Crazy Late Post : #Undecided's Bday Lunchie

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Hello hello!!!

Yes i know, #Undecided's bday was in June, it's well passed MY bday so this should be up LONG time ago-but life's been a bit crazy for me lately, okay? I also haven't been posting a lot about what's been happening with my life, i do miss doing so but i do have obligations and i had to proritize.. So. Sorry. Nowadays when a celebration posts are delayed, it's because i don't have time to prep the pics. Sometime it's laziness but a lot of time i just have other pressing posts to finish.

Now let's get into the celebration already! Am determined to post this before MY bday celebration this Sunday hahaha!
The gank. Look at Zoe K, apparently she had a lot less hair 4 months ago. Now she's rocking a cockatoo mowahk hahahaha
OMG who is that baby in pink?! LOL. She looks marginally different these days... Her mohawk is a start but she is a lot less round and looks more and more like a kid rather than a baby. Shouldn't come as a surprise tho considering how LATE this entry is LOL. To be really honest, I cannot remember what happened that day so I'm relying heavily on the photos. 

Oh btw, hello #Undecided is still a blogger, yes hahahaha... I know I haven't written anything for so long but I write more on Dayre now. I dunno, the convenience of being able to blog on the go gets to me, I guess... I spend 8 hours of my day in front of a PC, the last thing I wanna do when I'm home is to go look at my laptop if not necessary... So... Dayre it is.

In case anyone is on Dayre, my ID is paulinenugraha and the direct link is dis

Back to the celebration!! 

FYI (if you don't already know), #Undecided is very un-creative when it comes to picking up a venue (i'm on the other hand, can be a little too adventurous hahaha) so she just copied the last place we had a bday lunchie at! It's Muttonbird again and it was the third time i went there in a short period of time, needless to say i'm quite tired of the place and not planning to return anytime soon. Damn, i am such a Surabaya person through and through, i just have no friggin loyalty whatsoever!
It was a very bright day (which we don't get to see lately. It was as dark as 6 PM this afternoon) and sitting at this side means we got backlight problems zzzz
Little Luca and his daddy. Yes, we entertain our kids with gadget so we can have an adult convos and eat. Sue us. 
Birthday mommy and cutie pie. In case you're wondering where Little O was, he's in Jakarta with his grandparents. Hunny and i were leaving the next day i think. I just realized this happened last year too, but we actually left to the airport after #Undecided's bday lunch-even more pressing! LOL
You remembering little stuff like this scares the shish out of me lo bb... LOL.
I have a good memory BB, when i choose to use my brain...
mmm coffee... #CaptainObvious
Sorry to disappoint you but this isn't fried calamari. It's onion ring *shudder
LOLOLOL. Not the biggest fan of onion ring, but i don't hate it!
Little O wasn't around... So my best guess this soup belonged to his mom.
Yes indeed. I love creamy mushroom soup too!
Weird looking dish. Must be Av's. Pancake maybe? Breakfast Pancake? Beats me.
Who else would eat such a thing, right?
The salad. People were sharing this must be...
The Newlyweds!! Not in this pic per se... But they finally got married!! The last bitch (to self righteous people out there, when we say bitch to one another we say it as an endearment okay...) in our group is married *teary eyed* And to think that I introduced them LOL. Btw, look at the left part of this pic. #Pink's hunny was having fried rice that day. I didn't manage to tell him before he placed his order that it was not yummy. Sorry ah hehehe...
Eh BB. I think that salad was mine, shared it with G. How weird, yes?
A's little fam. Photobombed by G. Hahaha... Oh that cheese pizza is DA BOMB!! So so good!!!
Somehow this pic makes me feel very.... I dunno. Comfortable? Like we're a real family. I did get  a pic of the three of them uninterrupted, but i like this one better hahaha
O hi Hubs! I miss Hubby's short hair. Will drag him to get it trimmed soon.
Me having the errr *squints eye* cheesy pizza?! Oh did I flash you? Ha, can't unsee that now huh?
I did notice that. Then i thought "should i crop this?" then i was like "Huh, that slut wouldn't mind" LOLOLOL
that is true... LOL
The only good thing about the fried rice was this: shrimp crackers. We attacked those. Here's my take on east meets west.
It's good. I kid you not!! LOL.
Abrupt end to post because we got no more pics. LOL. Happy belated birthday, Me. I love you! Hey, self love is the most important thing and I happen to love me very very much, okay!

LOLOLOL Okay.... And i love you too BB, so there's that! 

Okay, will be blogging about another fun time soon! 

#Pink and #Undecided

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