Japan Trip 2016 Part 6 : Alice in Fantasy Book Restaurant

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Hey guys!!

Finally resuming my Japan Trip post, i'm a bit panicked because it's already October (2 more months before i return to Japan!) and i'm just halfway through my trip's post OMG. I need to speed it up i know.

Anyway, still on Day 3 after getting our hair done in Harajuku style-i am very excited for the next part : visiting Alice in Fantasy Book restaurant!
Us with the uber kawaii waitress!
Alice in Fantasy Book Restaurant1-6-2 Kabukicho | T-wing Bldg. B2Shinjuku 160-0021, Tokyo Prefecture
So before i began writing this blog post, i had no idea that there are actually five or six different Alice themed restaurants in Japan (learn more about them here), i'm not sure about the exact number because the information i found online sometimes state 5 and sometimes 6. Confusing. But basically, there are quite a lot of them with different concepts. I thought there's only one Alice in Wonderland restaurant exists in Japan...

Anyway, the one that Stella booked and took us to was this Alice in Fantasy Book Restaurant in Shinjuku (i guess because it's in the same area as the other destinations we had that day).  You know i LOVE thematic restaurant and so i was very looking forward for this. The place really did look quite magical but it was a bit disappointing for me.. I dunno, maybe i had too high of an expectation for this one hahaha.

The place is a bit hard to find (not sure if we can find it without the guides hahaha) because the location is quite hidden and you need to enter a building (with very minimal signs) and ride an elevator to get to the restaurant. I sadly totally forgot to snap pics of the reception area (from where you can't see the inside, like-at all!) because the space was very small and there were so many of us. It was a bit of a claustrophobic moment, i'm not gonna lie.

At the reception area, we were offered different props (headgears) to wear for the full experience inside. I snatched a huge white rabbit ear headband, of course. Then the staff opened the "magic door" and we're thrown into the fantasy book.
Diffrerent types of chairs adored the tables, the deliberate mismatch is endearing. The restaurant was not very big and it was very dim... My marshmallow doesn't perform well in dim places and hunny's camera was broken so T.T... I'm sorry for the low quality and very bipolar pics
There were also so many of us that it was hard taking pictures without people's heads getting in the way *LOL*
I was trying to discreetly snap a pic of the waitress' outfit... Was i discreet enough, you think? The outfit is quite cute but i personally think it was too short. I am not that fanatical about being a feminist or anything, but i find it weird that they sell sex (in a way) for this type of places. This is not a maid cafe, mind you-i would say the main target should be kawaii-loving girls/woman (definitely too adult for kids, FYI. And i didn't see a single kid in that restaurant either), why would they try to sell sex to us? That's just weird..
Our table, the photo is nice because it was taken by Stella and her camera's pretty swell hahaha. Vinny got super blurry tho >.<
Act cute #LOL
My hunny, the sleepy bunny LOLOLOL... 
When guys do selfie... They tend to look a bit crazehhh... They got photobombed by a lady from NHK Kawaii hahaha
Dunno why he insisted on posing like this -____-
As in most thematic restaurants, there are minimum orders here too. Each person must order one food (it can be appetizer, main or dessert-it doesn't matter) and a drink. The price is surprisingly not as bad as i thought it's gonna be. Ofc, it's not cheap-but it's not crazy expensive either. L'Occitane cafe that we visited the first day was so much more expensive than this. Since we're Indonesian and all (kiasu is one of our nation's DNA), we decided to all order different things. You know, for photo taking purposes. And nobody was aiming to be full, we can always buy stuffs at combini later. It's all about Instagram-worthy pics at that time hahaha.
This one is complimentary i think (can't remember!!!)
I think this is Silv's order. Which turned out to look like a fried pie skin shaped like playing cards complete with different signs served with avocado dip (yep, i know it's called Guacamole). It was just fine, totally overpriced ofc :p
I think i ordered this and i think it was not bad. Look at the lady shaped cookie!
When we were ready (finished taking endless pics, i mean) then they set it ablaze!
Vinny's order, clearly just for that Chesire cat... That doesn't even look that good *LOL*
Oh yeah, i def ordered the brownie hahaha
The guys opted for savory dishes, this one's Bang Poltak's
And hunny's
The pastas were actually quite good-as in... As good as regular cafes, i guess? It's not bad at all. The desserts were actually fine too, nothing spectacular or whatever but they're definitely edible. You know how some food in thematic restaurants can be quite disgusting? Well, it's not THAT bad at all!
Hm. I just realized that while i am disgusted to take pics with like, celebrities, i don't mind taking pics with ordinary people in costumes/characters
And so was hunny, who went to ask a pic with this waiter hahaha
Overall, i was hoping that the place would be more... special? With more spots to take pictures at. It's basically just a restaurant, the decoration is cute of course, the whole lending you props and waitress/waitresses in simple costume and thematic dishes is nice-but i wished it's just nicer to photograph (you know, good lighting, special spots for photo taking. I was more satisfied in Hello Kitty cafe in Taiwan hahaha). I didn't regret going there tho, and i actually would love to visit the other Alice cafes too! I would definitely recommend visiting at least once for the experience, especially if you're Alice's fan like me!

Now i have plenty more thematic cafes i'd love to visit, numero uno on the list : Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok. Also the Kawaii Monster cafe in Tokyo. Quite interested in Yurei cafe too hahaha.

What about you, would you like to visit a thematic cafe? If yes, which one do you want to go to?

I will blog about Disney Sea next!


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