10 Lipsticks Under 100K!

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Hey guys!!!

This post is inspired by some post that was widely circulating in my social medias a while ago by a stay-at-home mum making an observation on why single/younger ladies are always more appealing (to their husbands) than men's own wives *LOL*. One of the points she made is how makeups are very expensive (she said lipsticks are IDR 300K each! She clearly had only been checking luxury brands only *LOL*) that good wives would not have the heart to spend the money on such trivial things and opt to buy for something useful instead (therefore they can't put on makeups to prettify themselves in front of their husbands).

First of all. Most women who love makeup (me firmly included) do NOT put on lipsticks for guys (seriously, which guys can tell the difference between our 100 different shades of pinks???), we do it for ourselves and yes-ocassionaly for other women to get some sweet compliments from them (c'mon, don't tell me you're not flattered when your gorgeous female friend tells you how nice that lipstick shade you're wearing looks on you!). Second of all, why do we have to feel guilty about pleasing (or even spoiling) ourselves? Is it such a crime to be happy? To feel and look good? 

I can go on and on about it (i'm clearly on the #ilovemakeupteam, i mean you can wear makeup or not wear any at all, i don't care. It's your choice. I just do not appreciate being called things just because i love makeup. Trust me, i heard them all. Supposedly i am high maintenance, cannot do anything but dolling up, a materialistic woman who would not give a less-than-filthy-rich guy the time of the day because they can't afford my makeups, etc), but this post is not that deep (i would probably make another post going deeper into this issue), instead i just want to enlighten those lost women who thought a lipstick would cost them IDR 300K and there are no alternatives that are less than 10% of that *LOL*.

I also hope that this post would stop women from buying fake makeups, you definitely do not need to resort to fake products just because you do not have a lot of money to spend on makeup. There are TONNES of affordable makeup out there, local (Indonesian) brands or international drugstore brands.  Using cheap but safe makeup (if it's approved by BPOM/FDA/other countries' equivalent of FDA, then it should be good) is much more admirable than using fake makeups for sure.

Now, i am a fan of drugstore brands so most of my lipsticks are under 100K anyway,  i can actually make this post 30 lipsticks under 100K, but that would be crazy long so i settle for 10! (Btw, i'm not going to go into too much detail of the products featured in this post, but i have reviewed most of them and i will link them all below in case you want to know more about them)
Yep, all of these, all from different brands-are under 100k! 
I actually just randomly picked these lipsticks from my scary collection, i think the variety's pretty good (if i may say so myself :p) and i have separated them into a few categories :
The first one is the classic bullet types
1. Emina Cosmetics Oh So Kissable Lipstick 
You can read my full review of Emina Oh So Kissable Lipstick in shade 05 Cherry Pie here
First one is from one of my favorite Indonesian cosmetic brands, Emina. This lipstick (they call it mini and the bullet's quite small, but the product is actually full size) is pigmented, comfortable, cutely packaged and it costs IDR 25.000 each!!! I'm a huge, huge fan of this one. I rarely find myself buying more than one color from one line, but i actually purchased more as soon as they released the new colors. Emina Cosmetics is definitely one brand you'd want to consider for affordable makeups (not just the lipsticks), i think all of their products are under IDR 100k! And they do have quite a large selection of products too.

2. Ristra Lip Care Stick 
Read my review on Ristra Lip Care Stick in shade 36 Sparkling Ruby here (this is a very old post tho, so excuse the less than-stellar pictures >.<)
The second one is also from an Indonesian brand, this one comes from Ristra-which is a brand that has been around for a long time. Don't be misled by the name, it is a lipstick alright. A very pigmented one too (one of the strength in Indonesian cosmetics' lipsticks are their pigmentation! Totally spot on). This lipstick is creamy and buttery, totally lovely-but it transfers, quite badly too i'm afraid. But it's still a lovely product and it won't bust your pocket, retailing at IDR 55.000-they also seem to have quite a large color selection for this product (but it's a bit hard to find information on them online. Ristra needs to get their presence better known in the online world!)

3. Mustika Ratu Lipstick Warna Favorit
Mustika Ratu Lipstick Warna Favorit (pictured in in shade L.02)
Still from Indonesian brand, one of the oldest and best known local cosmetics : Mustika Ratu. Priced at around IDR 25.000 (and often goes on sale) it's crazily affordable but also crazily good quality! One of the proof is how one of my blogger friends who's into high end lipsticks actually raves and go mad for this lipstick line (there are 12 colors available). I'm personally not a fan of this particular shade (i got it from a goodie bag, btw), but the quality's still shine through for me. Pigmented, creamy, comfortable-it's just totally lovely! Can't recommend this one enough!

4. Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick
Pictured is Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in shade 521A Fuchsia with Blue Pearl
Finally, an international brand :). It's from Wet n Wild, you can find Wet n Wild in some Guardians in Indonesia but we don't have them in Surabaya's Guardian (and the prices' are jacked up there anyway) so i would recommend buying them online. This particular variant are sold at under IDR 40K in local online shops (i bought mine during sale and it was ridiculously cheap). Wet n Wild has a LOT of different variants of lipsticks and lots of them are really nice, this Silk Finish one is quite nice-not the best lipstick i've ever tried but it's definitely not bad at all-i'd say it's pretty mediocre. If you don't find this one appealing, you can also try out their other types of lipsticks-maybe their matte ones?

5. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick
Pictured is Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in shade 403 Plum Perfect
Maybelline was my favorite drugstore brand for a long time, it was the brand i dabbled in the most when i started using makeup. They're still one of my favorites but i have to be honest, i haven't really been catching up with them since i'm too distracted with the many many other brands out there. Truth be told, i was first interested in this lipstick because of the fantastic price point (retailing at around IDR 33.000) and their wide range of colors-i also managed to add more and more to my collection when i won their giveaway so now i have about half a dozen of them (and a few from the newer collection) : and i LOVE them! They're quite pigmented, creamy and non-drying for me. Keep in mind this product (all products are, actually) is a total hit or miss, some people experience a warming sensation wearing them-while i don't experience anything bad at all, except for the fact that they're so creamy they melted off the tube during shipping (so i really don't recommend ordering this one online, it's better to buy them at Maybelline counters)! Now they are also available in matte version. I been wanting to review them for a long while, i just never got to do so >.<, they keep on being pushed back by other reviews...

We're done with the classic bullet lipsticks, onto the current craze of the town (more of the world, really) : 
Matte Liquid Lipsticks
I only have two in this post because i am honestly not a fan of matte lipsticks (both of these are sponsored/a gift but i definitely won't say that i like them if i don't, sponsored or not!) so i very rarely (if ever) purchase them.

6. Zoya Lip Paint
You can read my review on Zoya Lip Paint in shade Powder Pink (and other Zoya products) here
Zoya is an Indonesian brand that started off as a Muslim fashion brand that branches into beauty, their lip paint was my first matte liquid lipstick and i actually like it. I've only tried one shade and that's the Pink Powder, which according to some of my fellow beauty bloggers-hs worse texture compared to their other colors. I don't know if it's because i have no other prior experience with matte liquid lipsticks, but i seriously don't feel any problem with this product. I find it very pigmented, easy to apply, dries off fast and last very long. Selling at 62.000, it's definitely an affordable matte liquid lipsticks compared to most international (or even local, there are a lot of higher end local mate liquid lipsticks sprouting out at the moment) brands. 

7. Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream
This is actually my latest lip product review, read my review of Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream in shade 01 Reddicted here
Like i mentioned earlier, i don't have a lot of matte/velvety liquid lipsticks in my collection (i have about three) but so far this Wardah one (yes, another local brand-famous for being Halal) hands down is my favorite. It's super duper pigmented, bold, comfortable, last ALL DAY and the color simply is breath-takingly beautiful. I've only tried this one shade tho, i heard that the consistency can vary from shade to shade. It's retailing at only IDR 58.000 and if you're looking for a velvety, gorgeous lip color-i highly recommend this!

Still my favorite lipstick shape : chubby crayons! I just think they're too adorable!!!
I think Clinique started the trend, but since they're super expensive, they definitely do not get to be in this post. Other than the fact that i don't have any except a travel size one i won from their event, that is *LOL*.

8. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
I could've sworn that i've reviewed this product, but i can't find it. So weird. I guess i haven't.... Anyway, pictured is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 015 Cherish Devotion
Okay, so technically it's a colored lip balm. But i find it totally pigmented enough to be called a lipstick and not moisturizing enough to be called a lip balm anyway :p. Retailing at IDR 88.000 (often goes on sale too), it's one of the most expensive one in this list but i definitely recommend it! They have lovely, lovely shade selection, pigmented, pleasant to apply, non drying and leaves a sweet stain! I know the chubby stick craze is probably long passed, but i seriously still feel excited whenever i see/talk about them *LOL*. Revlon Colorburst are now available in Lacquer and Matte, i have the lacquer one and might consider the matte one if it goes on sale *LOL*.

9. Mineral Botanica Moisturizing Lipstick
Read my review on Mineral Botanica Moisturizing Lipstick in shade 010 Burgundy here
Mineral Botanica is one of the newer, hipper local brand that's fast getting a big following. They're one of the first to jump in the chubby crayon band wagon (i find the newer brands are faster and more open to embrace trend while the older, giant brands tend to be more stubborn and stick to their old formulas) and also the whole cushion foundation trend-i definitely like that about them! I'm not crazy about the finishing of this lipstick (i'm just not that into metallic sheen actually. But i might embrace them better now that metallic lips are in trend?), but it's a nice product with good pigmentatio, non drying formula and it's long lasting. It's retailing for under IDR 40k-which is half of the Revlon's one so if you're a fan of the chubby crayon shape, this one can be an option!

Last but not least, is a matte (non liquid) lipstick :

10. MakeOver Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick
Read my review of Makeover Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick in shade 011 Baby Bombshell
This lone matte lip-stick is from another newer Indonesian brand MakeOver and it's makes me dislike matte lipsticks a little less haha. This lipstick is comfortable and non drying and it's really MATTE so if you're looking for a comfortable matte lipstick, you should consider this lipstick. It retails at IDR 89.000, it's the most expensive one in this list but i think it's still comparable to the quality. And the packaging is nice too. I mean, i know there are a lot of cheap local matte lipsticks (that are as good as this one) available but the packaging are quite bad, you might think i'm shallow but i do love a nice packaging so this one totally worth getting-IMO!

Wellll... That's it! 10 Lipsticks under 100K, #Pink version! Had so much fun choosing and yabbering about these lippies, i hope you like this post! Let me know if you do coz i'd be sure to make similar ones with different products ^^. And tell me if you tried any of those lipsticks in this list and how you like them!

Wearing my new lip cream that didn't make this post because i got it after i took the pictures for this post *LOL* (It's LT Pro, btw)

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  1. Hai Min!
    Purbasari gak masuk nih? Haha salah satu lipstick legendaris soalnyaa :p Wardah dan LT Pro juga bagus loh, you should try it!

    XOXO, Cilla

    1. Halloo!
      Hehe ini soalnya random sih ngambil lipstik nya, yg masuk kategori langsung di masukin aja, mungkin nanti bisa masuk part 2 kali ya ^^. Wardah ada loh d sini :), kalo LT Pro soalnya dapetnya setelah bikin post ini makanya ngga bisa d masukin dl hehe

    2. oiyaa ding mksdku wardah yg longlasting matte/intense matte hehhehe

  2. Bener tuhh ci Mindy, kalo aku suka sedih ngeliat orang yang lebih milih beli yang branded tapi fake, ketimbang beli yang nggak branded2 amat tapi asli. Btw aku belum kebeli nih Wardah Lip Cream sama Zoya Lip Paintt huhuhu bagus banget warnanya x(