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8:30:00 PM

Hey guys!

I know, i'm kinda bit of wish lists lately, yeah >.<? 

Anyway... Have you heard of Dresslink before? If you haven't, it's basically an online fashion mall where you can shop til you drop... Without even leaving your room hahaha! You can find anything that a woman could ever want, from clothes to shoes to bags to accessories... You name it, they have it! 

They have sooooo many attractive products that i had the hardest time choosing the items to feature in this wishlist, i have too many! But alas, i try my best to keep them to a minimum (by closing the category's tab after a few pics, or else imma keep on adding more stuffs-you know i would!).

First are these gorgeous dresses :
Like this sweet but kewl dress that i can wear anywhere, anytime to look sophisticated but stay comfortable

Gorgeous party dresses, i just can't resist baby pink and baby blue organza!
Casual but still pretty dress, perfect for a beachy holiday 
You know i love my monochromatic dresses, and this dress with the wide and dramatic skirt is just so irresistible!
Simple but still feminine and pretty floral dress for the upcoming Spring!
What i really like from Dresslink is how most of their clothes come with sizes (the floral dress is up ti XXXL! I personally suspect their XXXL not to be too big, but they provide detailed measurements for each style and sizes so all you need to do is pay attention to the measurements instead of the sizes), which is a total improvement from the usual online shops which mostly provide one size fits all kind of clothes (which in reality hardly ever true coz one size definitely does not fit everybody!).

I had to close the dress tab and move on to other categories because there are still so many things to see! I'm also in love with their skirt selections!
Edgy but still feminine faux leather midi skirt
Beautiful landscape painting dress
I also spotted this :
LED lights sneakers, i've been wanting a pair for a while now!
I honestly still got items i covet from their bags section, accessories, etc... But enough for naoooo :p. Btw if you click the links to see the prices, you'd know that most of their items are craaazy cheap i don't even believe my eyes!

They even have this thing called Flash buy where the items can be 100% discounted (HUH???) so you basically only pay for shipping (they ship worldwide, btw). INSANITY!!! Don't believe me? Check it for yourself here!
Exhibit A *LOL*. Btw, this is just an illustration because the items on flash sale changes daily, and we can influence which item to go on a flash sale by voting!
I also know that there's one question that most of you would ask, what about the quality? Would their products be as nice as they look on the photos? Well, i will be reviewing some of their products later, so... Stay tuned!

*This post is written in collaboration with dresslink  

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