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Hey guys!

OMG it's crazy how little i wrote in this blog in July :(... I really thought i would be writing more since i kinda picked up the pace by the end of June, but instead i ended up really abandoning my baby for so long! I truly didn't expect July to be such a crazy month for me, one surprises after another kept on poking its head out for me this month, i also unexpectedly went to Bangkok for a few days and i get really sick after i get back (i already shared so much about this incident in my Instastories, i am contemplating on writing a blog post about it but i dunno, i don't really want to make the company feel even worse than they already did but then again i think it was such a valuable lesson for me and for other bloggers in the future it would be shame not to share? Such dilemma...), still very ill but slightly better - at least i don't feel like my throat is gonna rip itself off me now *LOLOLOL* so i decided to blog. 

It's almost the end of July so imma write about June movies today.

I think i will always have a soft spot for the Jurassic franchise in my heart because they started when i was a little girl and i enjoyed the first movie a lot so it's a total classic for me. Watching the new instalment as an adult definitely do not have the same impact but nevertheless, i enjoyed Jurassic World - it was pretty entertaining. I had high hopes for Fallen Kingdom, but truth be told - it fell a little short for me.

The years after the Jurassic World theme park closed down, the world pretty much abandon it for the dinosaurs to rule until they learn that a dormant volcano in which the theme park was built is active again - the government have 2 choices, to try to save and relocate them or let them perish once again. Unable to just let all the dinosaurs die, Claire takes an offer to go and save some - including raptors, so they rope Owen in as well - ofc nothing is as simple as it seems, there are always bad people involved with bad intentions who would stop at nothing to gain profits for themselves.

Reading the short summary... Don't you think that the storyline is already... Boring? There is no element of awe anymore that we could find in Jurassic World with the amazing imaginary theme park, and don't get me started on the ending. I do understand that they are opening up more possibilities for wider storyline for future movies, but for me... It kinda lost its soul already? I think it's safe to say that we expect a LOT more since the last movie was so good.  Lemme guess, the next movie would be about dinosaurs taking over the world? LOL. Yeah, sadly this one's a total disappointment for me, i prefer the previous movie for sure. 

I always enjoyed Ocean's franchise so i was pretty excited when i heard about Ocean's 8, with 8 leading ladies! And i ended up enjoying the movie so much, even more than i expected - so i am a little suprised that there are apparently a lot of controversies when it comes to the reviews and that critics are slamming it? Hm...

Debbie is Danny Ocean (who apparently died? We are kept guessing until the end if he really dies or not, and it seems like he is? Still kinda hard to believe tho, we'll see if they would resurrect him for future instalments) estranged sister - who has pretty much the same skill and ability as her brother (turned out their whole family is made of con artists). She was duped by her ex boyfriend and ended up in jail for five years, during which she spent her time plotting up a heist of the century at NY's Met Gala and the first thing she does after getting out is setting up her team with all female crew.

I just read a few critics saying it's boring, bland bla bla bla - but as a consumer, i have no complain! The star studded casts are awesome, i love every single one of the characters, i think they are hilarious, sexy, smooth, cool and they definitely deliver. People that i know all also have the same feeling about this movie, so i guess it's a love it or hate it kind of movie? I personally love it, it's super funny, entertaining and thrilling. The reasons and the style is probably shallow and smaller in comparison to the previous Ocean's movies, but when it involves so many women - even a feminist would agree that we would involve the matter of the heart a lot more than bros? Don't dig too deep, it's a popcorn movie, it is meant to entertain you - if you want an Oscar worthy storyline, it ain't here and what are you doing going in an Ocean's movie looking for complicated storyline anyway. For me, i love it and would definitely recommend it!

Honestly, Raditya Dika's movies' quality is getting worse and worse IMO. I really enjoyed his earlier films where he plays himself and tell his silly stories about his girlfriends, family and also his life in general. That's when he truly shines. Lately he is plunging himself in bigger movies, trying to make huge action comedy movies and i personally think he's not very good at it *LOL*. I dunno, there is always this element of cheesiness and blandness when Indonesian tries to make action comedies. His previous attempt at doing thriller comedy fell short with Hangout and i kinda lost all kinds of interests in his movies afterwards, but hunny still wanted to watch this one so we did.

9 celebrities/online personas are invited to shoot a movie, it was pretty weird from the start as the shooting would only take place in one day - weirdly nobody question it and ofc they ended up being set up and forced to play, Saw style - and their lives are at stake.

Geez. It's every bit as horrible as Hangout *LOL*, i wonder if he consciously try to parody Saw or what? Because the base story is blatantly a rip off Saw, they just try to make it funny - which didn't always work too. There is just so many times you can make the same cheap jokes from the same people in different movies before it gets old. All stand up comedians are trying to be movie stars now, and they really shouldn't. I used to hate Cinta Laura, but she was actually one of the least annoying characters in this movie WTF. Don't get me wrong, there are lines that still induces some laughter, but those are rare and far in between, it's not worth watching the whole movie, cringing through all the stupid and silly scenes, plot holes and predictable ending. Seriously, Raditya Dika should come back to his roots, that's what he's truly good at!

Wow, Incredibles 2 got such a high rate in IMDb! I am personally not a fan of Incredibles, i can't even remember the storyline of the first one but i do remember that i didn't enjoy the first movie all that much either. I think i said this many many times, i prefer classic Disney movies than Pixar ones (but i do loveeee Toy Story) - almost all Pixar movies are a total meh for me (like Cars) and i really wasn't looking forward to watch this one either.

It's hard being a super hero family in a world where super heroism is illegal. When the whole family are arrested after they tried (unsuccessfully) to stop Underminer, the Parr family's future seems bleak. Then comes an unexpected opportunity from Devtech, their new project is to rehabilitate super heroes' image and legal status by using Elastigirl as the face of the project. Mr. Incredible must step back and be a stay at home dad, taking care of their children in order to let his wife work. While Mr. Incredible is struggling with the domestic life, Elastigirl also struggles to handle a new villain who has a mind controlling abilities.

No seriously, super hero movies is not always my cup of tea, i am still struggling to enjoy some of them - let alone a super hero animation movie. I'm so sorry Incredibles fans, i know there are a lot of you out there, but i just don't get it. I find the movie pretty boring, it's not horrible, but it's very... meh. I enjoy the children's scenes (who can resist Jack Jack??? I sure can't) and if they focus more on them and add more jokes it'd probably be better (for me) , but since it's all focused in the boring adult shit... It was like 6 out of 10 for me. I would not watch it if i don't have to (my son wanted to watch it, if you're wondering why we went to watch it haha) - hunny dislike it so much he developed a headache thanks to the hypnotizing scenes hahaha. 

While some (very rare) sequels can be as good or even better than its original, most sequels kinda suck. Same thing i gotta say about Escape Plan. I actually enjoyed the first movie, it was very entertaining. Although the storyline was very simple, but it was still somewhat believable and it worked, can't say the same about this sequel. Everything about this movie feels forced and too made up...

Ray Breslin is the head of an elite security specialist team, specializing in breaking people out of the world's most impenetrable prisons. He takes no risks, and he wouldn't hesitate to boot his uncontrollable members out - this is already a pretty obvious tip, like obviously the person he kicks out would have a grudge against him and all :p. Anyway, his most trusted operative is called Shu Ren (Huang Xiao Ming - whom i usually find charming but slightly too passionate and brooding for this pop corn action movie, i cringe whenever he starts his overacting...) and one day he is kidnapped and disappears inside the most impossible to track (you can't even begin to guess where it is located), elaborate, high tech prison.

Okay, where do i begin? Storyline... There is no storyline. I don't mind super simple, straight forward storyline, but this one is practically non-existent. It's almost like a video game (even video games have longer, more complicated back stories these days hahaha). The villains? Too angry, with way too little reasons to be. The heroes? Too brooding, too angry too. Too much acting, too little character. Hubby also complained about the CGI (whenever these Hollywood movies are made with Chinese companies, the CGI tend to be pretty dodgy?) Not the worst movie of the year, but one of the blandest, forgettable one. Shame, since the previous one was pretty good. Btw, i just saw that the IMDb rating of this movie is half of the first movie - brutal but i couldn't agree more. Skip it, unless you're really bored and there's nothing else that you can watch.

That's it for June Movies, so sad... Out of 5 movies that i watched, i only liked one. July is better tho! Do you have a different opinion of these 5?

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