Event Report : Yello Gathering Get Wired

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The mother of all backdated event post is here! Yello Hotel's Gathering : Get Wired!
With all the attendees and committee!
I am ashamed to say that this event went down more than a month ago -___-...
To be quite honest with you, i wasn't sure whether or not i was going to write this event report, but i have the pictures and it just feels like such a waste not to hahaha...

The gathering was held at their restaurant area, adjacent to the lobby. I've passed Yello Hotel many times before, but i don't know much about them since i never even actually set foot to any of their hotels. And only at this event that i realized it's a chain hotel as well hahaha. 
The vibe of the hotel is very young, hip and happening. This can be seen from their restaurant area too
I mean, it's very rare for you to see a huge board displaying menus and their prices in most hotels, no?
The spread that i hardly had time to enjoy *LOL*
It's definitely quite cozy
Outdoor smoking area
Devita busy at work
My yummy cappucino. Just gimme a cup of coffee, i'd be happy already la hahaha
The gathering was opened with Yello Hotel's staffs performance
See what i mean by young and trendy vibe?
MCs of the day
Welcome speech by Yello Hotel's rep
Quick Q&A session
Presentation by their partner, Samsung. This is before the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco btw. Which my hunny is still super bitter about *LOLOLOL*
I wasn't sure about attending a hotel's gathering before (i am not a fan of lifestyle events.. Went to a mobile phone brand's gathering last week and it was boring AF...  I don't even like fashion events and i am a fashion lover!), i was quite worried about getting bored *LOL*, but Yello Hotel knew how to make a fun event!
With dance off and all
Which Kathy was dragged in. I recorded the whole thing but she forced me not to upload it pffftttt. She was granted meal vouchers for embarrassing herself, btw
The band serenaded you during lunch
That pudding and muffin were the only thing that i pretty much managed to eat, as usual we waited until the crowd who were getting their food cool down before getting our own food, but when we just gotten the food, Devita and i who were conned asked to join in their drawing competition (yes, drawing!) were summoned already and when we we were back, the food in our table were cleared -____-. That's a WTF moment indeed *LOL*.

Anyway, i can't draw for the life of me so i pretty much just made a mess on the takeaway box they asked us to draw in, but Devita is a interior designer (am i right??? Coz i'm not even that sure as i write this HAHAHA) but i have faith in her doodling skill. But even so, i didn't even expect her to win the whole thing! No offence Dep, but your rivals were graffiti artists and all! Ha. Wonder how they feel about getting kicked in the butt by such a tiny little girl. LOL.
Devita's supposed to be getting a Samsung Galaxy A5 and we couldn't be more ecstatic for her. Now , if only Samsung would actually send the present already-that'd be ideal *LOL*.I heard they said it was out of stock or something and she had to wait. Well, it's been more than a month already! (Edit : she finally got it! I saw her posted the photo on her Instagram, just a day after i posted this hahaha, must be fate)
Well, that marked the end of the event! 
We should've been dressed in yellow... But then again people might mistaken us as the staffs HAHAHA

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