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Hello helloooo!

So if you follow my Instagram (self plug-in FTW : it's @mgirl83 , btw...) you'd know that i recently required one of my dreams : having a pastel hair! Well, half of them, but still (the reason being i don't want to bleach my whole head!!!)... #hairgoal achieved! And the fabulous hair salon that gave me that Unicorn hair? I'm about to tell you all about it! It's a nifty little hair bar in Surabaya West area called Flo's Hair Bar!
Flo's Hair Bar
Ruko Puncak Bukit Golf - surabayaWA • +62 822 3040 2770Opening Hours : Wed-Sat 9AM-7PM | Sun 9AM-5PM (Closed on Tuesdays)
If you're not too familiar with the name, that's because they're kinda new! 
My partners in crime of the day, Laura Angelia and Cynthian! Oh, and thank you Cynthian for inviting us along :D!
Once you open the door, to the right you'd immediately find this reception area
Laura consulting on the treatment she wanted
The cozy waiting area
Simply decorated but super cozy, no?
Cynthian fell in love with that spot and she went on and on about how perfect that spot was for vlogging >.<
They will expand to second floor soon!
Vlogger busy at work
And our Titi Kamal lookalike :D
The hairdressers that took care of the three of us that day
First we had a consultation with the hairdressers, they asked and made sure they knew what's result that we wanted to achieve. I am always up for a hair makeover and my favorite thing now is to change up my hair color so of course i asked them to refresh and recolor my ombre! 
Then they gave me a color chart to choose from. Immediately drawn to the pale Lavender ash <3<3<3
All the ash colors are so bae! LOL
The color that i kept on staring at was the Lavender Ash, so that's the color i finally chose! Before they started working on my hair, first they checked the condition of my hair to make sure that my totally abused hair can still take it :p. FYI, even though Flo's Hair Bar is very new, the hairdressers are all actually experienced hair dressers, so don't worry about having to deal with rookies! Won't happen here!

Anyway, they suggested that i get a trim first to make sure my dying hair ends won't turn rubbery!
So that's what i did!
Btw, don't forget to be communicative with your hairdresser! I made a mistake by not letting him know that i wanted my fringe to be left alone >.<, he trimmed my fringes and made them wispy T.T... I really loved my full bangs so i am quite gutted, but that's totally my own fault for not telling him about it-so do not repeat my mistake!
Cynthian's going to have her hair dyed at latter date (actually today, i just saw her Instagram Stories haha) so she prepped her hair by getting a hair spa and haircut
While Laura opted for Glossy treatments
After hair trim... Next step is to get my hair bleached so that the true color would show. FYI, my hair had been bleached multiple times (around 4 times prior to this) so it's quite pale already, that's why they only bleached my hair one more time. If you want a pastel hair color too and your hair's darker than mine... Beware that you're gonna have to get your hair bleached at least 3-4x! Oh, and pastel colors fade FTL, very high maintenance so make sure you know what you're getting yourself into!
Bleached to almost white
Then it was the fun part! Unicorn hair here i come!
Look!!! How fabulous!!! Oh yeah, my hair color (in the ombre sect) was totally jacked up with all those DIY (mine is actually MYMDI or Make Your Maid Do It LOLOLOL) coloring at home, i am left with extremely uneven hair color. Flo's hairdresser kept me informed throughout the process about how the result would be. I.e, there'd be some color gradation due to the different tones of my hair.  I love when your hairdressers are being totally honest and communicative with you so you'd know what to expect. I would take that anytime than a hairdresser who keeps on telling you it's doable when in the end the result is far from your expectation!
They also curl my hair beautifully ^^! If only Flo's Hair Bar's closer to my place, i would definitely go there regularly for a blow dry (okay, more like whenever i have events to attend hahaha)
I am done! Comfortable #OOTD coz i knew i was going to sit for hours! We started around 10.30 and it was about 3.30 when i was finally done!
I absolutely love love LOVE my new hair! Crazy in love is the right way to say it! I think Flo's Hair Bar did a fantastic job, i also love how friendly but professional the staffs are (some hair salons' staffs are so stand offish, i cannot take it)! I just washed my hair for the first time last Monday and i was surprised that my hair feels SOFTER than before i got them done-how is that even possible??? I was expecting a very dry, hay feeling hair but i got this instead! I am also blown away of how careful they are working on my hair-when i got my hair dyed in multiple hair salons before, i would end up with a patch of dry, sore, and flaky patch at the lower part of my hair (i have very sensitive scalp, and this happened even when i only touch up my ombre)-but my scalp is totally fine now! 

Would i recommend Flo's Hair Bar? Well, of course!!
Cynthian still getting her hair styled
I got a lot of questions regarding the price list of Flo's Hair Bar after i posted my hair's pic in my social medias, so here they are :
I couldn't stop laughing when we took this "fake candid" pics, i'm just horrible at posed pics T.T. Btw, did you notice how matchy matchy Cynthian and i looked? I swear we didn't plan on it!!!
Thank you so much Flo's Hair Bar for having us! If you decide to go there, please tell them i sent you their way haha!

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