Body Con Dresses for Every Occassion

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I'm sure y'all heard (or even wore) of bodycon dresses before? Well, in case you haven't, let me tell you a teeny tiny bit about this style. Body Con dresses were first made popular by Herve Ledger's figure hugging, skin tight dresses. It is meant to look like a second skin to show off your figure and hug every curve you have. As time evolves, the term body con is more loosely used to dresses that are tight fitting. The original body con dresses arguably are better suited for women with super fit bodies (but i personally think you should be able to wear whatever you want as long as it makes you feel good about yourself and people should not judge you about it!), but nowadays body con dresses come in many different fabrics and cuttings-believe me when i say there are body con dresses suitable for every body types out there :D.

While i was browsing though Zalora's bodycon dresses section, i was struck on how bodycon dresses can actually be used in much more occasion than we necessarily think. Don't believe me? Check out this list of bodycon-style dresses for different occasions :
1. Sunday Brunch 
This bodycon dress looks comfy but still cool! The casual and more forgiving fabric would make you feel less self conscious than those fabrics (like lycra, for instance) that would show every lump and bump and it's definitely giving a casual and laid back feel-perfect for a Sunday brunch. Admittedly it's not a very good idea to wear a bodycon dress when indulging yourself, but with proper undergarment and clever size choices (go up one size), you can still wear your bodycon and eat your cake!

2. Business Meeting
Most working woman would love to look smart, professional but still with a hint of sexiness when conducting an important meeting with a client you want to impress. An LBD never goes wrong, and i personally think every woman should have a simple, plain, but figure hugging dress like this one in their wardrobe. Even for someone like me, who doesn't work in an office but still goes to meeting with my blogging/consulting clients. It's black, it's long sleeved, don't make it frumpy by making it too long and loose! 

3. Girls Day Out
While most bodycon style dresses tend to be on the sexy side, this black and white wide striped dress is far from sexy, if anything it looks more sweet than sexy. I like to dress up cutely when i hangout with my girls, so i think this dress is definitely quite perfect for a girl's day out. You can also take a note off this model and pair it with black and white sneakers. Monochromatic casual is love!

4. Hot First Date
Who likes to look sexy but appropriate for a first date? Make your guy's eyes popped out with this figure hugging dress in flattering black color, the interesting neck detail and open shoulder is another plus! Although your shoulders are exposed and the fitting tight, the below the knee length and long sleeve give you a mysterious aura and enough coverage to keep him guessing! I personally think it's not only appropriate to wear on a first date, i would wear it for my 1000th date with my hunny too!

5. Meet the Parents
On the contrary, when you're meeting his parents for the first time you'd want to stay away from sexy image! You don't have to shy away from bodycon dresses though, this sweet pastel floral number is subtle, feminine, appropriate but still fun and a million miles away from being frumpy or too prim!

6. Running Errands/Shopping Spree
When doing errands/going for a shopping spree,  i like to be super comfortable but still chic and look effortlessly cool. This super simple dress (remember to size up) looks comfortable and plain but the side slit gives it a little extra something something. Plus you don't have to worry about pairing this dress with your bags or shoes coz it's so simple it'd go with pretty much everything!

7. Office Lady
If you're a working lady (that goes to an office), work attire can be super boring and uninspiring after a while. I even know for a fact how my friends who work in offices tend to throw on whatever they see from their working clothes section. Well, i personally am the kind of person who feels good when i know i look good. This orange little number is eye catching, the fabric not crazily body hugging (which is totally inappropriate for the office!) and it's super simple so you can accessorize it and pair with blazers/cardigans or even a crisp shirt so you can keep on recycling it too!

8. Wedding Guest
I don't know about you, but when i attend wedding receptions i like to keep it simple. Sure, when it's a close relative's wedding then i'd wear something more extravagant, but for the most part i like something chic, simple but still glam. This little one shoulder dress checks all the points from my list, and with something so simple you're more likely to recycle the dress (coz let's admit it, how often can we wear a full length, diamente studded ballgown???). Btw, how many times did i say simple in this blog post? Well, sometimes less is more (just sometimes tho haha)....

So that's my list of different body con dresses  examples for different occasion. Which one of these would you choose?

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*This post is written in collaboration with Zalora

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