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Hey guysss ^^...

So i actually meant to do this post a lot sooner but i wasn't able to because this involves various shades of nail polishes and i am the type of reviewer that needs to use them all for a period of time to make sure i can be responsible for what i am saying haha. Yes, this is #spon but you know i will always be brutally honest, right?

Anyway, if you've read my Full Face Using Kids Makeup Challenge post then you'd know that i used all Amara Kids' products for that challenge. After i posted it on my Instagram, Amara Kids actually reached out to me and asked if i was interested in trying out their nail polishes. After a few minutes of wondering if i should be laughing (coz brand collaboration is always something that i embrace with open arms haha) or crying (you know, being 32 and using products meant for kids... I don't know how to feel about that), i decided that sure, i'd love to try them out hahaha.
Contemplating on the first color to use :D
I think i touched on Amara Kids as a brand a little bit on my Kids Makeup Challenge, basically Amara Kids is a local brand that specializes in non-toxic, kids-friendly cosmetics and nail polishes. If you have a little girl and she's demanding for her own makeups (i know a lot of little girls do that nowadays. Heck, i would want some if i am a little girl *LOL*)-or you want her to stop ruining your high end, adult makeup-well... This is the brand you want to go to haha. They are cute, they are an actual cosmetic (instead of the fake, plastic makeup my mum made me rub all over my face when i was a kid -___-) and totally harmless. Amara Kids is also a quite well known Indonesian brand, Purbasari's sister brand and all of their products are registered in BPOM. 

Now let's get on with the review, shall we?
Amara Kids kindly sent me 7 nail polish shades from the collection (if i am not mistaken, there are 10 shades in total). The nail polishes are tiny (obviously, as they are meant for kids) and come with a little box dominated with purple color and a Winx (at least i think that's what those fairies are called? They are members of the Winx Club after all, no?) on it. I don't know what's wrong with me, but i totally forgot to snap pictures of the box close up T.T, and i already threw them all away T.T. So sorry about that!
L-R : Bright Brown, Magical Orange, Shiny Pink, Fairy Yellow, Gorgeous Green, Ballerina Pink, Princess Purple
Each tiny bottle contains 5ml worth of nail polish (in comparison, O.P.I nail polish-which is quite large-contains 15 ml of product in each bottle)
The tiny bottle is very simple, they are quite cute as they are little heart's shaped with little pink or white plastic cap. On top of the each cap, there is a large diamente-which is a nice touch. I'm not gonna lie, the packaging can be improved as they look and feel a little... cheap i guess? Well, they are quite cheap (and kids makeup are supposed to look like a toy...Right?), i browsed and saw these babies are sold staring from IDR 20K each. For 20K, i don't think it's fair to ask too much from them, but if i can give them a little advise then i would suggest to get their logo and stuffs to be printed on the actual bottle instead stickers (some of them already threatening to peel off hahaha)
They have two different types of nail polishes, a shimmery ones (the pink, yellow and brown) and the normal glossy ones (the fuchsia, purple, green and orange) and at first i thought that maybe the cap's color indicates the nail polish's type, but.. nope. Not really. So i don't really know the base in their cap's color selection, maybe they do it in random? LOL...
Most of the pictures in this blog post were taken by one of my "personal photogs" Nessya, she insisted on doing this flat lay too hehehe
Okay so... let's try them on already!
As the bottle of the nail polish is very small, it's only natural that the wand is also very short and the brush quite tiny (remember, they are meant for little fingers!). I was worried that the little brush would make it hard for me to apply the polish, but nope... They caused no problem whatsoever except for the fact that i needed to re-dip the brush to coat my entire nail. They do not make application any easier either tho hahaha. I still applied as soppily as i do with my normal polishes :p
The consistency of Amara Kids nail polishes are quite good, the normal glossy one are quite pigmented and they look promising already with one coat-you do need a second coat for an even and opaque color tho. As for the shimmery type, they are a lot sheerer and also need at least two coats to be even. These nails polishes definitely dries up pretty fast so you do not need to wait around for too long (that'd be annoying!).

I read that Amara Kids stated that they nail polishes are fragrance free, but it still has quite a strong scent-IMO. It's not particularly pleasant *LOL* but i do find most nail polishes to not have pleasant scents so that's normal. Some of these nail polishes have a funky, kinda citrusy scent (actually they reminded me of dried mandarin skin snacks, if you know what i mean hahaha) while the others just smell of... i dunno, paint i guess. The paint smell disappears after the nail polish dries but the funky citrus scented ones lingers a bit longer.

I am also quite surprised at the color choices they have, i mean... The yellow, green, pink, purple, blue ones are quite normal and appealing for kids, obviously-but they also have some very grown up colors too! Like the Bright Brown :
Which is actuall a shimmery, brown-ish champagne color with very fine glitters. This was the first color that i tried because i had to go to Trixie's wedding so i thought i'd use the most neutral, gown up looking one of the bunch. All of Amara Kids Nail Polish has a normal shiny finish, but you'd definitely need a top coat to make it very glossy
I used this Bright Brown shade for one day on its own (i used a nail strengthener as a base because i am currently trying to treat my abused nails better) and i guess because it is a peelable nail polish which are mainly for kids (so staying power is not something that should be a concern hahaha), i noticed that the tips were already kinda worn even after only one day. I was also worried that a peelable nail polish would mean that i have to be super careful not to bump them into things and ruin them, but it's really not that fragile hahaha. If you want your manicure to stay longer, just apply a good quality top coat on top and they last for as long as my regular nail polishes-which is a very good thing. They would start cracking and shifting after three or four days, which again-very normal, and would start chipping really badly only after a week!
The second color i used was the Ballerina Pink (which is actually very purplish, so i would say this is a fuchsia color?)-it's also very grown up and i wore it for Av' wedding (this is a month full of weddings for me), unlike the Bright Brown, the Ballerina Pink is a regular glossy shade and it applies easir, faster and also stay perfect longer.
Then last but not least, i used Magical Orange, Gorgeous Green, Shiny Pink, Fairy Yellow and  Princess Purple at the same time :D! And yeeepp, i wore them for another wedding (Epe's wedding hahaha) because it's a day time wedding and less formal so i thought i could get away with colorful nails hahaha.
All of Amara Kids' Nail Polish is actually quite true to color, as in they look very similar on the nails like they are in the bottles-except for Gorgeous Green. It looks like a vibrant, pastelly bright green in the bottle and when i first applied it, it looks similar but once it dries down, it looks a lot darker. That's a bit disappointing for me, but it's only one color out of seven. The Princess Purple though, is the PERFECT pastel purple color and i LOVE it so much *LOL*. It's definitely my favorite!
Proof that i really did wear colorful nails to a wedding. With a full makeup and diamond rings, no less :p
In short, i think Amara Kids nail polish is a pretty dope product! Be it for your little girl (or a gift for your little sister/niece/whatever) or even for adults who want non-damaging nail products that still work pretty well. I also think it's super amazing for its price point and i would not think twice to buy them for Baby Zoe when she's a bit older. Or for my own Baby Girl, if i ever have one hahaha.
The whole color selection
Thank you Amara Kids for sending me these cute babies, don't forget to follow Amara Kids official Instagram and you can also buy their products directly from them ^^.

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  1. Aww so cuteee.. I can give this to my teen daughter, dong, yah.. thank you for the review..

    1. Bolehhh bangett, untuk anak di atas 5 tahun aja udah boleh kok ^^. Thank you for reading!

  2. Ponakanku kayaknya bakal suka banget deh kalau aku beliin nail polish ini.. ^_^

    1. Gadis2 kecil pasti heboh deh kalo di kasih ini hehe

  3. Replies
    1. Iya, aq yg udah tua aja suka kok sm warna2nya hehehe

  4. haloo, thanks for sharing.. btw amara washable kayak snalis kids ga ya? kalau kena air, langsung bisa terkelupas?

    1. Ngga terkelupas kalo kena air tp bisa d kopek gampang kok hehe