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Hellowww, my dearest!

If you're a lipstick junkie like me, then you're in for a special treat today! I will be swatching and reviewing not one (like i usually do) shade of lipstick, but six! I am going to review 6 shades from L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color, all courtesy of who sponsored the lipsticks!
Top Row L-R : GLC536 Secret Admirer, GLC547 Infatuated, GLC534 Amour
Bottom Row L-R : GLC533 Fling, GLC541 True Love, GLC 532 Forbidden Love
Now, before we start, let me tell you a little about Kutek Murah. I am not just saying this because they've kindly sponsored me, but long before they even sent me these lipsticks i've already been their loyal customer for the longest time. As their name suggested, they have crazy selection of nail polishes, but then they branched out and began selling cosmetics as well-much to my joy! They have loads of different brands selection, but what delighted me the most is the fact that they have so many affordable drugstore brands that are not that easy to find in Indonesia (other than online), and with prices close to the original price!

Like these Luxury Creme Lip Color, the official L.A.Girl site sells them for USD 4 (but you can get them at dollar store, etc if you're in the USA) and Kutekmurah's price? IDR 40.000!

And L.A. Girl is quite a well known drug store brand too, i've been collecting a few of their products and they totally exceed my expectation for such a low price! Now without further ado, let's delve in!
L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color
Packaging wise, Luxury Creme Lip Color is quite simple. Made from light weight black plastic with clear cap so you can easily see the color inside. Very useful if you have more than one shade like i do here! There are stickers plastered on the lipstick bearing the ingredients and shade name. It's slimmer than the usual, classic lipsticks bullets but contains very standard amount of product (3.5 gr). Although light weighed, the bullet doesn't feel too fragile and the cap tighten securely to the body. I have them in my makeup pouch for a road trip to Malang and back, they didn't come uncapped or anything scary like that ^^. These lipsticks were sealed with clear plastic to ensure their newness.

Kutekmurah sent me what looks like 3 nude shades, 1 pale neon and two bright shades. The first nude is this :
L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color in GLC533 Fling. Fling looks like a neutral light brown color  in the bullet, one of the very in, Kylie Jenner type of color
I was worried that it would be too pale for me, but it turned out to be a gorgeous neutral shade on my originally pale pink lips
Lip shades can look different on different skin tones, on my pale skin with pink undertone, Fling looks like it has a bit of coral in it-although in the bullet it just look light brown
I love how Fling looks on me! It still looks very neutral but it helps brighten up my complexion (instead of making it look paler). I personally think this is a gorgeous every day color, especially for lighter skin tones. I am loving nude colors at the moment but i do have hard times finding ones that doesn't make me look pale-i think Fling might be my fave nude for now!
All six of these Luxury Creme Lip Color are pretty creamy and glides easily on my lips (i always wear lip balm beforehand no matter what lip color i am using, FYI) but as usual with lip products, different colors can have slightly different consistency (and even scent for this product!) from shade to shade. Fling is creamy but not overly so, and it has a slightly perfumed crayon scent *LOL*. It doesn't bother me, but people with sensitivity towards scent might not enjoy it. Just a head's up!

The second color is a bright one!
L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color in GLC 547 Infatuated. Infatuated is the brightest shade Kutekmurah sent me and it looks tomato red with a hint of orange on the bullet
But on my lips it translate to more of a cherry red with a hint of pink! FYI sorry for the uneven bottom lip, i got bitten by a mosquito and woke up with swollen, itchy lips :(...
I was worried about Infatuated being a bit orange-ish coz i am not a big fan of orange anything, but it doesn't look orange in any way and the bright red shade instantly brighten up my face!
(EDIT : This shade is a bit of a weird one. It looks different under different light! I wore it again for the second time on a dark, dreary day and it looks tomato red! Check out my lip swatch video in Instagram and see what i mean! It does have an orange undertone but not so strong that i don't like it, actually i think it looks stunning!)
I find Infatuated to probably be the least creamy out of the six, still  creamy enough to glide on smoothly, but feels the lightest on my lips. It has a similar scent to Fling but less crayon-ish.

Next shade is the pale pink neon shade :
L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color in GLC536 Secret Admirer. My hunny accidentally nicked the top when he took off the plastic seal for me :(. It looks pale salmon pink in the bullet and it frankly scared me hahaha
It turned out to be very neon but at the same time very pale pink on my lips (if that makes any sense???)
This is my least favorite, one reason is totally personal : because i do not like pale neon pink shades for a lippie. But there's another reason, i find this shade to be the hardest to apply on, it's quite patchy and when you try to even it out, it can look and feel heavy on your lips. It's creamy but also almost feel a bit chalky
I do not think this shade looks good on me. At least i haven't figured out the right color combination for it to look acceptable for me. Any suggestion to make this color work, i am open for it!  Scent-wise, it's similar to Infatuated
Moving on onto the next nude shade :
L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color in GLC532 Forbidden Love. This shade looks almost identical to  Fling in the bullet just a bit darker
On my pale pink lips, it turned out to be lighter than Fling! It's weird (coz if you see the lip swatch below, it's supposed to be a bit darker! But as i can say, different natural lip shade and skin undertone can determine different results in lipstick colors) but that's the way it is
(Edit : This one also looks different on second try! Also under different lighting and different overall makeup-i used it with full makeup this time round. It looks darker than Fling now! This is a bit confusing for myself too haha, but i guess these lipsticks can look different when matched with different makeup!)
I would say it's quite close to my original lip color but a bit more brown-ish, so this can be a MLBB for girls with pale pink lips
It looks quite nice for me, and it's a color that can be played up or down. As in it can be worn with dramatic eye makeup or like this, with very little makeup. It doesn't make me super pale, but more polished than bare lips
Forbidden Love has one of the best consistency out of the six, IMO. It's creamy but not to a point where it feels melty-just right. This shade (at least mine) has a very crayon-like scent, not perfumed like some of the others.

Next shade is my fave :
L.A Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color in GLC541 True Love. It's a deep fuchsia leaning on purple shade on the bullet
Which turned out to be pinker than i expected (i have a thing for purple lippies), but it's still a gorgeous shade
I find that the pigmentation of the darker color is not super good, but it's buildable
I do love how it looks on me. Excuse my sloppy falsie lines, i wore this to attend Av's wedding in Malang. I find out-of-town weddings to be a total hassle, having to put on my makeup in dimly lit hotel room, my makeup can never be on point. And usually i'd be too lazy to be bothered anyway *LOL*
Like Infatuated, True Love is not as creamy as the others but still glides on nicely. It has the most perfumed scent for me, i cannot smell any crayon-scent on this one.

The last but not least shade i got is :
L.A.Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color in shade GLC534 Amour. Amour looks quite similar to Fling and  Forbidden Love (all three are so similar on the bullet that i was a bit confused when i first got them!), just darker and more brown
So it surprised me when i put it on and it doesn't look nude AT ALL, instead it's a deep brown color!
It was a cloudy day when i took this pic so it was a bit hard to capture the actual color. The photo above is the closest on how it looks in real life, but under different lights it can look reddish like this
I like Amour a lot more than i expected to, it's also a very trendy color if you're into the whole Kylie Jenner hype and looking for a lip color that is from that type of color family, Amour can be a good choice!
Amour is very creamy (i think you can sort of tell from the close up lip swatch) and has a very perfumed scent like True Love.

I have used all six shades for hours each, i personally find them to be very comfortable of my lips, non drying (i would still suggest using lip balm underneath, of course) and they have a decent staying power-they would need reapplying after a meal for sure and they all very transferable too. Pigmentation differs from shade to shade, but generally quite okay-not the most pigmented lipsticks i've ever tried, but it's not frustatingly hard to make it pop either.
I quite love this lipstick and think that it's very nice for their price. As it is very affordable and has a wide range of colors (there are 24 shades in total!), if you want to start collecting different shades but can't afford to spend a fortune on them, i would definitely recommend these lipsticks!
All 24 shades of L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color. Btw, i also have Dreamer in my personal collection :D, it's actually the only Luxury Creme Lip Color that i had before Kutekmurah sent me these 6!
Thank you Kutekmurah for these lipsticks, if you're keen you can purchase them in their website, i promise you they have one of the best prices in Indonesia! Kutekmurah also holds Give Away every month in their Instagram so don't forget to give them a follow!

Until next time!


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  1. Ciiii,

    Kunaksir yang pink, tapi ragu beli L.A Girl ini dikasih pengalaman yang mattenya failed banget di gue 😿

    1. Aq dgr2 yg matte kurang yah, ini sebenarnya lumayan oke kok untuk harganya hehehe

  2. Aku punya ini 2 biji ce, warnanya cakep sebenernya cuma baunya mana tahaaaaan~~~ :(

    1. Punyamu baune gmn, Nin? Ini beda lippen beda bau, ada seng bau parfum ada seng bau crayon, ada yg mix. Binun bo...

  3. warna-warna dan harganya emang bagus tapi masih rada takut di tekstur...

    1. Kalo mnrt aq utk creamy lipstick texture nya sih cukup bagus ^^...

  4. gemeess sama warna warna nya :D

    Ray -