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Errrmm... Yeah... August movies review. First of all, i actually totally forgot all about it until like, last week. Then i was too busy (this month i had to attend three weddings, one of which was out of town. Actually i still have another wedding this weekend but i couldn't come because it's in Banjarmasin and i can't really leave town! Too many events and things to take care of) to write it. We also have a special event this Friday, will tell ya more about it soon! In the mean time if you want to get my latest updates (like, if you're a stalker or something *LOLOLOL*) faster, follow my Instagram @mgirl83!

To make matters worse, i actually went into a "recluse" for a few days after i realized i lost/misplaced some items. You know how i get super attached to my personal belongings, and these particular ones happen to be brand new ones and quite a bunch of them! I know i whine about losing my stuffs (you know, handphones. Diamond rings. I'm just horrible like that) almost periodically, i can't help it. I need to whine to get over them. And shedding a few tears helps. FYI, i was PMSing, i don't want to be one of those women who blame PMS for everything but my hormones really do go crazy during PMS.

Anyway. When i look at the list i feel nothing but  despair because it's one of those months when we went to the cinema all.the.freaking.time. And we watched 9 movies in total. You guys are going to be here for a while so let's get started already!

I think i said this a million times already, but i am huge huge fan of animation movies. One of my favorite animation movie of all time is Ice Age (the first one) and i sort of have a love-hate relationship with the franchise. It's already the 5th movie and i swear i change my mind every single time. Like, i loved the first one but was severely disappointed with the next one-but then they make me love them already. I loved the fourth movie so i was really looking forward to this fifth one. Sadly, this one fell short for me. I dunno, there are some of their movies that are just not as funny and the jokes feel forced. This one's one of them,

So of course Scrat (the crazy squirrel that is the culprit of everything earth-shattering *literally* that goes on Ice Age world) did it again with his obsession with the acorn. This time he takes it to the next level and got catapulted outside of earth (to a space ship and all) and sets off a series of cosmic events that-ofc, threaten the planet (an incoming asteroid's going to destroy them). Our beloved group is actually busy preparing for Peaches' wedding (wasn't she still a baby in the last one? Or not? I can't remember but she sure grows up fast! LOL) when they had to evacuate their homes to try to save themselves when they met Buck who believes they can save the world as long as they can find the asteroid's impact site and think of a way to repel it-so off hey go the mission impossible : to save themselves, and the world.

Well. Yeah. Story wise, it's always quite simple but usually the clever jokes and the heart-warming core of the stories would be enough. There's always the subplots of the character's interaction with each other and this time, it's Manny's inability to accept the fact that his little girl (i feel like no daddy can ever really accepts that haha) is growing up and a guy he barely tolerates' stealing her away from him-and it's pushing Peaches further away from him. Well, i dunno. It's touching still, but i just feel that it's a bit forced. And so many things going on that you sort of don't really care anymore. I even find myself spacing off from time to time (because : boredom), that's not good at all. I will always have a special place in my heart for Ice Age guys, but this fifth movie is a miss. If you missed this one, you don't have to feel bad about it. Just go rewatch a few of the older ones instead.

2. Suicide Squad
Okay, everybody knows about Suicide Squad by now, and even as a beauty blogger my world is heavily influenced by this movie with the never ending photos of my fellow blogger recreating Harley Quinn's makeups in my timeline (i love that meme that pictures everybody to be Harley Quinn for this Halloween hahaha, only i didn't have to wait until Halloween for that!). My hunny was really looking forward for this movie while i was... Not as excited i guess, but i didn't mind going if only for the fact that Jai Courtney is in it (bearded, crazy and crazy looking too, but he's still Jai and Jai is H.O.T).

Ater the "death" of Superman, a secret government agency assembled a team of the world's most dangerous Super Villain to fight off a much more powerful, out-of-this-world enemy (not even human, they're entities) with the order of a ruthless US Intelligent Officer. Well, villains would always be villains, no? This movie follows them struggle to be a real team, with the chance to backstab and abandon each other in every nooks and corner.

Now, i actually like this one. Quite a lot. You know how some movies just are COOL? That you leave the cinema feeling super cool *LOL* and imagining to be the characters? This is one of them. And i'm not evil or bad in real life, but i secretly love villains more than superheroes (just because they're fictional okay. I don't root for real life criminals WTF)-superheroes are boring (which is why i prefer Deadpool HAHA). This movie is very entertaining, it feels very short and there are some things about it that i hated (the entity. I hate Enchantress -___-. Or i hate Cara Delevingne coz i also hate June. She's so one dimensional and just... Weird. She doesn't look or feel particularly evil, just... Annoying. And silly. And i HATE the way she casts spells, she looks like she's having a dancing lesson from Dewi Perssik or something), i still like this one. A lot. Oh, and i never thought it's possible to make Joker HOT but i guess i underestimated Jared Leto's sex appeal. OMG. I just wanna lick that Joker. He just didn't have enough screen time sadly. If you like anti heroes, cool movies, this one is highly recommended. I doubt there are people left who haven't watched this tho :p.

3. Alice Through the Looking Glass
I don't know if i told this this, but as much as i LOVE Disney, i am not into Princesses (except makeups inspired by them. I'm a sucker for merchandises as well), none of those Princesses' stories actually spoke to me (i liked Frozen. And Brave. You know, the not-so-typical type). Of course i still go and watch their movies, but i'm not particularly fond of them. I do love Disney's more fantasical, adventure types tho and Alice is right in my alley. I've always been quite fascinated with Alice, having read her story in comic-book version, the whole eat me drink me and getting bigger and smaller, all those weird creatures... I just love them. Having said that, i wasn't the biggest fan of the previous movie for this version of Alice (with the exception of Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter), i thought it was not crazy enough and a bit boring. Turned out i liked this second movie a lot better, i even watched it twice (the second time as part of Emina Cosmetic's event, but it wasn't like i was forced to watch it) and didn't mind doing so.

Alice is now all grown up, being a captain of her own ship, traveling the world and keeping her dreams alive. Everything comes crashing down when she returns home and realize her mum has sold her ship in order to keep their house. In her manic state, Alice returns to the magical wonderland and find Mad Hatter in a horrible condition. The only way to save Hatter is for Alice to borrow Chronosphere from Time (who happens to be Red Queen's beau), travel through time and change the past. Can Alice do the impossible and save her best friend?

I find Alice Through the Looking Glass to be thoroughly entertaining. It's funny, it's exciting and the character and their wardrobe are so fascinating. This is a hate or love kind of movie tho, i heard so many people dislike this movie and prefer the first one-i beg to differ though. I mean, of course the original story would (argueably) always be the best but in terms of the movie itself, i find this one to be much more interesting. My favorite characters are Time and Red Queen btw, they're so hilarious. It's a nice movie for the whole family and i would definitely recommend it!

4. Sadako vs Kayako
Before you say anything, let me tell you that i know fully well what i was doing when i went to watch this movie *LOL*. Anything with vs on the title can never be good, the question is : how bad this is going to be? Since both Sadako and Kayako (in case you've been living under the rock and never heard about them) are super famous ghosts from Japanese most famous horror movies, a movie where you pin two legendary ghosts to each other? It's bound to be super stupid and silly. Which it is. And i know it. And yes, i still went to watch it (we paid IDR 35.000 *using hunny's Mandiri points* for two so it's not that bad hahaha) because i love both The Ring and Ju On so i was just curious, alright? Don't judge me.

Okay, the second paragraph is when i usually give you a bit of the storyline. But this one... I dunno what to say *LOL*. Okay, at the beginning the story was divided into two parts. The first one is about two college students who accidentally buy an old tape recorder with Sadako's cursed tape in it (my question is, how come the tape is now different from the original??? Did Sadako filmed a sequel cursed tape or something?) and of course one of them (and then the other) watched it so now they have to find a way to stop the curse. On the other story, a high school girl just moved in to a new neighborhood which happens to be Kayako's. She's always drawn to the house and finally enters it-BAM. Instant curse. A weird, comical paranormal expert (and his little psychic sidekick) is called in and thought pinning the two vengeful female ghosts together is a good idea. 

Well. I don't think anyone here would mind if i spoil it? Coz i'm pretty sure most of you wouldn't want to watch it except for some amusement? Yeah well. It's not a good idea. Watching this movie is also not a very good idea. The beginning was actually not THAT bad, it had the usual creepy atmosphere like the original movies had. But of course, things got bad really fast. Definitely the type of movie that makes you go "WTF??" in the end. But you should already expect that anyway.

5. Lights Out
As a horror movie fan, i was totally looking forward to this movie. I saw the original, short movie and thought that it was pretty good. Not super scary, and you sort of know where it's heading, but still entertaining and exciting. I did have a mixed feeling about it being made into a full length movie, i thought it'd be nice to give it a back story and all but at the same time i feel like it's going to ruin it... Well, i watched the movie and i think it's a little bit of the latter *LOL*. Don't get me wrong,  don't think it's that bad, but it's not really my cup of tea. I find it just full of jump-scares where you're continuously being shocked, but not scared. At least, i wasn't. At all.

Rebecca is a troubled young lady, she has issues with her distant mother and commitment issues with her boyfriend (for once it's not the guy that feels that way haha). She has fears for the dark due to things that happened in her past and now her little half brother (that recently lost his father) is experiencing the same thing. Rebecca has to step in and try to help her brother when their mum seems to be unwilling (or unable) to do so-with a frightening entity that attaches itself to their mother (and gets stronger whenever she's vulnerable) reemerging and threatening all of their lives.

Eh. I dunno. I expected a better back story for it i guess *LOL*. If you know me and my horror preference then you'd know i like scary movies that's very realistic (and better yet, based on real stories). I mean, as realistic as it can be when it comes to the supernaturals. This one is just a bit too fantastical to be taken seriously. It's not a bad movie and it wasn't boring or anything, i did feel some surge of adrenaline because the entity is quite scary and it's the type of movie where you know it's gonna pop soon, but despite knowing it-you'd still jump out of your chair when that happens. It's just very... light, i guess? Very shallow and doesn't get under my skin. I had no lingering creeped out movie that i always feel after a very good horror movie (i would be scared of going to the bathroom for days) after the movie ended (and we event went to a funeral house after the movie WTF)-but i feel nothing for this one. If you're a horror fan and looking for some cheap thrills (that dissipates as fast as it comes haha) then you should watch this movie, it's okay to amuse yourself until the next, real scary movie comes.

6. Kingsglaive : Final Fantasy XV
This is the kind of movie that i would normally never watch *LOL*. I have no interest whatsoever in this kind of movies (based from a video game. I mean, you should at least heard of Final Fantasy before! The only thing i like/know about Final Fantasy is that i like Faye Wong's song which was one of their series' original soundtrack) but my hunny loves Final Fantasy (usually we'd never be able to watch this kind of movies coz we only had XXI and they never show this type of movies, but we have Cgv now) and dragged me to watch this.

I am not going to pretend that i even know how to explain the storyline, i find myself getting confused and lost plenty of times in the movie so i am just going to use the IMdb synopsis here : The magical kingdom of Lucis is home to the hallowed Crystal, but the menacing empire of Niflheim will stop at nothing to make it theirs. War has raged between the two for as long as most can remember. King Regis of Lucis commands an elite force of soldiers dubbed the Kingsglaive. Wielding their king's magic, Nyx Ulric and his fellow glaives stand before the crown city of Insomnia, fighting to stay the inexorable advance of Niflheim's imperial army. Before the overwhelming military might of the empire, King Regis can only salvage his kingdom by accepting an ultimatum-he must cede all lands outside the crown city, and see his son, Prince Noctis, wed to Lady Lunafreya, the former princess of Tenebrae now captive of Niflheim. As the war of wills rages, the machinations of Niflheim transform Insomnia into an awe-inspiring battleground, pulling Nyx into a struggle for the very survival of the kingdom.

OMG, just reading the synopsis gives me a headache and i didn't even have to write it *LOL*. What i can say is... This movie is strictly for Final Fantasy's fans *LOL*. If you're a gamer, or you love fantasy animes...  I guess you're gonna love it. Hunny's geeky friends raved about it. As for me, it's sooooo not my cup of tea. It's not the worst movie i've ever seen, but it was really boring for me and the fighting scene feels detached... i know it's an animation but i am a fan of animation movies, the very different kind tho *LOL*. I'm much more of Zootopia lover :p, It just feels... very... Unengaging? The characters all look very robotic for me, despite the fact that hunny gushes on how human-like they are. I just don't see it. The fighting scenes makes me dizzy and i just can't feel any empathy to the characters. They make pulling themselves from a crashing plane so easy, like they weighed nothing (even the Princess that doesn't look like she work out that much). I don't like it. Fanboys (and girls), don't hate me. It's just not my type, that's all. The exact next day the movie tickets went on sale (Buy 1 Get 1) and that made me super mad -____-.

7. Life of Pets
This is a movie that we've been waiting for impatiently but sadly is just not as good as we thought it would be. The trailer looks super hilarious but it's one of those which best scenes were already showed in the trailer and you're left with pretty much nothing in the movie itself. Again, it's not bad, but it's definitely nowhere near as good as we expected it to be. Baby Boy couldn't stop shifting in his seat which means he finds it to be boring.

This movie follows the story of Max, a little dog (who reminds me so much of my own dog, Bear. Not the way he looks but the way he acts) who lives with his beloved owner in a Manhattan apartment building. Max pretty much has the perfect life and he as lots of friends (from different species) until one day when his owner brings home a stray named Duke. Max in unhappy and they began quarreling and trying to sabotage each other to a point where they actually got lost, taken away by animal shelter only to get away and then get lost again *LOL*. Then there are also Max' friends who gather to try to find and save them-all before the day ends.

Hunny and Baby Boy loves Snowball, the crazy bunny. As for me, i don't think the characters (okay, other than Snowball) are developed enough to makes you fall in love with them.  I dunno, the movie just feels mediocre and not as funny as it should. I did enjoy it, but not as much as i expected to. This is not a must see. Another animation that movie that failed me last month *sigh*.

Okay, you know i like Jason Statham-thanks to hunny i gave his movies a chance and i realized that his movies are highly entertaining and that he's super hot for a bald guy (i don't like bald guys, if that's not clear *LOL*). So most of his movies are not that memorable and i find myself confusing one with the other, but that doesn't matter because i tend to enjoy watching them all anyway. Same goes with Mechanic, i don't really remember the first movie (they all jumbled together with all of his other movies) but i still managed to enjoy this anyway. It suprises me that it got such a bad rate in IMDb, usually his movies got pretty decent rating, right?

Arthur Bishop is the master assassin who faked his own death and now living a quiet life in Rio-until someone (who turned out to be an old friend turn foe) blackmail him to "return to life". The blackmailer tracks him all the way to Thailand and even sent a pretty young woman pretending to be in trouble (he didn't buy it but he can't help falling in love anyway) as a bait. Although he didn't mean to, now the blackmailer has the leverage to make him do the jobs which is to kill three guys (who are not exactly good guys either) and make it look like an accident (Bishop's area of expertise).

Not much of a storyline of course, very predictable ending but with enough surprises to keep you from getting bored. And the fighting scenes are good too. Nothing special but it's entertaining enough to keep me happy throughout the movie and root for Arthur Bishop. Something Jason Statham fans would enjoy but if you're looking for something super new and creative... Maybe it's not for you. If you're in it for the chase scenes, the fighting and the explosions, then you won't be dissappointed.

9. Nice Guys
I've never really seen a movie where Ryan Gosling (whom i find to be hot. Which seems to be the topic this month. Hot guys.) plays such a silly, sometimes stupid, flawed character and i love it. This movie is funny (sometimes the jokes are quite dry tho, and it got lost in translation. I found myself laughing alone to a quiet cinema sometimes -___-) and quite entertaining. And the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Russel Crow's suprisingly good.

Sets in the 1977, the movie follows a single father/licensed PI Holland March who's hired to investigate the death of a famous porn star, Missy Montains. The trails took him to a girl named Amelia-which in turn, hired another (unlicensed) PI Jackson Healey. Although getting off in the wrong foot, when Amelia disappears and some goons threatened Healey, he realized there's more than meets the eye and attempt to team up with March to solve the case together (which turned out to be so much bigger than than they expected).

Well, the storyline itself is not that interesting for me (seriously, conspiracy theory tires me out *LOL*), but how it pans out is the main pull for me. I personally think it's not that special or particularly spectacular, but i still enjoyed it and found myself laughing hysterically at some scenes. If you're after some silly, vintage style comedy/crime movie, this one's pretty entertaining.

I feel that although i watched so many movies in August, most of them are super mediocre. The ones that stood out would be Suicide Squad, Alice Through the Looking Glass and The Mechanics-the rest are just so so for me. It's almost the end of September and will be time to write my September movies review soon (SIGH), all i can say that the movies are better (for me) this month!


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