It's My Birthday!

12:23:00 AM

Okay not really, it was yesterday -___-.

I did wanted to blog yesterday but since my parents are back in Banjarmasin to attend a relative's wedding, Little O is sleeping in our room (yes, he's 9 and still co-sleep. Whatever) i have to make sure all lights are out and noises on the minimum since 9.30 (mostly at 9 but we got home a bit late from dinner yesterday) coz he finds it hard to fall asleep-inherited it from me for sure (coz the daddy snores as soon as his head touches the pillow WTF). The whole relaxed, quiet atmosphere and the thunderstorm outside... It just made me feel super lazy -___-. Ended up spending my night watching horror movies online #sotypical.

But anyhoo-i celebrate my bday all month long anyway (i love love love October, and this year we're doing something really special-not exactly on Halloween but totally Halloween related. Something i've never really done in my whole entire 33 years of life. How sad. I'm all #YOLO this year. Maybe it's mid-life crisis) so... Whatever, it's my birth... MONTH! LOLOLOL.

And what's best to let me enjoy my birth month to the fullest than to let me display a huge ass selfie as the first pic?
Yep. Decorated it with "Birthday Girl" some more. No shame. And yeap, that's my birthday makeup, which i did put some effort in. I had to coz i'm endorsing the lipstick, but that's not the point :p
And while we're at it here's my #BirthdayOOTD :
White knitted top : Online
Belt : Old, can't remember
Skirt : N.Y.L.A
Heels : Rubi
Bag : Michael Kors
I made hunny took multiple pics of me everywhere coz i clearly wanted a birthday OOTD pic and for once he couldn't be upset with me coz it was my bday MUAHAHAHAHA. Even when i kept on complaining about how bad the pics he took were. I could see him sighing and holding in his annoyance, so much that he was like... so gleeful and said "It's no longer your bday" when the clock struck 12. WTF. I guess i became extra demanding during my Bday? Only once a year mah..

Anyway, it's customary for me to want to enjoy my bday as a special day for the last couple of years. As in i want to spend it doing things i love (bdays used to mean expensive dinner when i was younger, and that's it. What's so special about that, i ask you-rather than making the wallet cry?). Thing is, what i love... they are quite mundane hahahaha. It's movie and shopping (and traveling-but this one cannot be done on the exact day), basically what we do a few times a week anyway so i dunno if it was any more special or not. Oh wait, i dressed up, and took an hour to do my makeup. So yes, more special for sure :p.
We went to watch Deepwater Horizon. Which make me cry until my falsies almost fell off WTF. Had to rush home (we're picking up Little O) and applied some more glue (i forgot to stick one on my purse. So bad)
Selfie in the cinema, which hunny would normally be so annoyed if i try to do on a normal day hahaha
He also dragged me to pick my bday gift before the show (i'll show you later) which means i didn't have time to shop -__-. He also became a bit annoying at some point that i had to remind him that it's my bday, i'd rather not get a pressie and ask him to not annoy me for one day as a pressie instead -___-. God, why am i married to such an annoying guy?

Like i said, i really wanted to shop *it's an addiction, what can i say*, to spoil myself on my bday (as in i don't spoil myself on a daily basis...) and i had some tops which i wanted for layering at Magnolia (hands down my fave store for affordable outfit. They've revamped the collection and you actually have to snatch things FTL nowadays because they're so good that they sold out super fast).
Of course, i ended up with more items.... But that's to be expected, don't you think?
After that, we rushed home to pick Little O up for dinner. I actually won a (dinner voucher for two) a photo contest from Bumi Surabaya City Resort on Independence Day and hunny suggested to use it on my bday, that's a great idea! LOL.
Coz it ended up being a real special dinner. We used to go to Cascades restaurant every Valentine's Day for 5 years or so while we were dating-then we got married and i got stingier WTF. Thing is, i've never been much of a foodie (obviously i love food, or else i wouldn't be so round. But i like... Very predictable and mostly affordable food hahahah), i just don't see the point of spending a fortune on food. I'd rather spend the money for pretty things... Hunny on the other hand... Is a polar opposite. So yeah, i compromise of course, but most of the time i prefer to go for mid-priced dinners.
So it was like walking down the memory lane... Except now we have this little guy *very bad at posing, i dunno why he always squeeze his face like that-i hate that. He looks like a squished marshmallow. I swear he's actually really handsome IRL* with us
Most pictures taken in Cascades turned out super blurry and foggy, no idea why. I guess it's the lighting and all *sigh*.
There were only another table occupied while we were there
Asked hunny to snap some pics around the pool coz it's still my bday, he can't complain, why not milk it
Bring out the Resting Bitch Face #woohoo
Warm bread with olive oil and cashew spread (wow, i feel like a food blogger for a sec there. Except the fact that i call it bread and don't know the actual name of it. It does have a name, no?), hunny loved it (and he's probably starving)-i'm not a fan of olive oil tho
Little O's Angel Hair Carbonara. He had angel hair once in Ocean Park (Hong Kong), which was a few years ago and he actually remembers it. I guess he does have a pretty good memory-when he chooses to use his brain. Again, just like me. Notice how clear and sharp the photo of the dish is?
Becomes super blurry and foggy again once i snap on the actual people. GRRR. His hair looks wet coz it WAS wet from heavy perspiration. FYI, it was not even that hot (but there were a lot of mosquitos around :(... The only downside of the restaurant. Coz it's outdoor and there are so many plants around. I dunno, they should probably burn something around the dining area to prevent bugs. Oh, we also saw our table and plates covered with LOTS of dead bugs when we arrived), but he always sweat like crazy it's frustrating me. That's why he loves winter vacay so much. My son is a foodie. He loves food and he knows good food. When i asked if the 109K++ pasta was good, he replied "VERY" LOL
Hunny was terribly excited for his hot stone steak
The thick, juicy, yummy tenderloin steak
Hunny loves to cook (and he's a pretty good cook too) so when the waitress asked if we'd like our steak done on a plate or hot stone, he immediately asked for hot stone. Much to my horror. I prefer my steak beautifully set on a plate and i don't have to lift a finger to prepare them. And do you know much much hot stone steak can hurt? I mean, all the juices and oil splattering to you? Not to mention the odor sticking to your hair! 
LOL, yes we're the annoying couple who takes pics of our meal
Thick cubes of yummy meat, *drool*... Seriously, i am such a meat lover that i am drooling looking at the pic..
What really goes on : i squeal and refuse to cut my meat coz the oil splatter felt like thousands of ants biting my fingers so hunny had to cut them all for me. This is a posed pic for Instagram, obviously
Complimentary Tiramisu (at least i think it's a tiramisu) to end the meal...  How awesome is that? We each got a slice even though we basically only paid for Little O's meal. They do not skimp for sure! I don't normally eat a whole slice of cake (not a fan of sweets. They make me sick super fast), but it's so good that even i managed to finish the slice. And then had hard time standing up because i was too full. But it's my bday, right? LOL
I personally wouldn't like, recommend Cascades restaurant for daily dinner or whatever since it's quite pricey (if you come for a good steak, be prepared to spend at least 1mill for two) but for special celebration-it's highly recommended. Or if you're a fanatic steak fan. Wear airy clothing (coz honestly, outdoor restaurants in hot, humid Surabaya is not really ideal to dress up in), slap on some mosquito repellant and you're good to go hahaha.

Like a boring 33 year old parent with a 9 year old son who has to go to school the next day, we went straight home and spend the rest of my bday being comfortable in our room. Have i ever told you how much i love my room? LOL.

And before i go, here's a pic of what he got me :
A butterfly shaped diamond ring. I don't even dare post it on my social media, coz people loves to point fingers and says mean stuffs about how you're showing off. But heck, why not? It is a special gift from a very special someone, i love it (i picked it myself, of course i love it) and i am proud to have a wonderful husband. Why should i pretend otherwise?
This month is going so well already for me. I have a thick wad of vouchers (i'm actually happy hunny's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 PO's been cancelled HAHAHAHAHA, much to his annoyance) to spend, my other baby (Surabaya Beauty Blogger) is starting to take off, i have booked our tickets for latter this month... And i have some budget to buy myself bday pressies (actually i'd just shop nonstop the whole month and call them all pressies for myself, that's what i do every year T.T). What more can i possibly ask for?

I hope your October's starting off as strong as mine!


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  1. Happy birthdayy lagi ce wkwkkw sukses, sehat, & langgeng teruuuss yaaa :D
    Steak e situ sama Holycow enak mana ce?
    WAKAKAKAKA PO note 7 bener" di cancel to? tak pikir cuma diundur sampe masalah e solved doang *pukpuk ko chandra*

    1. Birthday kok terus ya Ly wkwkwkw...
      Lha di bandingno e sm Holycow, adoh Ly wkwkwkwk...
      PO ne cancel Ly, trus kayake ini skrg malah d scrap project e, hp ne we d jual sisan stress dee sampe beli Xiao Mi wahahahaha