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Hey guys :D!

Does the name Tokyo Belle ring a bell? If you're in Jakarta, you'd probably have heard about this beauty salon from Japan (they already have four branches in Jakarta alone! More to come!)-even i've heard about them before (because they had a collaboration with KBJ before and as one of KBJ's bloggers/members, i definitely read about them in KBJ's posts although before i couldn't join their campaigns and try out their services because Jakarta's not exactly half an hour away *LOL*, not even by plane) and now they're finally here in Surabaya! Yay!!!
Hiro San from Tokyo Belle, moi, Sabsab, Oline and Shasha
So... Actually i've been meeting with Hiro San (one of the owners of Tokyo Belle) for quite a few times already (4-5x?) with Shelley (my talented MUA friend, check out her Instagram! You might want to consider her if you need a good MUA for special events!) , mostly to help him get the idea on what Surabaya consumers are like and things like that, since we're kinda involved from awhile ago, i was very excited when they finally really opened their door for public in Galaxy Mall Surabaya (soft opening was on 27th of July!).

After much brain-storming and confusions (LOL), me along with three other selected beauty bloggers were invited for a little rendezvouz with Tokyo Belle last Saturday.
This gathering was the casual, friendly type where we're going to have a chit chat over drinks about Tokyo Belle and their services. Our meeting point was at their salon in Galaxy Mall  :
Tokyo Belle Beauty Salon
Galaxy Mall Surabaya (2nd Floor number 230)

The reception area
Hmmm yeah, you can only pay with cash for now. I think they're still processing other types of payments, hope they'll be available soon!
Pretty chandelier caught my eyes :D
Was unable to snap a pic of the small waiting area because it was hogged by these three for selfies hahahaha
Tokyo Belle Surabaya only offers two types of services, eyelash extension and IPL hair removal (they also have slimming services in Jakarta) so their salon is quite small and compact. In the first glance, i could see how minimalistic, simple but clean and comfortable this salon is. Totally up my alley since i don't find extra frills that necessary for most treatments haha.
The eyelash extension station, there are two treatment beds (they would meticulously glue individual eyelashes on your actual lashes, it would took up to two hours! So a comfortable bed is a must!). Don't worry, they have a curtain in the middle that can be drawn for privacy-at the same time you can be with your friend if you come together!
Tokyo Belle took pride in the fact that pretty much everything (maybe just the cotton pads aren't hahaha) are from Japan, everything you see in this tray tables are hailed from Japan! The boxes in the second tier are the eyelashes, i didn't take a close up pics but i will be trying out their eyelash extension services so i would do so then!
Hiro San really is quite hilarious, he even showed us this "Our handuk (towels) are also from Japan!" hahaha
Here's their IPL room (there are two rooms that looks exactly the same, they had a customer in the other room while we were there) :
Again, very simple but clean
Their IPL machine
The other girls were fussing about their cute robe (??) i don't see the fuss myself (because in my eyes nothing brown can ever be cute hahaha) but here's a pic of it hahaha
After we're finished taking pictures of the salon, we went to a cafe (Bakerzin) for the actual gathering :D.

As soon as our drinks of choices arrived, Hiro San opened the session by introducing us to Tokyo Belle and told us a little about their background.
Hiro San and his staff who speaks Indonesian (obviously haha), English and Japanese!
Then the staff (i completely forgot her name, sorry >.<!) took over and gave explanation in more details about their services. Basically, they have IPL, which is short of Intense Pulse Light, a hair removal technology to remove hair in long term period (people say IPL is a permanent hair removal method, but actually your hair can still grow back mainly if there's any major changes in your hormones-we all know that women are pretty much made from imbalance hormones hahaha-especially pregnancy) without pain and other side effects that other methods of hair removal (like waxing or shaving) may cause. 

IPL works to reduce the size of your pores so hair that's growing out of them would also become smaller, thinner and over time-gone. Unlike shaving that might cause irritation (because of the friction between your skin and the shaver), IPL actually can help lighten the treated area instead!

As for eyelash extension, i think it's pretty much self-explanatory? It's an extension, for your eyelashes! LOL. Tokyo Belle uses the best material (from Japan, of course) for their synthetic eyelashes (called mink) that would be glued on your real lashes (with 2mm gap, so the glue and eyelash won't be touching your skin therefor the possibility for any skin reaction is completely minimized) . They have five different types of eyelash extension that i would explain more when i actually try it out. 

As for the most frequent question, how much do their services cost? All the prices below are their NORMAL price (take note that they're having some crazy promos during their soft opening, which will end on the 27th August, so i urge y'all to buy their packages now, if you're keen!) :
The crazy promo i was talking about
Every treatments at 50% off! OMG! And the 1 year underarm IPL treatment for IDR 500.000??? That's crazy cheap. If you just want to try out how IPL works and see if they are for you (maybe you're a scaredy person like me hahaha), 1st treatment for underarm is just IDR 50.000! Then if you feel like you can benefit from it (after you prove to yourself that it is indeed, not painful hahahah) then quickly buy their packages! Don't say i didn't warn you ah, 50% off is NO JOKE! Hahaha.

We had a pretty candid and relaxed discussion regarding their services. Hiro San asked why we're not using eyelash extension (because it is the trend in Japan now, pretty much all Japanese women use eyelash extension because they're convenient and looks more natural than falsies but still makes an impact) since we're into makeup and beauty. Thing is, Indonesian are still a bit old fashioned and conventional lah, and we're easily creeped out by urban legends hahaha. 

Hiro San assured us that both IPL and eyelash extension are totally safe (feel a bit sad actually that he had to convinced us even this hahaha, we're such chickens!!!). As i've done SHR (before, and still do actually), Hiro San asked me to try out their eyelash extension (hm. I'd love to try out their IPL too though, maybe i can even make a little comparison post?).

I have to be honest, i'm a bit scared (again, lots of horror stories about eyelash extension like how it might burn your eyes, etc etc LOL, but that's why you need to go to a professional beauty salon like Tokyo Belle for a safe and good result instead of some dodgy places just to save a few bucks and jeopardize your own safety!), but i am also very excited and curious! It'd be pretty awesome to wake up with pretty lashes already and i also don't have to spend hours applying mascara like i usually do (you know i hate applying falsies because i am so bad at it!). Eyelash extension in Tokyo Belle can last up to 3 weeks (even a month) if you take a proper care of it.
Tokyo Belle's staff had eyelash extension on and here is my silly cousin L touching it to see how soft and natural they are to the touch, unlike most eyelash extension we know which are quite stiff and (frankly) a bit scary hahaha
L helped me snap a pic from my Iphone while we were busy taking pictures of the price list. I do use camera 360 because i like their lighting and the soft, dreamy effect they have (because i don't need the softening effect okay, i have pretty flawless complexion already #ahem hahaha), but usually i'd use the natural tone, i'm not sure what L changed it into because the results are pretty... I dunno, even more dreamy than usual hahaha.
Hiro San looks cute here, any takers? LOL *peace, Hiro San :D*
As you can see from the invitation, this blogger gathering was also supported by Me-Nail and they set up a little nail corner :
Me-Nail nail corner is a service they offer for private and public events, you can request the services you want (basic nail polish, gel polish, nail art, etc) and pricelist from them directly (i already linked up their page, you can find the contact number in their page). That day they brought their gel products and also some accessories :
Poor Sabsab could only get a basic manicure because as a young doctor, she's not allowed to have any nail colors on. As Me-Nail didn't bring any regular polish (that she can take off the next day), she had to settle for a mini pampering session-maybe that's why she looked so sullen? LOL
Shasha was the only one who ended up getting gel nail polish on, Oline just had a nail extension by Me-Nail's resident nail artist (Kiki Coroline, of course) a few days earlier so she settled for adding some nail jewels on
As for me, my nails were growing super long, much too long for my comfort (i couldn't even play Disney Tsum Tsum properly! And typing was hard!), my gel nail art started to unravel so i asked for them to take off the gel nail art and cut my nails short. I decided to give my nails (although according to the staffs, my nails are still pretty healthy and strong) a break because i've been having back to back to back gel polish on!
The only nails photo worthy was Oline's IMO :

Love these!
And with that note, we've come to the end of the post! Thank you Tokyo Belle (especially Hiro San ^^) for having us and Me-Nail for pampering us! Good luck to you both!

Tokyo Belle Beauty Salon 
Facebook Page : Tokyo Belle 
Instagram : @Tokyobelleid
Twitter : @Tokyobelleid


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  1. Wah asik ya lokasinya di mall, bisa treatment skalian shopping :D

  2. Bagian yg "hiro-san looks cute here" lolll.. dan foto2 yg kita lagi "kerja" baguss cee..minta ya buat di blogku ^^

  3. finally it's there!

    Eyelash extensionnya super duper recommended ceeee! You should try!