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Hey guys!

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Indonesian! Let's hope for a better Indonesia tomorrow, every day! Meanwhile, i'm going to share with you this event by a local brand (how fitting, don't you think? In the spirit of loving our country and supporting local products and brands!) that i attended last Saturday, Mustika Puteri's Media & Blogger Gathering ^^.
With my fellow beauty bloggers, L-R : Lina, Nessya, moi, Sabsab, Widya, a girl that i did not get the name of (oops, sorry!) and Dyta!
So, a while ago Ms. Lia from Mustika Puteri (which is the "daughter" or sister brand of the prestigious Indonesian cosmetic brand, Mustika Ratu) sent me the invitation to this event :
Honestly, other than the fact that it's under the same company as Mustika Ratu (it's actually the same brand but Mustika Puteri is catered for teenagers while Mustika Ratu's more targeted for women), i don't have plenty of knowledge about this brand-so it was very nice to get to know them a little better ^^. Of course, i've heard about them for the longest time, i even used some of their products back when i was a teenager myself (which is... a LONGGG time ago LOL) because this brand has been around for a long time and proven their mark in Indonesian cosmetic industry (winning various awards and all).

They have cosmetics and skin care lines, but this event is focusing on their fragrance line, namely the Lovely Mood line. 

Sabsab and i were amongst the first to arrive (yay me *LOL*, i'm happy to not be late for once :p), the event itself was held at Black Canyon Coffee in Tunjungan Plaza :
Here's Sabsab registering before we took our seat
Lovely Ms. Lia preparing the press release and goodie bag ^^
A good thing about being super early was that we got first dibs on the seats haha, we got a very good spot indeed at the front so it was easy to snap pics of whatever's happening in the event!
Other than the press release and goodie bag, we were also given tickets for... JKT 48 (an Indonesian girlband which is also a sister group of the Japanese AKB 48) concert. I didn't watch the concert because ehm... I'm not a concert going type of person, i guess. I mean, i'd go if they gave us a special space for media, where i get to seat and snap pics in peace haha. But having to stand in the middle of their fans... I think imma pass hahaha.
Sabsab checking out the star of the event, Mustika Puteri Lovely Mood body spray
We were thoughtfully served some snacks and drinks to keep us refreshed and hunger-less hehe
While waiting for the event to start, we... go full on bloggers mode and start taking selfies hahaha.
With Sabsab
And one with Sabsab+Nessya
Then the event was opened by this cheerful and super friendly MC :
She told us a little bit about the star product for the event, and then proceed on summoning some of us from the media to the front for a little test drive :p. I was her first victim -____-. I wonder if i'm very eye catching or something because i ALWAYS got picked in every event, much to my humiliation *LOL*. But it's okay, she only wanted me to sniff the three variants from Lovely Mood and pick my fave. It was the green one!
Then she moved on to her next victim, this is Ms. Rini (if i remember correctly >.<) from Sindo?
Then she welcomed Ms. Martina Tesalonika, PT Mustika Ratu Tbk's Product Group Manager to give more detailed information about Lovely Mood.
Bloggers' serious faces :P
Ms. Martina explained that Puteri Lovely Mood is their line of body spray targeted for teenagers (definitely not me hahaha) that integrate fragrance concept to suit teenagers' moods (hence the name "Lovely Mood"!) with fragrance's trend in Indonesia. FYI, Mustika Puteri itself is a pioneer for splash cologne category (really, i think for us Indonesian, we'd immediately think of Mustika Puteri when we hear the words "splash cologne"!) and has been around since 1992 (before I even was a teenager hahaha, so they're older than me :p!).

Puteri Lovely Mood has three variants in their line, Dreamy (my fave) in green bottles has the combination of citrusy freshness, fruity (mango, raspberry, grapefruit) and vanilla, enriched with musky and woody scents to give relaxing sensation. Cheerful, represented by orange color, combines citrus and fruity aromas that spreads long-lasting freshness. The last but not least, Love (purple bottle) is combination of vanilla, musk and floral bouquet creating full of love aroma!

Ms. Martina also explains a bit more about body spray and the misconceptions about it. People often complains about body spray turning their clothes yellowish, well... It is BODY spray, which means you should spray it on your body and not clothes as it is not meant for clothes ^^. You should spray it on after shower and you'd experience a total freshness afterwards. It is also not a full on perfume so it doesn't stay on very long, that's why their colorful (definitely reflects the youthfulness of their target audience) packaging are made to be light-weighed and easy to be lugged around-you're supposed to re-apply whenever you need a freshness-boost!

Puteri Lovely Mood fragrance's brand ambassador is (obvi), JKT 48, which are selected not only because they're currently has lots of teenage fans, but also because they can deliver the message for teenage girls the importance to stay pretty (as in putting an effort to look presentable, i assume), smells great, energetic and smart-just like JKT 48's personalities.

In this occasion, six member of JKT 48 (i learned later that that have 75 members! My jaw dropped to the floor when i heard this. I did hear their unique concept of having their own theater and perform in rotation, but i had no idea that they have so MANY members! I wonder if they even remember each other...) were present to talk about Puteri Lovely Mood.
The 6 girls from JKT 48. Please don't ask me for their names, because i can't remember!
I don't really follow local celebrities so i'm totally clueless about JKT 48 and their members, but out of the 6 that were present in Black Canyon Coffee that day, i personally find this one to be the cutest :
Her name is Yuppie of something, i just remember that it sounds like candies *LOL* (JKT 48 fans, do not attack me!)
I kept on thinking that the girl on the right reminds me of some other celeb, then i got it. She looks just like Jessica Iskandar, don't you think?
They were asked to showcase a little bit of Mustika Puteri's... theme song?
They also shared a bit about their current activities and lives.
I'm feeling super old and tired just seeing their energy *LOL*
Dyta snagged someone's media tag that's been left and look at naughty Sabsab showing it *LOL*
After JKT 48 members went back to their consert venue to continue their rehearsal, it was a wrap of the event! We, however, were approached by some journalists (from Sindo, again i hope i remember it correctly!) who asked for a photo of us, pretending to do what we do best : swatching and gossiping about beauty products hahaha.
They mentioned something about an interview *shy*, well it's good to spread out our community's name i guess! 
Oops. Slipping one selfie with Lina :p who out-of-characterly didn't put on flashy eye makeups which she usually rocks
And here are what's inside the goodie bag :
The complete series of Puteri Lovely Mood body sprays and a pink (Dazzling Me) Million Scents EDP
Thank you Mustika Puteri for having us (especially Ms. Lia for inviting us), we had a great time! I'm currently having a look at their website and getting interested to try out their lipsticks, so cheap! LOL.

Follow Mustika Puteri on their social medias for information on events, promo, etc! 


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  1. ya ampun jadi inget jaman SMA hihi, packagingnya mirip deodoran spray yak

    1. Hihihi iyaks, dingin abis kalo d pake :D

  2. Seru bgt eventnya <3 . Jd penasaran sm wangi yg botol hijau xD.

    Lol, trnyata bukan aku aj yg gk trlalu ngikutin idol lokal xD.


    1. Hehehe bykk koq yg ngga ngikutin idol local... Eh tapi aq Korea pun ngga ngikutin juga sik, sudah tua soalnya udah ga jaman kali ya hahahaha #tantetante

  3. wah sampe diliput wartawan segala ce? hehehhe

    1. Hahaha iyo tp abis gt ga ada kabar Sha LOLOLOL

  4. Aku baru pegang kamera pas mereka konser. padahal belum motret, udah ditegur aku sama kru-nya katanya "maaf mbak nggak boleh motret ya"

    ha menurut ngana :))) Tapi karena dilarang, akhirnya aku motret dong meskipun blur. Rasain. *ini penonton tidak pantas ditiru*

    1. Ah ngezelin yak Dyt, mrk sok femes sekali *LOL*. Emg femez mgkn, tp ini loh kt d kasih tiket gratis dan rada di paksa nonton, masa ga bole foto trs apa gunanya kita disana?