Japan Trip 2016 Part 5 : Hachiko, Shinjuku and Trying Harajuku Hair Style

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Yo guys. How is this September already T.T??? This is insane T.T. I can't believe it's been 8 months since i was in Japan, on the other hand that means it's getting closer and closer to my next visit to Japan. 

Oh well. I'm not looking forward to turn 33 soon -___-. Although i've basically been mentally preparing myself since the beginning of 2016.

Anyway. Continuing my Japan Trip so i can finish up before my next trip haha.

Day 3 and it was a special day because our tour was filmed by NHK Kawaii for their Kawaii International program... Which i forgot to watch when it was aired. We're just horrible like that.

Our first destination of the day was back to Shibuya for shopping purposes, Stella took us to Don Quixote and i went a little ballistic, not too much tho (at least for my standard *teehee*, i guess it was still a lot for normal people. Btw i haven't been doing any haul posts in so long, it's just that looking at my hauls make me feel bad T.T that's why!)-you can check out what i got there (and other stores while in Japan) in this Japan Trip Haul post

We also finally taken to Hachiko's statue formally for a group pic
It was raining that day, Silv and hunny bought clear umbrellas that they both promptly left on the plane on our flight back to Indonesia -___-
It was at Don Quixote that i finally realized that my phone was missing FML. 
After we were done shopping, i found some of the other members of the tour group sitting around the stairs so i (of course) joined them. Japanese must've thought we were insane but they were too nice to say anything *LOL*. So typical Indonesian, i had to take a selfie with situation :p
But let's proceed (i really need to let it go already, it's just a bit hard WTF). Just next to the statue is a department store (which unfortunately i cannot remember, was it Tokyu...?) where Stella took us to a Jill Stuart counter in place for Laduree (i found Laduree in duty free shop in the airport but for some weird reasons i lost interests in them already -___-) and then we were led to the basement where they sell all kinds of yummy food (it's like a food court but no sitting tables, so you have to stand to eat) for lunch.
What hunny bought for us to share, i love tobiko but hunny couldn't find any so he bought me ikura sushi instead *LOL*. Not the same you guys, not the same :p
Ok bought some offal :D. FYI, i love offals *LOL*
One thing that we always wanted to try is uni (sea urchin) because so many people raves about how fresh it is, how it tastes like the sea. Eh. We didn't like it *LOL*. Are we weird???
While we're at the topic of food, let me show you some of the other foods we had. Combini food *LOL*, how i love them. This was what we had for breakfast (again, provided by Stella)
One of my favorite fruits in the world, ICHIGO!!! Unfortunately i think it was def not ichigo season yet, these are nice but not as sweet and lovely as the ones i binged on in South Korea
And we also tend to buy oden for supper, i absolutely love this konyaku noodles!!!
Super expensive melons
USD 250 for two melons. Nope. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE
White ichigo (which is not even a real ichigo) that costs more than IDR 80K (i could get a few lippies with that money -___-) that i bought just for Instagram and also so i have bragging rights. I didn't even like it *LOL*, it was a bit bland. I prefer red ichigo any day
Super famous Zakuzaku, i'm not a fan of pastries in general and i was not interested to even try this-but one bite and i was sold *LOL*. Japanese taste standard... It's no joke.
Look at this oinigiri with full boiled egg inside.... The yolk was melty... GGAAAWDDD I WANT THISSSSSS!!!
After we filled our tummy, it was time to head to the next destination : Shinjuku!
Shinjuku is also a great place to shop, passed by so many kawaii stores that i could only stare at them longingly. I did managed to buy Samantha Vega and Cecil McBee bags there tho, shopping under pressure takes a talent and i definitely got it hahaha
Every district in Japan seems to have their own unique vibe
Shinjuku is quite modern but not as hip and happening as Harajuku, i feel
It truly looks Japanese tho (what am i talking about??? It is in Japan!!! What i mean is... some parts of Japan feels like Europe haha)
This is our next destination :
This little Hair Salon
One of the most unique activities in this Kawaii Beauty Tour was that we got to try crazy Harajuku hair! You definitely won't be getting that in a regular tour package. What we didn't know is that apparently most of the girls (and guys) with crazy hairdos are those who work as... You know, hosts/hostess. LOL. Not the casual type of hosts too btw, the ones that works in the night life *LOLOLOL*
The hair salon (i think they also rent out gowns) is quite tiny and cramped, they could only work on about 5 people at the same time so we had to take turns. I was one of the firsts to get their hair done
Thankfully Stella informed us the night before that the hair salon doesn't do hair washing so we had to wash our own hairs beforehand. That's quite strange to us! There was literally no washing station there btw
Silv was very nervous
I'm quite game when it comes to hairdos, i mean... It washes off! LOL. But Silv was totally freaked
Stella was kind enough to offer a makeover too for those who didn't have any makeup on yet, you know-the hair's big so the face must be suitable too!
The same lady who did Silv's hair went to do mine next. They work super duper fast btw, in Indonesia they'd take life... An hour to do a basic curl for your hair. Here? About 20-30 minutes for some outrageous hair dos! The hair stylists are on a another level altogether!
So Stella already gave us some choices for the hairdos that we could try the night before. I'm all about Gyaru style (i know the style's dead already, but i will continue loving it) and i wasn't about to do anything too subtle (what's the point?) so i decided to choose this style
Obviously i have different hair cut and texture so the end result is slightly different
But i think it's still super cool! Look at those perfect curls!!! Gosh, that's exactly the kind of curls that i want!!!
Sorry, i have lots of selfies here hahaha, totally loving the hair!
Yes, i felt very Gyaru and young with this hairdo. 
Just a little bit more...
Coz, ya know. This might be the first and the last full on Harajuku hairdo for me
The details
Looks like a bird's nest at the back. A very artistic bird's nest. I swear they used more than half a bottle of hair spray on each person. I paid the price when i tried to take my hair down later on that night. FYI, i fought with my hair for almost 2 hours and was half in tears -___-, it was getting super late and we were going to Disney Sea the next day so i obviously needed some rest. It was just a bit frustrating for me.
OOTD. My mini skirt is batik btw, bought in Solo :D
With Silv
Silv was unsure about the result, but i personally think it's awesome and very suitable for her. She looks like the baddies in school set animes, don't you think??? I kept on imagining her holding a whip... LOL
Look at the details! The hair stylist sprayed on each hair strands individually to create the ring effects!
Wefie with hunny
The wives club hahaha
The group with the crazier hairdos hahah
Altogether now ^^
The guy from NHK Kawaiii busy filming hahaha
One other thing that i didn't know before is that Shinjuku is sort of the "red district" type of area (you can find a lot of love hotels here, also bars and stuffs). It really went to life latter at night.
One that really caught my eyes was this Robot Restaurant
There were two giant girl robots (with giant jugs) in front and their chasers (upon learning that we're foreigners) told us to take pictures with the roboto (there was a very loud and irritating song saying ROBOTO ROBOTO, i couldn't get it out of my head for days WTF)
One with Silv. FYI, we had to climb that scary ladder to sit, i hate height and i HATE ladders especially the ones that look like this (and they got no handles some more) so i was shaking all the way up T.T (and down, hunny had to sort of carry me off LOLOLOL FHL)
We went to an arcade for purikura :
Look at all those high quality plush toys prizes!!!
Minions and Teds!!! FYI, the attendants of this arcade were NOT FRIENDLY at all *LOL*. This is why when people gushes about how friendly and polite Japanese are, i sort of feel "meh" coz i definitely met some not so friendly (or at all) ones too. 
Everything was so cute
I was afraid that they'd tell me off for taking pictures tho!
You can't find dodgy prizes in Japan!
This is what we're here for, Purikura!
We were freaking out because time was ticking away very fast when we had endless choices to decorate our purikura with!
We took one with the hubbies, and honestly i was not very interested in Purikura because... It's just a photobooth, right? I took one practically every other day when i was a teenager in Singapore (because it was super in back then)... WRONG!!! Japanese Purikura is unlike any other! They turn you into uber kawaii anime characters and it's addicting!!!
It's def not for guys tho, look how crazy Ok and hunny looks!
That's why Silv and i took another one, because the hubbies were ruining our Purikura *LOL*
Look how the machine made my eyes uber round and my cheeks doll-like?  I know it's look scary if i look like that i real life, but i really love this pic! Oh and look at how it makes Silv's eyes so big hahahaha. Btw, the fugly writing was obviously mine -___-
With that Purikura, i am ending this blog post (that turns out to be a lot more narcissistic than i intended to be hahaha). We went to Alice in Wonderland cafe next and although i didn't take that many pics, i still think it deserves a blog post on its own!



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  1. Ichigo itu bhs jepang nya strawberry ya?

    Kita juga suka sama konyaku noodle kalo bikin shabu shabu... Kalo di Indo ada gak jual konyaku noodle?

    1. Iyaaa hehehe Ichigo itu strawberry hihihi. Konyaku noodle mgkn ada tp masih agak jarang kalo d sby, gw doyan soalnya sama kuah dango nya gt panas2 pas winter, kalo d sini belom tentu doyan panas Mannn udaranya

  2. What a really nice traveling. The onigiri looks so unique.

  3. Never though if there is white ichigo, look so cute :) But anyway, here in Bandung red ichigo become something rare. We can't find it anymore in traditional market, only in supermarket with huge price. Sigh... I wish i could travel to Japan. My number none dream vacation.

    1. Hehe yes, but it's not really an ichigo, it's actually a pineberry ^^. That's too bad :( wonder why it's rare now??? One day you might go there, ganbatte!!