Unboxing : Althea Pink Box 02 (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys!!!

Super excited for this post :D. I'm unboxing my second ever Pink Box from Althea :D! (You can read the unboxing of my Althea first box here when i was lucky enough to be one of their Beta Testers)
The pink box that simply makes me happy!
This post is a collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Althea, special thank you for Tammy who made this collab possible!

I had so much fun browsing and ogling at the products in Althea, as usual-the one thing that i really enjoy about Althea is the fact that they have some Korean brands that i've never heard before (you know how excited i get about new cosmetic brands-even if it's a "new for me" instead of a new new haha), and also because their pricing are so affordable with plenty of discounts that you really get to stretch your moolah!

As their products are shipped from Korea (but you do not have to worry about custom, they will take care of it and you'd actually be receiving the products via local courier), it does takes longer to arrive than local online shop. Mine took about 2 weeks (the estimation is 10-15 days, so still well within the estimated time) but it's so worth the wait!
Packed in a bright pink plastic bag and their sticker stuck on it
Description of the products i got, i do get quite a lot of products but you must see what my other SBB fellows got, they're so kiasu some of them got up to 10-11 items (we all got the same amount of credit, FYI) *LOLOLOL* I'm kiasu too, but i just realized the level's still below those guys, they knew how to tweak the coupons and all too to get more credit (no cheating, just smart implementation of coupons)! Insanity
The pink box is wrapped with a layer of bubble wrap
And everything inside are also bubble-wrapped! Very safe! I got so many packages lately that  i am drowning with bubble wraps (yes, i keep them to send stuffs. Told ya. Kiasu)
A beauty junkie knows the rush you get when you open a box filled with beauty goodies *squeal*!
Lovely products i picked out ^^, almost everything-save for one-'s makeup coz you know how addicted i am to makeup
First item is the only non-makeup product : Nature Republic Aloes Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist  (on a crazy 56% off, normal price IDR 160.900-discounted price IDR 69.800!)
I will be using it to before putting on my makeup. I have very oily skin so normal moisturizer is a bit much for me during the day (i turn into a crazy greasy wok within hours T.T) but lately i've been using Etude House's face mist to prep my skin after using a mattifying toner and it works wonderfully! So i decided a face mist with some skin care benefit it the best bet for me (better than no moisturizer at all haha). Running out of the EH face mist so i am super happy to have a replacement!
W.Lab Sebum Out Finish Powder (normal price IDR 125.000, discounted price IDR 73.900)-this is a brand that i am not familiar with before. Like i mentioned, very oily skin, i always look for base products that can help those oil at bay, i hope this one gonna work for me ^^
Etude House New Drawing Eye Brow. Can't find it in their website at the moment, probably Out of Stock (i think it was their latest free item) but it was only IDR 33.000 when i got it. I only recently began using eyebrow pencils and i've only been using one brand (a local one) so i am excited to try out more products from various brands (the curse of a beauty blogger hahaha)
Rilakkuma X A'Pieu For Your Shadows, also currently sold out :(... It's very affordable, IDR 140.000 after a 51%  discount. I admit i only got it because of the packaging...  I was gutted that the EH Angry Bird set was sold out or else i would've gotten that too
The shade that i got is Sensuous Coral-it looks like the colors that i would wear on a daily basis (not that i wear makeup daily, but you know what i mean), when i'm too lazy to do more effort with crazy colors. There were two other shades available
Ofc, it's not possible for me not to add at least one lippie in my cart... Witch's Pouch Selfie Like Shot Dual Lipstick (IDR 78.000 after 61% discount)-i think the name makes no sense at all hahaha
I picked the shade 01 Red&Gloss, like the name suggested-the lippie has 2 shades in one. It's my latest lipstick obsession, the dual and triple colored ones!
Nella Aura Highlighter (IDR 90.000 after 62% discount)
I think i mentioned this plenty of times, highlighter is my current obsession. I am crazy about them and i can't stop buying them >.<. I was super torn between this white one or the pink one, but i decided to be safe and go with white. But i really want the pink one too now zzz
The last item is a product that Althea give out for free. Yes, FREE, i repeat! They always have different products that you can get for free so make sure you're registered to their newsletter to get the notification! It's insane, i don't know any other online shop that gives away free full sized products (you do have to pay shipping and it's not cheap, so i would shop the minimal amount to get free shipping *normally it's IDR 500.000 but from time to time they'd have promo and the min amount would only be IDR 300.000, you can always team up with your friends and buy together, that's what most beauty bloggers i know do haha). That time the free product was Too Cool for School Milk Tint (they sell it for IDR 67.000 after 33% discount) and i was ecstatic coz you know how much i love lippies!
I got it in the shade Milky Lavender because it's the most unique ones, i'm so bored of the usual pinks, reds or oranges!
And that's what i got from Althea! Super happy with everything ^^. Is there any product that you'd like me to review first? Have you ever shopped at Althea? What do you think of them?

Thank you again Althea, we love you!

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