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Like i promised, here's another One Brand Tutorial, two within one month-i'm on a diligent streak or what! 

This time round Zoya Cosmetics kindly sent me the products (this is another collaboration of Surabaya Beauty Blogger with Zoya Cosmetics btw, you can check out our other collaboration in the previous post) and the result is very fall appropriate! 
Full Face using Zoya Cosmetics products
I actually didn't mean for the look to be so warm-hued (the eye makeup, not the skin tone) and sort of vampiric, but that's the vibe i'm getting after applying the whole look! I certainly do not think this is a tutorial for a simple daily makeup (except if you like to wear smokey eyes daily-which is totally fine of course!) but more of a special occasion, night look (date night, parties). I'd totally rock it to the mall, but that's because i'm that type of person (i don't really like "natural makeup", when i'm spending a lot of time and making extra effort on my makeup-i want it to be noticeable haha!)

Anyway, i've used some Zoya products before and i love them so when i got the chance to do a One Brand Tutorial for them i was super excited! Here are all of the products they sent me :
Totally generous right!
First and foremost, a base-of course. I already have their CC Cream (read my review for Zoya Cosmetics CC Cream as well as their eyeliner, blotting powder and lip paint here) so i opted to try out their BB Cream now.
Zoya Cosmetics in shade Transluscent (DR 52.000)
Okay, don't be alarmed *LOL*. This BB Cream definitely has a lightening effect, it adjusts to your skin tone (my fellow SBB-er Dyta has a very different skin tone as me, she's more of a brown-skinned beauty while i on the other hand, is super pale-and she can also use this BB Cream in the same shade) and make it brighter. I realize it looks a bit crazy here, but after i done my whole face it's actually not that white (when i put my hand next to my face, my hand's actually still fairer than my face!). The texture is thick but airy, blending can be a bit tricky especially because i used a mattifying product underneath but it's workable. The coverage is not bad at all, but i needed help for my dark circle do i used a bit of concealer from other brand (not really cheating since Zoya doesn't have concealer okay :p) under my eyes.
Next i used Zoya Cosmetics Blotting Powder (IDR 46.000)  to mattify my oily area and to set the BB Cream (i like this product, you can learn more about it on my review)
Followed with Zoya Cosmetics Two Way Cake (IDR 53.500), also in shade Blossom (i asked for their lightest shade and i guess that's their lightest shade!). I love this TWC! It's light weight with decent coverage and it's not cakey at all, not even on top of the BB Cream (sometimes powders with foundation in it can look very heavy and cakey on top of foundie/BBC)
Okay i still look crazy, don't worry it'll improve hahaha
Next is eyes and this is quite a challenge because they sent me this Zoya Cosmetics Eyeshadow Mono in shade Carafe (IDR 28.800) which is a (very) dark brown color. I didn't really know how to use such a dark brown color on its own (the only time i use one shade on my eyes is when i use very light, shimmery color). I love this eyeshadows too, pigmented, no crazy fallout (i didn't have to clean my face from falling powder or anything), and it's not a pain to blend. The color is gorgeous too, if only i had a lighter brown shade to pair it with *LOL*
So i decided to use it mostly on my crease, concentrating on the outer V and inner corner
I blended the eyeshadow using the TWC *LOL*, not having more than one dark shade means it's not easy to give depth and definition to my eyes, but i think i did okay haha
Then i lined my lids with Zoya Cosmetics Ultimate Eyeliner in 01 Black Ink (read my review here). I am not the biggest fan of eyeliner pencil (i always line my lids using liquid eyeliner and i also prefer to use eyeshadow to line my waterline now)
Problem with pencil liners are-they're not super friendly with my lid type, most of them smudges/transfers to my upper lid and that's really annoying. I tried to minimize this problem by smudging some of the eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner and it worked! No transfers and i wore it for hours!!! OMG, it's scary how crepey my under eyes look close up, actually they're not that wrinkly  and you can hardly see the lines when i wear no makeup, but once i put on concealer and loose powder... That's another story altogeher!
Most people do their eyebrows first before doing their eyes, but i like to do my brows after i am halfway done with my eyes. I guess it's weird, but there's really no rule to it! I only recently learnt using eyebrow pencil (i only used eyebrow mascaras before to color my brows) and the first eyebrow pencil i've ever tried is this Zoya Professional Eye Brow Pencil in Brown (IDR 32.000) and i love it! It's easy to use (even for rookies like me) and the shade is just right!
Usually i would shape my eyebrows with this eye pencil and then coat them with eyebrow mascara but since this is a one brand tutorial, i filled my eyebrows with this eyebrow pencil only. Zoya is one of the only local brands who actually do have eyebrow mascaras (my other SBB fellows have another campaign with Zoya and they're reviewing the eyebrow mascara as one of the products, if you're interested you can check their reviews) and i'm very interested in trying them, but i do love the eyebrow pencil and it's been used to much that it's almost halfway done so i'm torn between wanting to get sent the mascara and thankful coz i need a backup for the pencil liner *LOL*
Next is eyelash, Zoya Volumizer Lash Mascara (IDR 63.000)
I think this mascara would work better with people with naturally thick, curly eyelashes. Unfortunately, i have a very Chinese eyelash meaning they've very thin, short and pointing down. I already curled my lashes before using the mascara, but as i apply them... It flopped down again *LOL*. I also don't think it gives me any volume, but it does darken and making my eyelash look longer. I decided to use falsies instead haha
For cheeks i used this Zoya Blush On in shade Confetti (i love how they're being creative with the names!) which is a pretty bright pink shade
And it's the warm kind of pink that's easy to use too, simply gorgeous
I also finished up the eye makeup with adding some of the eyeshadow in the outer half of my waterline. Combined with my crazy pink contact lenses, i think the end result is stunning :D
Wow, the lighting made my eyebrows look so jenky *LOL*, i swear it's better IRL. Nowadays i cannot do my whole face and not contour my nose and highlight.. So i did :p. Zoya, please come up with a contour and highlight kit, i promise it'll fly off the shelves...
The finishing touch is of course, lips. Zoya Ultramatte Lipstick in shade Amber Glow (IDR 43.500). I won't lie to you, when i realized they sent me an orange shade (it looks dark orange on the tube) i was not very happy *LOL*, you know i'm not a fan of orange
But after i applied it, it's actually much prettier than i thought it's gonna be! It translates into corally, warm orange (it's darker IRL) and it just warms up my face and matches the rest of the look wonderfully
And here's the result!
The pale skin, dark eyes, pinched cheeks and soft lips makes me feel good about myself *LOL*, i love my pastel colors to death, but i do love darker, grungier looks just as much!
Like i said, i think this is a great look for fall!
How the makeup looks under natural sunlight
My favorite thing while doing One Brand Tutorials is finding new, awesome products to recommend to you all. Not all products from one brand would meet my criteria to be something i want to use over and over again, and that's totally fine. I can say that i love their TWC, eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow, enjoy their blush on and lipstick but i can't say that i'm the biggest fan of their BB Cream and Mascara-i'm not saying they won't work for people with different skin and eyelash type than mine, but for me, they didn't really work. I do like how pale the BB Cream makes my skin though, there are days and certain makeup look which porcelain skin would be perfect for and i will definitely be reaching for it for those days. In fact, i already plan a look which this would come handy!

Thank you so much Zoya Cosmetics for sending me these products, you can also check out Dyta and Shelvi's One Brand Tutorial with Zoya (Dyta's already up and Shelvi's should be up soon)-you can find links to their blogs if you visit our website (yes, i am making you visit SBB Website as much as i can hahaha).

Follow Zoya Cosmetics social medias for updates, events, promos and others :

Facebook : Zoya Cosmetics
Instagram : @zoyacosmetics

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  1. Warna lipsticknya suka banget ci mindy. Tantikkk~
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    1. Iya kecilll yah kalo mau blotting 1 muka remponggg

  2. Warna blush on nya cakep banget yaaa <3
    BTW ci Mindy softlensenya cute banget *salah fokus

    1. Aku pun ingin beli softlens ini lagi hehehe