Introduction and Unboxing : Perfect Beauty Haul (SPONSORED)

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Heeee...iyyy guys :D!

Guess what, i'm back with yet another collaboration of Surabaya Beauty Bloggers and this time it's with Perfect Beauty!

Have you ever heard about Perfect Beauty before? It's an Indonesian beauty e-commerce with vast choices of brands to choose from. What stood out from Perfect Beauty for me is the fact that they don't only sell makeups and skincares but also slimming products and supplements. You know i'm very comfortable with my own body and i love myself, but i'd be lying if i say i would not love to drop a kilo (or ten) or so *LOL*. And with the growing availability of fake or non-certified products, it's always assuring to have a place to buy products which are 100% safe and original. So what are you looking for? Head to Perfect Beauty and explore the range of make up and cosmetics that they have!

But before that, please finish reading this post okay!

Thanks to the collab, i got the chance to try out shopping at Perfect Beauty ^^.
The package from Perfect Beauty comes in a bright pink box ^^
The shopping experience was a pleasant one, the website is clean and professional looking, it was really easy to navigate the site. They have products from different brands, from local brands, USA/European brands to Korean and Japanese brands as well. The only thing that bothers me was tha fact that there are so many sold out products, many of which i really like T.T. I hope they will stock up more in the future because clearly their products are selling fast!

Oh, and i'd also love for their stocks to be updated in real time too, because i ordered this beautiful single blush from Sleek and managed to get in on my cart - the next day i got a call telling me that the blush is sold out so i had to pick another thing. Their customer service is not bad though, i got faster response when i contacted their Line CS (the online chat keep on disconnecting) and the CS who called me about the blush added my WA - that one's really fast response! I also had some trouble making payment (i only paid shipping) and input the wrong phone number for my credit card, this led to payment error - which their CS helped made right within an hour or so. This means if you face any problem whatsoever while placing orders in Perfect Beauty, there's no need to panic. Just contact their CS as soon as possible and they'll help make it right!

Shipping is quite fast too (although it did take a day to confirm my payment due to the error), it arrives just a day after i got the notification about the package being in transit! Btw, they offer free shipping for most big cities with minimum order of only IDR 200k and there's also COD services! That's always awesome, especially if you're the paranoid kind, this way you only need to pay once the product arrives safely in your place.

Now let's get on to see what i got, shall we?
The package came wrapped in bubble wrap
And more bubble wraps inside to ensure nothing gets broken!
Is it just me or packages with beautiful makeups inside makes your heart goes dugum dugum... Dugum dugum...
You know me and my obsession with lippies, in fact i did get 4 lippies out of all 8 total products that i chose >.<. I could easily fill up my cart with all lippies but i tried very hard to be sensible :p. The first product i got is actually a product that i really NEED : eyelash glue! I got the Lucky Trendy Bi Joie Luxurious Eyelash Glue (IDR 79.500), it's a Japanese brand-i hope it's good!
The second item is the product i chose to replace the OOS blush, Sarange Maxy Beauty Blender in Blue (IDR 80.000). You know i prefer to use brushes for my BB Cream/Foundie, but i gave in and bought an unbranded "beauty blender" to apply my concealer-i love it! So i decided to get a backup and upgrade a little. Sarange is a Korean brand and i've been wanting to try them out for quite a while now. At least i got to try their beauty blender for now hahaha. Got the blue one because it's the next best thing since the purple one was sold out T.T. Speaking of beauty blender, you can also find the original beauty blender in Perfect Beauty!
Oh boy. Here comes all the lippies. First up in the lippie categori is Aubeau Ex-P Matt Lip Paint in shade 05 Chocolate Plum (IDR 59.000) this is one of the new contender in local scene's matte liquid lipstick, i've heard this brand before but it's not the easiest to find in Surabaya (you need to go to those hot and crampy cosmetic stores, which i tend to avoid at all costs) so i'm super happy to see Perfect Beauty has this line! I think there are 6 shades available, i gotta be honest that i am not a fan of the color selection, they're just a bit... boring. But beauty blogger will always be beauty blogger, any new products... Just gotta try it. Decided to go with Chocolate Plum because it's the darkest shade and you know how fond i am of my dark colors, especially towards the end of the year
Next lippie is Studio Color Lipstick in shade 118 (IDR 62.000). Never heard of this brand before so of course i gotta get some!
The rest of the haul are all from Moko Moko. I must admit that i was a little too happy when i realize they have a (pretty much) complete collection of Moko Moko products. It's a brand i've been dying to try since the launch but i kept on resisting... Now thanks to Perfect Beauty, i get to try loads! I couldn't decide on the lippie color to get so i just got two (i could easily gotten 4, the colors seems lovely!) Sugar Lips Lipstick in Dark Red and Hot Pink
I want to try out all of their decorative products so i also got this Twinkle Gaze Eyeshadow in shade Sky Blue (IDR 41.650-it was on sale i think, normal price is IDR 49.000) i have a thing for blue eyeshadow for sure...
The last but not least is their Marshmallow Blush On in Pink (IDR 55.000). Now if only i got myself a compact powder and an eyeliner i could be doing another One Brand Tutorial *LOL*
And that's all of the products in this haul! Is there any products you'd like me to review first? I know i keep on saying that (and not reviewing them yet), but i promise i will put the products you "order" in my priority pile :D!

Thank you Perfect Beauty for this shopping experience, don't forget to follow Perfect Beauty's Instagram for updates and info!

I am going for a mini vacation for a few days so i might not update this blog until next week, in the meantime you can follow my Instagram for  daily updates, i am currently always on Insta Stories :p.

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