Lip-Talk 16 : Emina My Favorite Things Lip Color Balm in 06 Socialite Queen

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Hello hellooo...

Yep, that's right, another lippie review coming right up :D! And still from my current favorite local cosmetic brand, Emina!

If last time i reviewed their mini lipstick (which i already bought more of >.<), this time i am reviewing their version of chubby lip crayon :
Emina My Favorite Things Lip Color Balm in 06 Socialite Queen
I do have quite an obsession with these chubby crayon type of lippies (i know i have a lot of obsessions, hush!) and i pretty much collect one (or ten) from (every) various brands-so i was definitely excited when i saw a local brand producing their own version of it especially when it's so affordable (around IDR 48.000 only!).

Emina My Favorite Things Lip Color Balm comes in a tall cardboard box, i think each color comes with corresponding box. Personally i find that to be very cute and attractive! Socialite Queen box (and tube) color is pinkish coral color combined with pale pink.
With drawings of tea set and cupcakes at the side, sooo cuteeee ^^
Ingredient list is provided on the box. The lip color balm contains 2.5g or products (hey, that's less than the so-called mini lipstick!!!)
Hm. I did not know that Emina made their products in China instead of locally. Wonder why!

The product itself, like all other chubby crayon type of lippies, comes in a tall and well, chubby retractable tube. Like i mentioned earlier, the tube color matches the shade of the lippies itself and the retractor is black. One thing that i dislike about this type of lippie? How the tip of the lippie is outside the tube, it's very easy to accidentally nick it when you open the top-and that always happen to me T.T. I hate when i "hurt" my makeups, especially when it's brand new.

I honestly thought that Socialite Queen (since i bought this before Emina was available in my city so i couldn't swatch it) would have a strong coral hint, and it looks pinker in real life but still quite coral-y. It doesn't translate that way to my lips though.
It looks even more orange-y in this pic due to the yellow lighting hehe

But under direct sunlight, even the tube looks Barbie pink! LOL. A bit confusing >.<
Let's see how it looks on my lips :
My bare lips (pale pink)
Socialite Queen
With full makeup on
It's totally Barbie pink with no trace of coral whatsoever *LOL*. Not exactly the color that i expected, but it's still very pretty regardless. It has a fruity scent (my nose says it's artificial watermelon scent), quite light and non-offensive.

I always wear lip balm underneath any lip color (even the ones that states themselves to be color balm like this one) but for review sake, i wore it by itself on the swatch and photo above. Emina Lip Color Balm glides on quite easily without dragging, creamy but not to a point of melty, the slim pointy shape makes it easy to apply precisely. The color is also very pigmented, as you can see in the photo. It stays on for a long time for me and leaves a stain behind. 

Like i always say, most lip colors stay forever on me (even after meals), but for normal people.. I would say it'd stay as long as most normal lipsticks would be, at least until your next meal. 

It doesn't dry out my lips, but i wouldn't call it THAT moisturizing too. My lips are not exceptionally dry or whatever, but i do find most colored lip balm (not tinted lip balm, that's totally different! At least for me) to be that way (including Revlon Just Bitten Kissable, which i also have quite a collection of) so i would definitely suggest to wear moisturizing lip balm underneath regardless. You can see from the swatch picture that the creaminess nature of this lip color makes any dry patch appear exaggerated (the lines in the middle of my lower lip) so unless you have incredibly smooth and healthy lips, it's wise to use regular lip balm with it.

Of course, the color payoff on top of a lip balm wouldn't be as good as without. It become a lot softer, but it's buildable so i personally don't think it's a big deal. Oh, with lip balm, this lippie doesn't leave a stain so i have to reapply after a meal.

I brought this lippie (along with the other Emina lipstick) to Japan and wore it all the time with lip balm on.
How it looks when used lightly on top of a lip balm
Selfie taken hours after application during harsh winter condition (and yes, that's Harajuku hair style hahaha, it was styled by a true blue Japanese hairstylist and she's pretty amazing. Will be blogging about it as soon as i can start my Japan trip posts)
More looks wearing this lippie :
With light makeup
Emina My Favorite Thing Lip Color Balm is a nice, affordable chubby crayon shaped lippie that has a nice creamy consistency and finishing (not very glossy but definitely not matte), non drying with good color payoff and decent staying power.

I would highly recommend this for... all chubby crayon addicts like me (it's good! Totally comparable to Revlon Just Bitten Kissable!), those who are looking for pigmented, Barbie pink color lippie that won't dry both your lips and your bank account *LOL*. Not recommending it for... I dunno, those of you who wants a matte finish lippie? I seriously can't find any flaws for this lippie...

Emina My Favorite Things Lip Color Balm are available in 6 colors, here are the other 5 :
Would i repurchase? I have every intention of collecting them all, to tell ya the truth! They're lovely! On the top of my list is the Library Queen one! This one is quite weird, looks dark, brownish red in the stock pictures but when i saw other bloggers' swatches, it's actually quite light and kinda mauve-y pink! Hard to explain but it looks gooorgeousss ^^!

I purchased this lippie at Sociolla and if you buy them (or any other cosmetics) there, don't forget to use my referral and enter MP50 at checkout to receive IDR 50.000 off with minimum purchase of IDR 200.000!
Have you tried Emina lippie? If not, are you intending to?


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  1. ^^ preety color

  2. Sebenernya udah lama penasaran sama nih lipstik... Well maybe i should really.. I mean reaalllyy.... Realllyy...try it.... Hehehehe

  3. wah aku juga beli warna ini. Lagi meunggu sociolla datang.
    Agak heran liat foto awal harusnyabarbie pink tapi seperti coral.
    Tapi kalau terkena matahari jadi barbie pink haha.

    1. Iya nih, rada bunglon kali ya lipstick nya haha. Kalo di km jatuhnya gmn nih warnanya?