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Hey guys...

How long since the last time i did a fashion post? Errrr... Much longer than i can ever hope for >.< so much for being consistent with my personal style posts. Oh well... I have one for you today teehee... And this one is dedicated to my friend's new online shop that specializes in cool but amusing tees! 

The customized tee shop is called Tee.Art.Creation! Let's take a look what i got from them...
T-shirt :
Aladdin Pants : Online
Platform Sneakers : Skechers
Eh... Can't see the tee clearly, you say? Fret not, i will show you a close up shot, of course. But first, let's talk packaging.
I love brands that have a strong concept, didn't only pack the tee in some fugly plastic bags (which most local online shop tend to do), but packed it neatly in this creme colored envelope and tie the ribbon nicely-it was almost like getting a present, which i totally dig :D! Again if you're wondering why i dare to post my full address, that's not my house address you guys. That's hubby's office and my mailing address, so if you have something to send me.. You know where *strong hint* LOLOLOL
They even have a hot stamped logo! So cute!
The actual tee
Okay, here's the close up pic of the tee like i promised :
Their first batch of design was all about sloth, i LOVE sloths! And this sloth craving for coffee? That's so me of course! I didn't need to think long before i chose this design! has two different tee shape, the usual type of tee (which they categorized as men tee) and ladies tee, you know-the ones with waist? I dunno why but i hate ladies tee, so i obviously went with the men design. They have different sizes available (head to their Instagram for the details, but they have up to XXXL for men and XXL for women!) and i went for my usual-M (definitely would go for L for the ladies design) and it fits very comfortably with a lot of space for me (which i like). The tee is actually quite long-it looked short in the pictures because i tucked it in my pants.
The material of the tee is very comfortable. It is soft enough for me to feel like i'm in my jammies *LOL* but not too soft that it clings unforgivably to your body
I called this pants Aladdin pants because i don't really know what it's actually called. I had the hardest time figuring out how to wear it when i first got it out of its plastic packaging because it's essentially just shaped like a huge square! LOL. I do love this pants, it's so unique and comfortable, i'm thinking of getting more in different shades..
My makeup that day... With my current favorite casual falsies that i somehow misplaced that day, either i forgot where i store it (which is unlikely because i only have 2 falsies cases) or i/one of the maid accidentally threw them away. Damn. It costs me 5k and i already wore it probably 5 times *LOL*, but it was still going strong and i have attachment issues so i was pretty upset. Oh well, no matter. I'm going to Palapa soon and will buy like half a dozen
These pictures were taken by one of my BFF, G ^^
They were taken in a park nearby #Undecided's place. She was actually the one who was supposed to take these pics, but she got super sick and was even admitted to hospital that day! We snuck sometime after visiting her in the ICU and dropping Baby Zoe to her mum's to take these pics hahaha
Can you see how intense my highlight was even from the distance!
There were almost nobody around (except a couple of tweens playing basketball) so i wasn't embarrassed to pose hahaha
FYI, the whole time hunny and Little O were waiting inside the car hahaha
G's photography skill is definitely UP hahaha
Although the pants is quite unique, i don't think it's THAT weird, so i was pretty confused on why i got so many stares at the mall....
Check out more designs at's Instagram!
Imma wrap this post up for now, i hope i won't be too lazy to do another fashion post soon, i have plenty outfit pics i need to post!
Dun worry Sloth, here's coffee!

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  1. I really like it =)
    kisses Blamod
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  2. Love the sloth on that tee! Also love love the trousers <3

    The Quirky Queer

    1. The sloth's super cute! Thank you for dropping by ^^