all day anyway coz my eyelids are not oily. I still think this is a great product and highly recommended. Eyeshadow primer (or any primer) is another product that's super hard to find in local beauty scene) and this one's simply a good eye base-even in comparison to brands like Etude House. I will be stocking up the next time they are on promo. They are already cheap, but sale time is always a good time to stock up okay!

Next up i got eyeshadows :
Viva Cosmetics Eyeshadow Duo, currently on promo and going for only IDR 16.200
I find this shade to be the most interesting colored one for my taste (most of them are warm, earth tones which i am not the biggest fan of. I mean, i do wear them a lot but they bore me and i don't feel the need to have a lot of them in my collection >.<) in this line but i was honestly not sure if the darker silver and the purple would go together. I was wrong.
Because i LOVE them together. Especially with my new Pink contact lenses
For this look i used the silver shade all over my lid then apply the purple on my crease-deepening the shade in the outer V and also inner part of the lid. Then i went back to the silver and pack it on the center of the lid for extra bling. I used the leftover to highlight my brow bone.

This eyeshadow is definitely my other firm favorite in this list, they don't look all that appealing in the pan-to be completely honest with you (maybe the packaging doesn't help. They need an image revamp haha), but on the lid... They are BEAUTIFUL. Pigmented, not a pain to blend, and the silver one is sooo pretty. It's shmmery and not glittery as well. No chunky glitters, at least.

Because i am so cheap, i decided not to buy neither eyebrow pencil nor eyeliner. The eyebrow because i haven't started to use eyebrow pencil until recently so i thought i'd just leave them bare and the eyeliner because the eyeliner are actually a bit expensive (in comparison to their other products). It was about 40k (the liquid one. They didn't have stock for the pencil one where i got them and i don't use a lot of pencil eyeliner anyway, i don't like to stock up on plain black/brown pencil eyeliner), making it one of the most expensive products from their brand. As well as mascara.

I actually got their mascaras for free a while back (Viva often has promotion where you can just print a coupon and then redeem free products in their exhibition) but i was such a snob when it comes to mascara, i refused to try different ones because i loved my Maybelline ones (how i have changed since then...) and was sure that no other mascara would ever be good enough. And i gave both of the mascaras i got from Viva to my employee. How i regret that the day i decided to do this post *LOL*.

So i skipped them all and decided to stick on a par of dramatic lashes instead :p. Viva has no falsies line, so i am not cheating, yes?
I am using my current fave falsies from Kael Eyelash
I also used the purple eyeshadow in my waterline, halfway from the outer corner then continued with the silver one on the other half. I also applied generously in my inner corner
Such a simple and quick eye makeup, and yet-love the result! Skipping on eyeliner also means i look mellower hahaha
Next is blush on. I used Viva Queen Blush on B, around IDR 20.000
Swirled the two colors together and it gave me a mauve-y, pinkish color. It's nothing special but it's definitely quite nice. I wish they'd come up with more colors. I have a Red-A one it's awefully similar to this. I also used the silver color from the eyeshadow duo on as highlighter and it's STUNNING!
Last step is lips!
Viva Cosmetics Lipstick in shade 45, it's only 11K online (insanity!) but i think i paid a little more for it
I really want to love this lipstick. I mean... I loooove the color, it applies nicely and it wears nicely too-but it smells SO BAD T.T. No, not in the old lipstick, crayon or paint like smell, i wouldn't mind that. But it's bad BAD that i almost gagged wearing it. FYI, i even wore expired lipsticks in the past without blinking and i generally have a good tolerance for smelly lippies, but this one... It was quite intolerable for me :(... The horrid smell also last quite long until is stopped noticing it. I dunno if it's just mine of all of their lipsticks are like that, but i would re-try using it with strong smelling lip balm in hope it'd be able to conceal the smell *LOL*. Coz like i said, it's a really nice lipstick-but i cannot stand the smell!

With that said, my full face using Viva Cosmetics is done!
I LOVE the result!

And i enjoy the way my eyes look sans eyeliner (as long as i put on dramatic lashes, that is). My only problem is i suck so bad at applying lashes and it shows more when i wear no eyeliner to cover it >.<. I couldn't even manage to stick it close enough to my natural lashes *LOL*
This like another 100k makeup challenge... I think i spent a little over 100k tho hahaha
Sorry for selfie spam, i loved the result so much i snapped so many selfies hahaha
Under natural sunlight
I can say from trying out these products that i love their eye base gel, eyeshadow and also enjoy the blush on. Not the biggest fan of the base products and i wish the lipstick would be nicely scented because i like every aspects of it except for the scent.

Have you ever tried Viva Cosmetics? What are their products that you like and you think i should try? Have you ever tried their lipsticks-do they all smell that bad? Is there any products in this post that you want me to review in depth?

I hope you enjoy this post as much as i enjoyed making it, and you can look forward to more similar posts, i have another One Brand Tutorial coming up next week! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, peeps...


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  1. Aku cocok pakai compact powdernya Viva yang ungu, Ce. Sama aku suka blush on Viva Queen ini, soalnya gak begitu nyentrong warnanya. Eh, yg ini lebih ke tone ungu ya blush onnya?

    1. Jd pengen coba powder nya yg ungu... Iya ini ada bias ungunya blush on nya

  2. Warna lipstiknyaaaa <3<3

  3. Hasilnya bagus, apalagi lipsticknyaaa hihi

    1. Thank you, coba lipsticknya ngga bau aneh aq pasti makin cinta hehe