Foodgasm 11 : Kalaha The Wharf (Ancol)

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Wow, this shouldn't be something that i am getting used to, because it's so out me scream in horror*. It's been a fun, busy week for me and now... i am down with flu in the weekend *FML*. At least i finally have time to sit in front of my computer and start reviving the blog again (instead of howling about having a grey Saturday, which is essentially something i'd do if i stay at home on Saturdays).

Eh, before i start the review, i gotta give you a random advise, only for Indonesian though! If you're driving rather late at night, especially in a new car-when the traffic light turns yellow : stop. 

Seriously. We know that we're supposed to slow down when it's yellow (d'ohh) but when we're already in front of the light and it's still yellow... It's legal to keep on driving, right? Not in Indonesia in weekends, at almost midnight. We caught the late show of Inside Out yesterday because the 7 PM (It's so good OMG, go watch it. My eyes' still swollen because i teared too much!) one was sold out, and we got pulled over by this policeman who clearly, CLEARY, is just after some easy cash because he kept on grinning and laughing sheepishly. WTF. We have video evidence that the light is still yellow (hunny has a front and back camera installed in our car), but it's just not worth the hassle. WTF.  There goes IDR 50.000. I can get two local branded lipsticks with that FML #annoyed.

Anyway. Moving on now. It is time for yet another very backdated review of a restaurant (which is the only restaurant review you can expect from me. Unless it's sponsored *tehee*. But i never get the offer to review a restaurant WTF, probably because they know i am crap at this hahahahaha), this time it's Kalaha The Wharf (i originally thought it's only called The Wharf until i googled the location zzz) at Ancol Beach City :
Kalaha The Wharf
  Taman impian Jaya Ancol, Pantai Karnaval, Ancol Beach City Mall Lantai 1, Ancol Beach City, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14430, Indonesia
 +62 21 29388108
Never knew that this place existed before, heck... I didn't even know there's a mall inside Ancol *LOL* despite having an apartment just a few minutes away from the beach! Would probably not know about it for a long time to come if we didn't go there specifically to see the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo. We saw it before going in and i remember thinking that the place looks unique and nice, then CL told us that they serve quite nice food too. After the expo, KC decided to have... Was it very early dinner or something *i can't remember much, it's been too long!*.
It was back in January so the Christmas decors were still up
Most of the pictures are rather blurry because Marshmallow tends to acts up in dim lighting T.T. The Zomato page describes the place as a navy themed restaurant with waiters dressed as pirates.
As a little boy, it's only natural for my Little O to be excited at the pirate-ship decors, i guess that's what little boys' dreams are made of?
Since it is supposed to look like a pirate ship, even the stairs are made of suspension bridge, which i HATE coz i am terrified of uneven ground!!!!
Damn the pic's so blurry. I don't even know if Marshmallow was acting up again or i was trembling when i snapped this. Dunno why CL must insist on getting tables on the upper level when the place was pretty much deserted zzzz
On the other hand, it's good that we got to explore the upper level (which has some VIP rooms separated from the other diners) so i could take pictures of the entire place #fickleminded
Little O was moving way faster than his granny mummy, who kept a snail pace while holding on the ropes tightly for dear life
Even has time to acts out like these zzzz. It's very scary though, you cannot leave your young kids wandering around the upper level by themselves because falling off is a very possible situation. Little O was practically grounded by everybody in the dining room because it's just too dangerous to venture by himself!
The only pic i got of our little private dining room, it's like a tree house or something! And yup, those peeps were busy eating Shihlin chickens and we took out our newly bought snacks as well later on  *LOLOLOL*
Kahala The Wharf serves Western food, and quite yummy ones at that! Price wise... I don't know. I don't remember *LOL*. But it's not cheap. Not outrageously expensive either, i think. Oh! Found the menu in zomato again (this is  a very useful website) so you can check it out if you're keen. Prices seems to be on the higher side, steak going from over IDR 100.000. It's still pretty normal though, especially for Jakarta standard.

Now that i think about it, i guess it wasn't a real dinner. We were just having "snacks" or something, i believe we still go to dinner afterwards *LOL* *nonstop munching machines here*. So we order stuffs to share mostly.
Sorry. The pic looks so unappetizing. It's the lighting, i swear. In reality, it's actually quite yammy. Little O went gaga over this mushroom soup
#scratchmyhead errr. I think i shared a steak with CL? We usually do this when we're not really hungry but just being gluttony hahaha. It was quite yummy too, nothing spectacular (or i'd remember), but definitely not bad either. Why do i sound so undecided about everything in this post....
Seafood platter, which is quite massive and we almost burst trying to finish this
Small pic of the escargot because it's so blurry zzzz. It's alright too, not the best we had though.
Pics became significantly sharper afterwards. Was i fueled enough by the food or something?
My goofball at it again zzz
Those tables on the first floor looks romantic. Not bad if you want to have a romantic dinner with your significant other here *immediately plan to come back after shoving Little O to his grandparents LOL*
LOL. Yeah. He loves this place
Kalaha The Wharf is definitely interesting and unique enough to grant a visit for! If you have little boys (and little girls too, i guess), it'd definitely entertain them to pretend to be pirates. Heck, even i was entertained by the place (although being a pirate is not something i ever day dreamed about, even as a little girl hahaha).

The food's also good enough for me to want to re-visit (and the price's not too outrageous to keep me away), the only hindrance might be the location. Since it is located inside Ancol Beach, you'd need to pay entrance fee just to get there. Not very appealing if you're not already going there for other purposes, i personally don't think i'd go back there just for dinner (maybe i am too cheap?) but if i'm already there (like for expo and all) then i'd love to have another meal there.

What about you? Do you think it's not a big deal to have to pay entrance fee (remember, you need to pay the fee per person AND for your car too!)  just for a meal?


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  1. aku pernah liat tempat yang mirip kayak ini di wilayah jakarta pusat, tapi ini lebih konsep banget ya hihi