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Hello guys! 

Today i want to introduce and share my shopping experience with this one-of-a-kind (in Indonesia, at least!) webstore :!
Yep, that's what i got from ... What is that? Read on to know more!
So i call Asmaraku a one-of-a-kind webstore for Indonesia because not only they sell the usual products (you know, ordinary stuffs like makeup, body care, etc) but they actually specializes in women and also (married) couple's necessities!

As we live in a very conservative Asian country, these kind of subjects can be a little risky to discuss-i know there are people who actually wants to look for these products (i'm talking about lingerie, and protections) but 1-doesn't know where to buy them (not the protection, everybody must know that they can be found in the nearest mini market haha) or 2 (which is more likely)-too embarrassed to be seen in public (read : actual, physical store) buying these products.

I'm a very open minded person and i personally don't think it's a big deal, but i know that for most people-it can be. So that's where comes in! You can get all of your womanly and couple-y (LOL) necessities all in the privacy and comfort of your own room!!!
They have different promos going on all the time, don't forget to check that out!
The categories. Yes, you can buy flowers too! Guys, you have no more excuses of not getting your lady anything for those special days! You can order for the same date (selected cities only) too for the flowers so even if you do forget (blasphemy!!!), then you can quickly order from your laptop/phone and pretend you never forgot! Problem solved, no need to thank me
I will focus on lingerie this time round tho
I find navigating very easy, as they already have categories so if you have a specific thing in mind, just go to the category! Then you can also sort it by price (and others, but i always sort them by price hahaha) because i was in a budget hahaha. 

To be completely honest with you, i was never the lingerie type of person, i have about 3 lingeries (that i wore once each) and two of them are presents (the other one also a present actually, my husband bought it for me)-until now. As i got older, somehow i get more and more comfortable with my womanhood and also my own body. We all get insecure from time to time, and i always think that i don't have that bikini body so why would i wear a lingerie for? I prefer to wear my husband's super baggy tee to sleep instead. But now, i start to see the appeal in lingeries (in fact, i slept wearing one last night and it was more comfortable than i thought it would be). I was gifted this beautiful light purple and pink chiffon lingerie by my sis-in-law a while ago but i only wore it last night and i LOVE it. It makes me feel beautiful and let me tell you, my husband LOVEEES it *wink wink*.

As my favorite color is baby pink and baby purple, when i shopped at Asmaraku, i definitely had it in mind. Sadly my first choice (a baby pink lingerie set) was sold out when i tried to check out, so i get this instead :
I get chilled in my aircon-ed room and i also need a cover up when i wear my lingerie (like when i need to go outside my room to get drinks and stuffs) so i always wanted a Sleep Kimono! As you can see, the price point is very nice too. They have products ranging from as low as IDR 60.000 up to 1.5 mill! So you can get a lingerie no matter what your budget is. Btw if you're looking for sleep kimonos, there are actually the ones with option to embroider your name in! For free!!! I really want one now...
The only thing i feel a bit disappointed about is the fact that they seem to not have a lot of stocks for each style (and the website is not updated in real time. I would love it if they remove the pic from the website when the product goes out of stock or at least put a SOLD OUT banner on the pic to prevent customers from getting disappointed), the other bloggers who are doing the same shopping experience seems to share my taste in lingerie so we basically battling each other to get the same pieces haha. That's the only problem with me haha. Maybe because they're still pretty new and needs time to add more style or products in.

Other than that, i totally enjoy shopping at , it was easy and quick-just click the product you want into your cart and proceed to fill in your datas (addresses, etc), payment and then just sit back and wait. 

Another thing that i'd like to mention about this website is that they have this super fun section for bachelorette parties!!!
If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that a while ago we threw a Bachelorette party for my friend Av, and it was hilarious. I didn't know where to get the props from and it was very minimal, the ones that we did get were shipped all the way from China and it took months to come! I wish i learned  about Asmaraku earlier! They have great selection for Bachelorette party props and they're affordable too! If you're planning a Bachelorette party, you know where to look now! 

Back to my lingerie! It arrives modaretely fast too!
Secured inside a cardboard box
Love letter from hahaha
The package is simple but sweet with the extra touch, look at the heart shaped sticker! So cute
My purple (it's prettier in real life than the catalog pic, it's actually true purple instead of that weird shade of pinkish purple in the pic) sleep kimono arrives in perfect condition (inside a plastic wrap). It's a quite stretchy material (but not super stretchy) so it's very comfortable and it fits nicely (I'd say it can be worn up to a size XL but if you're well endowed then i don't think it can be closed). It looks very flattering and i just love shrugging it on. I wore it around the house the whole day yesterday haha. 

Overall i am very satisfied with my shopping experience with and would definitely be recommending this webstore to get your lingerie, underwear, protection-the whole shebang!
Sorry for the gritty pic, it's very backlighted >.<

Note : This post is made for review competition, i receive a free voucher to get the product-no further compensation received.

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  1. wahhh lumayan macem2 banget ya kak barang2 yang ditawarkan di asmaraku... hmm lingerie, in the future I'll try that hahahah ><

    XOXO, Syarah

    1. Iya banyak ragamnya hehehe, bolehh lohhh d coba lingerie nyaaa hehehe

  2. Thank you sharingnya, eh jadi pengen borong lingerienya...hihihi

  3. Baguss kak lingerienya. aku punya yang di bordir nama, hehehe.