Clean-O-Matter 07 : Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys!

I promised to review all those Laneige products that i received from iBeau a while ago and it took me quite a while to work on them because when it comes to skin care products, i need to give them a try properly to know how they work on my skin. 

Unfortunately, as a series-they don't work for me. I guess Laneige's (like most Korean cosmetics) are simply to rich for my skin to use all at once (even when i stop at emulsion and do not apply moisturizer on top), i got quite a lot of white heads appearing after using them all for a few weeks. But that doesn't mean i dislike them all, because they work well individually! Some better than others.

One of those that work really well for me is the facial wash :
Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam
As i have very oily and black/whiteheads prone skin, even the name makes me giddy with excitement *LOL*. I have a thing for pore cleaning everything!

This Pore Deep Clearing Foam is part of their Total Pore Solution line :
After reading this, i had a feeling that my skin would react better if the whole series of skin care i use are from this line *LOL*
Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam, like most other Laneige products, comes with a white and blue cardboard box
It's housed in a basic squeeze tube container made of high quality materials (yes, you can feel it when you touch it haha, it's one of those things!)
With normal flip top
They sealed the mouth of the tube to ensure its newness
All of the Laneige products i received are complete with brochures where you can find clear instructions and explanation of their products.
I think the info here is clear enough so i don't need to go on and on about the main ingredients and their benefits anymore!
The consistency is quite thick and very very creamy. You don't need a lot of products when using it, the instruction says 2 cm and that's more than sufficient to create rich, dense lather
When you lather the clearing foam with water, you'd get super rich, dense and creamy pasty-lather which is very soft and lovely to use on your face. I can actually feel that i am using a high quality, kinda luxurious facial wash compared to my usual facial washes (i do tend to use drug store facial washes normally).

One thing that i immediately noticed about this clearing foam is the scent. It has this distinct scent (it's light, no worries) that reminds me of baking soda-the scent is almost exactly the same as Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Lotion. Both products works really well on my skin and that makes me think that whatever the scent is, it's match made in heaven for my skin hahaha.

This clearing foam works really well to cleanse my face, i always wake up with super oily face in the morning and this helps me get refreshed and oil-free again. I always use make up remover whenever i wear makeup, but even after make up remover and facial wash, there is no guarantee that my face would be totally clean. Sometimes when i apply my toner, i can find traces of makeup residue-which means the facial wash that i am using does not do its job all that well-a problem which i do not encounter using this clearing foam.

Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam is very suitable for my skin, it leaves my face soft, smooth, clean but not stretched or overly dry. My hunny also uses this and he has dry, sensitive skin so i was a bit worried that this clearing foam would make his skin dry-but it doesn't. It proves to me that the clearing foam is gentle enough for all skin type.

I've been using it for about two months (yes, and i still got a few days worth of usage! It's quite a value for money product since the tube contains 160ml of products-it's quite a lot for facial washes!) and i do feel like it helps my skin get over a phase of going crazy (with black and white heads. And hormonal zits). It will not be able to do anything much by its own, but supported by other similar-purposed products, it's actually quite spectacular! I've been using Aztec clay mask (which is DA BOMB for my skin! LOVE it! Anyone care for a review? Might do it faster if i get a request!) too, and my pores are getting a LOT smaller and cleaner too!

It's definitely not the cheapest facial wash around, but check it out : iBeau's having a sale for this product and selling it for IDR 155.240-that's not bad at all for such a nice, high quality product, plus it's 160ml and last me more than 2 months! (I browsed and the normal price is over IDR 200.000)

Highly recommending this for people who are looking for specifically pore clearing purposes (or not. It's a nice facial wash regardless) with luxurious feeling and a pleasure to use. Not recommending it for people with limited budget (because i admit that it's definitely not pocket friendly especially for those who are used to drug store facial wash prices) or looking for deep moisturizing facial wash (it has a very different purpose, although it's still very gentle!).

Would i buy this with my own money? I'm not gonna lie, for over IDR 200.000-probably not, but for iBeau's current sale price? Yes, definitely! It's really a product that i plan to repurchase in the future because i genuinely love it! I want to thank iBeau again for sending me this product ^^.

Have you ever tried Laneige cleansers? How do you like them?

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