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I just saw that some people searched for March Movies and were directed to last year's March Movies >.< that makes me feel guilty so here i am finally writing about March 2016 movies *sigh*.
I don't know about you, but i actually didn't know it was the sequel to Olympic Has Fallen (because it doesn't seem like a movie you'd get a sequel of, you know?) at first, but after seeing the casts of course it does ring a bell *LOL*. I mean, is Aaron Eckhart the most unfortunate modern days US President or what. Anyway, i vaguely remember the first movie (which was okay but not that special) where Gerard Butler went all Rambo mode and saved the day-that pretty much sums the sequel too but somehow it works!
British Prime Minister suddenly passed away mysteriously-meaning all leaders of the Western world must attend his funeral, which should be the most protected event on earth of course but then it turned into a massacre. It is actually a brilliantly orchestrated trap to kill the world's most powerful leaders. One of the prime target is, obviously, the US president but what the terrorist didn't count on is his Rambo secret service leader who got the help from British MI6 (but mostly Rambo-ed his way solo).

It's an action movie, enough said. Not many long dialogs to put you to sleep, pretty much action and go go go from start to finish-and like i said, it worked! I find it exciting, thrilling and totally entertaining. Not going to leave a deep impression or whatever (other than the fact that Gerard Butler really has the look of a v good looking secret agent), but it's a great popcorn movie promising to give you some good time. I'd definitely recommend this! (I actually like it better than the first movie, btw).

Okay, y'all know i loveee animation movies, right? But i'm actually quite fussy with animation. I prefer Disney's (and Pixar's), somehow i feel Dreamworks' ones are more for boys than girls (please, no sexist phobes craps, i'm just stating a personal opinion. I happen to be a very girly girl, that's all). I do love Home, Shrek and Madagascar (among others), but they're not like those Disney ones that i LOVE, geddit? Same can be said about Kung Fu Panda, i always think it's OKAY, but never special. This third one is much better than the sequel (which i remember nothing about) for me, but it's not special.

Po's long lost panda father suddenly reappears (much to his goose father's annoyance. I had to google whether he is a duck or a goose btw) at around the same time as the appearance of the villain Kai (who comes back from the dead, no less! This actually made me a bit suspicious of the dad, what if there's a twist? Then i realized this is Kung Fu Panda man, should not expect a twist *LOL*) who took all China's kung fu masters. Po and his father(s) then travel to the secret panda paradise to learn how to master Qi in order to defeat Kai.

 It's actually quite funny, lots of LOL moments-which i can say is more than the second movie (like i said, i don't remember much but i do remember thinking that it's not so funny and lots of the jokes are a bit forced. It's not so bad this time round). There's also some choked-in-tears moments when they went all father(s)-son lovey dovey thingy. In general, i do like it quite a lot and it's totally recommended for the whole family. It's such a shame that the whole movie got leaked online a few days before its premiere in Indonesia, that's so irritating.

If i've been talking about how the previous two movies are better than than their prequels, i cannot say the same about this Indonesian movie. Such a shame because the first movie was pretty good, it was hilarious and memorable. The sequel however, is as bad as it can be, i'm afraid. They rely too much on (bad) CGI (okay, not so bad for Indonesian movie. But still bad) and making their comics turns into (bad) super heroes. Please, let them do what they do best : say stupid things, which they almost didn't get to do in this movie.

Picking up from the first movie, the Comic 8/secret agents found themselves in the world's biggest online gambling scheme (which stake is well, their lives) and their memories erased, they have to face a brood of aging killer squad (not so killer anyway, this is a comedy movie meaning nobody really dies in it) while their only backup also has their hands busy...

Yeah well, the only funny part of this movie is when they revealed why "The King" is a female. The rest is a total mess, even the jokes are flat and boring. So many characters, they go here and there without real structure-almost absolutely no smart/not-so-smart jokes that made the first movie so good. Unless you're OCD like me and needs to know the ending because you've watched the first movie (not like there's any coherent ending anyway). i'd advise you to stay clear of this mess.

4. The Mermaid
So Stephen Chow made a movie, anyone who are used to Stephen Chow's larger-than-life crazy slapstick movies knows what to expect from this movie-and they should for this movie is exactly like how his old movies used to be (toned down a little, probably) despite the fact that he's not starring the movie itself. I don't usually enjoy slapstick movies all that much (especially not the Western ones, i try to avoid Adam Sandler's cruder movies at all cost), but i actually do enjoy Stephen Chow's craziness (maybe because he's Asian so it's easier to relate to the jokes?)-this movie got me laughing from start to finish.

A billionare estate project used a large scale sonar machinary to drive away all the sea creatures from their part (for the permit to build to be allowed)-without them knowing, that included mermaids (and mermans). A young, supposedly pretty (she looks like the young San Cai and i'm one who never ever think of San Cai as pretty *LOL*) mermaid is sent to stop and kill him. She (of course) ended up falling for him and do everything she can to stop their plan, even if that means sacrificing her own life.

It's crazy, and the CGI is HORRIBLE *LOLOLOL*, i personally find the horrid CGI to be part of the charm-it makes the movie even more hilarious (whether they plan the CGI to be funny or not). Stephen Chow's a HUGE shoes to fill and his actors weren't able to do so, but Show Lo (i don't know a lot about him, but if i'm not mistaken he was actually more of an idol before?) held his own and stole the show with his craziness. And the villain who looks just like Song Hye Kyo (but hotter, much much hotter) did too, they both made the leading duo totally pale in comparison.

Btw, maybe not a lot of you know but the Song Hye Kyo lookalike actually always kinda look like her, and then she got plastic surgeries to make herself look even more like the Korean superstar. Is it so wrong that i like the imitation much better than the original??? Don't kill me SHK fans, i guess i really prefer Chinese than Koreans (LOOKS, nothing race-related!) somehow (even if she's half fake *LOL*), maybe because she seems to have more personality *LOL*.
Kitty Zhang/Zhang Yu Qi. NOT Song Hye Kyo *LOL*
Anyway, about the movie. If you can appreciate Stephen Chow's brand of madness, this is a must see. Or if you have a high sense of humor in general, watch it. It's totally gonna entertain you (don't look for storyline, it's not there. Just watch them being crazy, especially the giant octopus).

6. Allegiant 

Y'all know i'm a fan of Divergent (and the hot species that is Theo James *drool on cue*) the movie, i was underwhelmed by Insurgent (mainly because it gets so political and too similar to Hunger Games-which i'm never a fan of, and because Tris and Four's relationship seems to be taking a backseat so we don't actually see a lot of Four in action. Not ideal) so i didn't have a lot of expectation for Allegiant but... I LOVE it! Almost as much as i love Divergent, so exciting!

After the huge revelation in Insurgent, the current authority keeps banning people from trying to go beyond the wall. Tris, being Tris, feels the urgent calling to do exactly that. She went with Four, her brother and Peter (seriously, Miles Teller gets on my nerves so bad in all of Divergent movies, i know that means he's a good actor and all-but i really want to sock his face off!) and realized that not everything beyond the wall is as good as they thought it would be. Now they have to decide whom to trust and at the same time decide if they would just watch as a huge battle is brewing in Chicago.

It goes without saying that all Divergent fan should go and watch it, even the ones who feels the same as me about the second movie. So much more action (and Theo *drool again*) and thrills, i promise you'd have no time to get bored. Eh, unless you have the attention span and taste like 8 year olds, we had to bring Little O because we went to watch it with KC with no previous plan, and the long dialog parts bore him *LOL*. He's in awe with all the action tho. Oh and BB told me Tris is supposed to die in the book? I didn't read it so i don't know about it!

So... I'm more of a Marvel girl myself, i like my Super Heroes silly and cracking smart jokes. I did enjoy Christian Bale's Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman (although he looks nothing like how Superman supposed to look like. Except the rocking body), but i am one of those who thinks Ben Affleck is a poor choice for Batman. Totally aesthetic of course, i may just not like him haha not like i know what makes a good Batman or anything. Either way, i was not excited about this movie -___-.

The movie is the continuation of the last Superman movie where he had to face General Zod and how their battle took such a huge impact on earth. Superman becomes the most controversial figure in the world as people starts to see him not only as a hero, but also as an alien who brought his dangerous battle to earth-endangering the humanity. Bruce Wayne is one of those who thinks that Superman is definitely not a hero. He put on his cape as the vigilante and try to right Superman's wrongs while Superman (seriously this guy is so emo) continues to struggle to find himself and what his true purposes are. At the same time, a third (maniacal) man with a dark power arises and put them against each other in hope they'd kill each other.

I read a friend of hunny's short review (he's a comic book/gaming expert) before going in and he mentioned that the movie is a bit disconnected, it's like watching many movie clips-and i agree with him. There's a great disconnection from one scene to the next, they don't really gell and make the movie whole. It's not bad, but it's definitely not awesome, in my i'm-a-girl-what-do-i-know-about-superheroes view. And Batman's so annoying in the whole movie i just want to sock him in the face (doesn't help my dislike to Ben Affleck one bit zzz). And why Batman looks so bulky now, OMG. I almost thought Ben Affleck was fat on his normal suits -___-. The only thing exciting for me in this movie is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, she is the coolest one of all and kicks some serious ass!
And that's all for now! I'm in a very bad mood right now (PMS ing big time), imma go and feel sorry for myself now.
Got told that i look like Mrs. Big Boss in this pic *LOL*

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  1. *Divergent trilogy fans over here* :D One thing that got me engaged to this movie is Theo ce hahaha Bahkan aku beli novelnya nunggu yang movie cover biar bisa liat mukanya Theo #paraaahh

    Anyway, itu Superman vs Batman aku juga ngerasa sama. Batman-nya aku udah cocok sama Christian Bale #semacamskincare #cocok2an Di film ini Batman jadi gemuk banget yaa dan nggak kharismatik gitu kesannya :/ Padahal kan dia udah ikut training sama Ra's Al Ghul di trilogi Dark Knight di mana doi jadi lebih wise. Ini kayak starting from zero :| Sorry Marvel, ndak cocok aku sama plot ceritanya #oposihnin

  2. Allegiant!!! Aku malah salah fokus sama Theo James, ampun mas dirimu menggoda hati *lebay banget:D*

  3. Errr iya, aku juga rada ga srek sama Ben Affleck -___-" Gal Gadot is supeeerrr pretty tho *heart eyes*.
    Dan yang anti-klimaks banget tu terakhirnya mereka berenti pukul"an gara-gara nama mamanya sama -____-" wtf