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Hey guys!!!

Sorry for the lack of activity in this blog for the past week, life's always hectic when my big bro's in town-have to accompany them around and all. Just yesterday we went for a movie marathon until midnight, watched Allegiant and then Batman VS Superman (i liked Allegiant better ^^) and the day before we spend the whole day mostly in the car for Cing Bing out of town *sigh*. To say that i'm tired is a total understatement, that's why only now i find the time to blog about this fun event i went to last Saturday!
Misslyn's Color Teraphy!
Special thanks to Lina who extended the invitation ^^!
I went to TP early to meet up with Sabsab first and we were among the first to arrive at the venue (Devita was already there! Super early bird ^^), before the room was even ready hahaha (glad not to be late for once hahaha).
Registering ourselves first!
Look at the special goodie bags they provided for us! Love the elaborate packaging!
And when they opened the door to the beauty lounge, we couldn't stop ooh-ing and aahh-ing over the prettily decorated room ^^. Misslyn is one of the rare brands who always go the whole nine yards for their events, making us feel super special ^^!
Let's check out the decoration first, shall we!
Pastel colored pretty cupcakessss *squeal*!
Equally pretty makeup collection >.<!
SWEET sweet corner
Makeup cupcakes, so cuteeeeeeeeee
All the pastel colors... I die!!!
Cutest basket of makeup shaped cookies!!!
Even the drinks are pink #faints
Misslyn makeups used for the game later
Just some nail polishes from Misslyn's extensive nail polish collection!
Bloggers gonna be bloggers, we roamed around snapping pictures once we're set loose hahaha
Misslyn makeup display right beside my seat, i managed to stop myself from stuffing them all in my bag hahaha
Close up picture of the products taken by Mr. Yona :p
Wefie with Sasha and Sabsab. Sorry Sha, the other pictures turned out super blurry, this is the most acceptable one :p
The noms i reserved for myself hahaha. Totally forgot to bring back the water bottle >.< super regret coz i wanted to flower!!!

After all of the bloggers arrived (guess who arrived last? LOL, no need to guess Kathy it is!), Rachel (Corporate Marketing Communication from Multi Wangi Group in which Misslyn is based, alongside 16 other prestigious brands such as Kanebo) opened the event ^^.
Hi Rachel!
Refreshing our memories about Misslyn. In case you missed it, we actually were invited to their launch back in 2014. Misslyn was born in 2010 in Germany and arrived at 2013 in Indonesia (they are available in 30 countries by now). Misslyn has 8 counters in Jakarta, 2 in Bekasi and 2 in Surabaya. Their concept is Your Beauty, Your Colours, Your Style.
Anna from Misslyn. Is it just me or she looks a lot like Jen from Head to Toe??
Busy listening to Anna!
If you never heard of Misslyn before, or if you're wondering about their price range... you can check this out. These are their complexion products
Eye products
More eye products. Their prices are quite affordable as they are a brand that caters to everyday people (not only for MUA)
My favorite : Lip products!
And their theme of the day : Color Therapy!
Color choices is one of the most important part in your makeup. The right color application that matches your character, activity and mood would make a woman even prettier. Basically colors have correlation with someone's character and each color would give a certain impression and will uniquely be percepted by the minds of people who's looking at it
You can also match the colors you use with your skin color. Of course, the color guide is just an option since color is totally universal and you can use whatever colors you want! According to this guide, porcelain skinned people usually has cool pink tone to their face and they have a lot of color choices from pastel colors, soft colors, bright colors to darker ones. Yellow toned fair skin matches with warm colors like brown, orange, peach, yellow, green, turquoise and purple
Olive skin mtaches brown, red, orange, yellow, bright green, turquoise and dark purple while brown skin matches bright colors like red, orange, green, blue, purple, mustard yellow and shocking pink
Each color has different effect, like red is a symbol of happiness, it gives a positive effect like special boost and desire to do different things so if you're an anxious person and has a problem with lack of confidence, using red can help boost your confidence!
Orange can also give you positive energies in terms of bubbliness, enthusiasm and creativity. Use orange to motivate yourself and stimulate yourselves mentally
Yellow improved your mood and can also increase brain stimulation to make you more active and improve your concentration as well as neutralize excessive anxiousness and also gives women confidence boost.
Green give out peaceful feeling, especially when you're feeling down. It influences your (and others'!) mood to make you calmer and less easily-offended.
Blue is similar to green as it gives out positive energies to both the wearer and the inspector. 

Use color to help improve your mood daily ^^! I sure do that!
After wrapping up the presentation, we were given a face chart to play with and the best three will get a present ^^!
The face chart... That didn't use normal face chart paper *LOL*, it was really hard to make the color apparent (and stay on) in it >.<
Bloggers busy applying makeup to our "model" haha
Advance class
Beginner class hahahaha
To be honest with you, face chart (or any painting/drawing/coloring) is not my strongest suit, it frustates me and my short attention span means i get bored very easily *LOL*, but at least i managed to finish it :p :
I prefer to apply makeup to my face anytime hahaha
Best three face charts
As the event drew to a close, we were gifted our goodie bags-in the goodie bag there's also a voucher that i spent for a liquid lipstick (me and lippies... I can never get enough of them!) :p.
Bloggers of the day!
My outfit for their Spring Colors dresscode
The lovely goodie bag. I just realized that i got the exact same nail polish color as last time:(. Oh well, i'll pass it to a friend. At least i got a new lippie and eyeshadow haha. Care for a review?
Thank you Misslyn for having us, it sure was fun! For information, updates and others, you can follow Misslyn in their social medias :

Facebook : Misslyn Indonesia
Instagram : Misslynid

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! And happy long weekend for the others ^^!


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  1. Hai cc Mindy. Enak banget ada event kayak gini dan ngumpul dengan blogger lainnya. Sekorasinya cute banget ya. Kemasan goodie badnya juga bikin mata ngiler.hehehe..
    Nanti reviw eyeshadownya ya cc.. penasaran sam eyeshadow.


    1. Hehe Sby angin2an si Be, kalo lg rame event rame aja, kalo lg sepi bisa ngga ada berbulan2... Eye shadow nya ya, noted! Will review soon!

  2. Mba Ana aku bilang lebih mirip Farah Queen ce.. wkwkwk. Aku lupa nama mbak yg satunya :P
    Kata2 Beginner class bikin ngakak XD


  3. Ya ampun tempat acaranya lucu sekali dekornyaaaa. Pastel everywhere.. Instagramable banget itu pasti ya semua fotonyaaa. Ditunggu review Misslyn yaaa

    1. Okaiii, review soon hehe #janjijanjisurga

  4. cece aku save fotonya yang ramean yaa?

    1. Ini sudah tll terlambat untuk di jwb kan ya dit? LOL