Lip-Talk 15 : Lollipops Paris Lip Gloss in Devine qui je suis? (SPONSORED)

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Hey hey ho!

Back with yet another lippie review hehehe. I know there are a lot of other lippie junkies out there who are as bad as me (and worse!) so i think it's totally justifiable to have 500 lippies... No? LOL.

Anyway. I am obsessed with lipsticks lately, but i only really began using lipsticks properly since around the same time we started this blog, that makes it about 3 years or so. Before that i mostly only wear lip glosses. The fact that i am now all about lipsticks means i've almost forgotten of my old passion for lip glosses, they started to lose their appeal to me-until this product reminds me again of all the things i love about lip glosses!
Lollipops Paris Lip Gloss Devine Qui Je Suis
A little bit about the brand, Lollipops Paris is a popular Parisian accessories brand who branched out to the beauty industry since 2010. Their products are all made in France and Italy using high quality ingredients and contains no paraben or preservatives. I saw some Indonesian bloggers posting about this brand a while ago and remember being drawn to their sweet but elegant packaging-then Sociolla kindly sent me this lip gloss! I was quite ecstatic when i received it in the mail *LOL*.

Lollipops Lip Gloss comes with a simple, slim cardboard box dominated with pink, off white colors with reddish brown lettering. All the information about this product can be found in the box.
Ingredient list
The shade that i received is 605 Devine Qui Je Suis? Meaning Guess Who Am I? (FYI, i did take a French class back when i was in university, but my French is super basic *LOLOLOL* and sadly mostly forgotten, so i found out the meaning of the name by.. ehm, Google translate).
The lip gloss itself is pretty standard looking, with a tall and slim clear plastic tube and rubbery grey top. Although very basic and simple, i can feel that the material used in the packaging are of a high quality, it doesn't feel flimsy or cheap at all.
Code sticker to ensure its newness

The applicator wand is also fairly basic, with a small slanted tip. The small size of the applicator means i need to dip the wand at least twice to get enough products for my entire lips-but that also means more precise, neater application. You can apply it liberally without worrying of getting the lip gloss outside your lip line.

The box stated that the product has a sweet candy scent, well.. I do think it smells sweet, a bit floral even-but not really candy-like, that could just be my nose though hahaha. The scent is alright, i am not the biggest fan but i don't mind it either.

According to them, Lollipops Lip Gloss is a lip gloss with creamy texture and shiny finish. It contains vitamin E with anti aging and anti-radical properties. Olive and jojoba oil formula moistened and making it long lasting. Complete with SPF 12 that protects lips from sun ray's dangers.

My opinion? It has a very light and soft texture, it glides super easily without dragging and it's totally quite moisturizing without being too sticky. My lips actually feels softer and healthier at the end of the day!

The shade Devine Qui je Suis looks sort of peachy-champagne color with gold specks on the tube, as i know how lip glosses usually are-i expected it to be totally colorless, but it actually has a hint of color.

I accidentally applied concealer on my lips (actually because i got concealer residues on my finger that i forgot to clean before applying a lip balm haha) so my lips was super pale :
Sorry, i forgot to take a lips-only photo!
And the lip gloss gave me a sweet, very light peachy color :
Taken under artificial light. My camera is unable to capture the exact color in real life, it's slightly peachier than this
With full makeup
Devine Qui Je Suis does contain gold glitters, but they're not chunky (i love glitters but not on my lip products, i actually dislike them on lippies!) at all. I can't feel the glitters at all (which is a great thing, i hate nothing more than a grainy, chunky glitters that i can feel on my lips! Urgh!!!) and they did not make my lips look annoyingly metallic, just shiny and totally luscious! You can only see the gold specks if you look very very closely. I loveee how the lip gloss is not overly sticky and very comfortable to use (FYI, i don't mind sticky lip glosses so my kind of comfortable is probably bearable for those who hates the feeling of lip glosess :p), it also feels very luxurious ^^.

I have forgotten how gorgeous nude lips can be with bolder eye makeup! And Devine Qui Je Suis can be used not only with heavy makeup, but it's also sweet with soft, everyday makeup-as it does have a hint of color it doesn't make me look pale but refreshed and healthy-looking. I also love how this lip shade makes me look softer and sweeter (teehee!) that i keep on wearing it ever since. Love for lip glosses successfully rekindled!

Here's how it looks on bare lips (my natural lip color is pale pink) :
It looks almost clear in this pic *sigh*, but it actually has a bit of a peachy-ness really, taken under natural sunlight
With lighter makeup
Of course, you can also use it on top of lipsticks for stronger color, but since this lip gloss does have a peachy color on its own, i would recommend using it on top of a lipstick from a similar color family (or not. You can always mix it up of course. This got me thinking maybe i'd get a cute color if i use this on top of a pinky lipstick? Gotta try it ASAP!) :
On top of a soft peachy lipstick. Sorry for the messy application, i applied it without a proper mirror in the car >.<
In short, Lollipop Lip Gloss is a luxurious (well, it is quite pricey at IDR 235.000), sweet smelling, light, non-sticky, moisturizing lip gloss with shiny (but not disco-ball or just-ate-very-greasy-food shiny! Subtle, pretty shiny!) finish while the Devine Qui Je Suis is a very light, peachy shade with gold specks that's awesome to enhance your natural lip color. It is wearable for both day time and night time, you can wear it with basic makeup for day time and packs a punch with bold eye makeup for night time.

I would highly recommend this lip gloss in this particular shade for those of you who are looking for luxurious, natural shade, moisturizing lip gloss. Not recommending it for those who has very limited budget (hehe) or cannot stand prominent sweet scents.

Would i purchase Lollipop products (with my own money)? Yes! I am drooling all over for their packaging (and judging on how the lip gloss fares, the quality too!), here are some of their products that are already in my wishlist >.< :
Eye Shadow Palette Nude Saint Germain
Palette Yeux Smoky Champs
Jumbo Matte Lip Crayon
Don't forget, if you're interested in Lollipops Paris products (or other products in Sociolla) you can get IDR 50.000 off your purchases (with only IDR 200.000 minimum purchase), just click on my referral here : 

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Until next time!


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