Hotel Review : Best Western Premier (Solo Baru)

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Hello hello....

What an unproductive month for me, it's already the 12th and i only have three posts up -___-, you know that gives me anxiety alright! I've just been so busy with social life (my God, i'm practically invited to a wedding every single week. My poor bank account #LOLOLOL) and upcoming big project, i'm just too tired to blog... And a bit too lazy too, can't lie hahaha.

If you follow me on Instagram then you'd know that we threw Av a bridal shower earlier today, i had to wake up at 8 (i went to bed at around 3 AM WTF, and i've been having problems with my tummy lately-super bloated and gassy FML so i kept on waking up during that short sleep as well-plus someone called hunny's phone by mistake, at 5 AM!!! GRRRRR) and when i finally got home at 5 PM, all i wanted to do was chill, play Cooking Dash on my phone and sleep! But i simply can't neglect this blog one more day so here i am, blogging about whatever topic i already have photos drafted so i don't have to prep the pics anymore.

The only draft available is this one, so let's do a review on Best Western Premier hotel in Solo Baru (totally random, i know hahaha)! First 5 pics are all from their Trip Advisor page because i didn't take any of the exterior and lobby!

Best Western Premier 
Jl. Ir. Soekarno, Solo Baru, Kabupaten Sukoharjo, Jawa Tengah 57552, Indonesia
Phone+62 271 623123
The hotel is quite new-very new back in December when i stayed there. It's HUGE, very nice looking and everything was sparkling. Unfortunately the newness probably also resulted in the staff being totally underprepared for the new year celebration madness that happened during my stay
The location of the hotel is also very strategic, it's pretty much surrounded by malls. You can definitely walk to the adjacent mall (which we did, multiple times during our stay) since the walking distance is not that far at all
Best Western Premier Solo Baru also has multiple ballrooms/multi purpose halls for various events 
Our room. Due to the new year celebration, the hotel's pretty much packed. The staffs were totally confused and probably in panic *LOL*, so much so that they put us on the smoking floor when we specifically asked for non-smoking floor! As soon as we opened the door, we were welcomed with dense smoke scent -____-. Changing room would be a total hassle (since we booked four rooms in total), plus my mum would throw a hissy fit if we got rooms in separate floors so the only thing we could do was asked for odor repellant. Thankfully the smoke scent faded after a while
The room itself is very spacious, new and comfortable. Unfortunately we met quite a few problems in our room that should not happen in a four starred hotel, especially with the jacked up peak season rate (paid almost 1 mill per night per room... I don't remember the exact number, but it was around 900K) room rates. The first problem was with the sheet. I'm super fussy when it comes to sheets, a single stain would ruin my mood (that's why i bring my own blanket wherever we go, i refuse to cover myself with hotels' blanket unless it's extremely white and spotless) while the one we encountered was definitely more than that *LOL*. It was pretty bad, very bad really-to a point where i totally refused to lay down even though i was super tired and sleepy. Even worse, we called numerous of times to the receptionist and housekeeping but nobody picked up, hunny had to head downstairs to ask them to change the sheet manually. They said they were too busy so they couldn't pick up the phone. Then they promised to change the sheet ASAP. We waited for around an hour, nobody came. Called again numerous of times until someone picked up, they ran out of fresh sheet because too many people complained about their sheet and ask for sheets change (this means i wasn't being too fussy, lots of other people felt the same!). Had to wait for their laundry to drop off fresh sheet. It was around 4 when we arrived, and when they finally change the sheet-it was dark ..... -____-. I didn't end up getting any rest FML
Bathroom's also spacious and nice
Safe for ONE problem. I noticed RED splotches on the floor, i proceed on cleaning them myself using wet tissues. Was pretty sure they were dried blood *gagging* WTF. Didn't they clean the bathroom floor before letting new guests in???
So... In the end we still enjoyed our stay, Best Western Premier is definitely a nice, luxurious hotel with spacious rooms and lovely ambience. The only thing that disappoint us is the hotel's lack of preparation for such a busy time. The staffs were definitely not used to such crowd and they seemed to unable to handle the situation. I was also quite irked by the lack of sanitation in our bathroom.

Ohhh-one more thing,  the low ratio between the number of rooms and lift was also an issue. We had to wait FOREVER whenever we want to go up or down, we started to dread having to leave our room because we did not want to be stuck in front of the lift for a very long time! Plus whenever the lift finally arrived, they were  almost always FULL. It was a total nightmare!

I personally would probably stay here again if we go to Solo, it's definitely still the nicest hotel we stayed in Solo so far (granted, we only stayed at one other hotel before  *LOL*), but i would probably try to avoid going there during peak season. I do hope they train their staffs better by now though.

We'd also still recommend the hotel, just keep in mind that things might be chaotic if you're staying during peak season. I think it'd be much calmer and normal any other time...

So, have you ever go to Solo/Surakarta? Do you have any hotel recommendation for me there?

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  1. Mungkin karena hotel baru yaa jdnya blm prepare. Sayang juga yaa krn jadi jelek imagenya

    1. Iya, sebenernya bagus banget, tp krn beberapa hal itu jd agak kecewa ^^

  2. Baru tahu ada hotel ini. Wilayah Solo baru banyak hotel dan mall baru.
    Semoga ke depan hotelnya sadar image, apalagi kalau ada yang nginep ternyata blogger. Kan, bisa jadi sarana promosi.

    1. Hehehe iyah, pdhal hotelnya bagus... Lokasi juga oke, cuma kurang prepare aja

  3. Hi Mindy! domisili solo right here *angkat tangan*
    menurutku yang juara dari hotel ini adalah view di kolam renang dan restonya, karena tempatnya rooftop gitu jadi kalo malem bagus banget. Kalo nginep aku belum pernah hehe. Nyaman juga si dia sebelah mall jadi kalo butuh apa-apa tinggal nge-mall.
    Kalo hotel lain, aku pernah ke ibis dan tempatnya enak juga kok, meski ga semewah best western. Yang mewah itu ada Alila, Alana, atau Novotel.

    XOXO, Cilla

    1. Halo!
      Aq malah engga sempat ngintip pool nya loh hehehe...
      Kalo aq yg penting bukan mewahnya sih tp kebersihannya ama service nya juga, kalo bersih kinclong semua meskipun sederhana pasti tetep betah ^^