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Hey guys!

Like i already promised, i am dedicating a blog post for my new baby : Surabaya Beauty Blogger!
Representing Surabaya Beauty Blogger (coz there are actually around 30 of us haha). Photo by WomanBlitz
Now, a little bit of background first. I'm actually not one of the most senior beauty bloggers in Surabaya (well, not in term of age of course *LOL*. I AM the oldest in our little community), i've just started blogging at the end of 2012 (literally. We started this blog in December 2012) while there were already beauty bloggers in Surabaya much earlier than that. I definitely have no idea when the first Surabay beauty blogger popped up, but i think most of them (that i know of) started off in 2011-early 2012.

It also took me months after starting up this blog to start writing more about beauty, then i started to get invitations to beauty events-and that's when i met these beauties that share the same passion as i do. It went on casually like this for a few years, Margaret Yennyca then made a Facebook group and then Shelvi made a Line group for us to communicate easier and exchange infos on events, so slowly we do made some progress towards making this community more organized.

I'm arguably one of the most active members in this community, due to the fact that i am a full time blogger and i can attend almost every single events that i am invited to (well, not all, but most of them). I began thinking of taking this community to the next level, and i finally got the courage and enough encouragement to start it (with the help of the other members, of course) from Lilies of WomanBlitz. 

Now, i want to especially thank Yen2 who were there from the start and probably one of the hardest working one, and she was also one of the committee members of SBB but sadly due to her business and other issues, she decided not to go on being a member, but of course i want her to get all the credit that is due.

It was not easy really, and i'll always be the first to state that i am not the easiest to work with. I'm a perfectionist, i'm very detail oriented, i am fussy and i'm quite bossy. But trust me, this kind of person is needed to keep everything in order *LOL*. I don't know if it's due to my nature, but we actually lost a few members of the committee before we finally settled with 4 persons. The team is small, but solid and i feel that every single one of them has my back. Thank you Dyta, Shelvi and Nessya, you guys are the best and i hope we can continue working together and grow with SBB for a long way to go. Afterall, there's no age limit for a beauty blogger when they need to retire, no? I certainly have no plan to retire anytime soon, heck-i'm actually just getting started!

Anyway, as you probably already know, we have officially launched our website at the end of September, you should totally head to Surabaya Beauty Blogger official website to take a look for yourself but i'm going to post some screen shots here. We might change our layout and stuffs in the future so i want to preserve the memory of how our website looks in the beginning.
Our logo made by our talented Graphic Designer, Dyta
Welcome to Surabaya Beauty Blogger's Official Website!
Prior to our launch, we had a little photoshoot with WomanBlitz. I am not used to like, real photoshoot (obviously. The only photo shoot i do these days are for my Instagram/photo series on the blog and that takes 20 minutes max) and it was quite intense (it lasted more than two hours under the bright bright sun!) but also very fun because there were so many of us and we just... Joked nonstop.

Obviously it's very hard to get all 30 members (or at least 25 that are the more active ones) together in one place at the same time even though it was a national holiday (the photo shoot was on Indonesia's Independence Day) so in the end not half of the members were present *LOL*. But that's okay, 11 of us were loud enough as it is.
All pics were taken by my hunny using his missed Galaxy Note 5 *LOL*, we brought our mirrorless but he said it was acting up so he ended up snapping more with his phone
Such a cute pic... Although Arlinda's face was shielded by a flower hahaha
This one is obviously candid and crazy *LOL*
I was busy clownin', judging from the look on my face and how Gita was laughing like a mad person hahahaha
Showing you our sexy backs? LOL
Love this Pic! The OCD in me is screaming to crop the right part of the pic a bit but i'm too tired...
Some of us were squinting because the sun was glaring like crazy... Shelvi blinked the most in all  of the pics hahahaha
Bumi Surabaya City Resort (where we had the photoshoot at) was having a photo contest (Nessya and i were two of the winners) to celebrate Independence Day and their rep handed us the flags as a prop haha
When they asked us to pose crazy... We obliged...
Dresscode was clearly black and white, since all white and all black are way too much of a funeral vibe...
SBB with Lilies from WomanBlitz ^^
Love this collage WomanBlitz made for us
So... There you have it! Surabaya Beauty Bloggers! If you are a blogger in Surabaya and surroundings, love to write about beauty and want to join us-drop us an email at , new members are always welcome (as long as you meet our criteria, ofc). And if you're a brand/online shop/community looking for a collaboration and partnership, you can do the same as well!

We are currently having collaboration with three different brands and i am super excited and blown away by all the supports we got even though we're practically are a "new born" as a community!

I hope SBB will continue to grow, bigger, stronger, and always solid-always supportive to each other and build each other up. Strong women supports each other, only the weak do nothing but try to find flaws in others and keep on poking on it (i just got a weird and irritating comment on my IG video so i'm a bit sensitive *LOL*) so... Brava SBB!
Photo credit : WomanBlitz

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  1. Ahhhh serunyaaa ada surabaya beauty blogger.. Pingin joooooiiinn ������

    1. Hehehehe kalo di Sby dan sekitarnya boleh loh join..

  2. Congralts ceceh ^^ ak sudah follow kalian dari jaman-jaman awal beauty blogger eksis ^^
    kalian makin professional sekarang
    semoga suatu saat nanti bisa join dengan kalian hehe ^^
    Good luck ^^

  3. Congratulations.. Surabaya beauty blogger kece badaaaiii.. :*

  4. love the photos!, btw, congratulation Surabaya Beauty Bloggers...

  5. Wah seru ya ada komunitas seperti ini, cara gabungnya di Surabaya Beauty Blogger bagaimana?