Beauty Swap with Winda!

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Hey y'all :D!

How's the weekend so far? And long weekend, for most Indonesian ^^ (except students and workers that have to do flag ceremony on Monday :p). My Saturday's been pretty long, full, tiring but fun! Went for another event (which i will be blogging about soon) continued with some shopping time AND major gaming time with my two boys. My feet are so tired now (not to mention the soreness from being tortured by my yoga instructor on Thursday, can't blame him though, i did ask for an intense session because CW and BB actually joined the class to try out and i don't want CW to say that it's too lenient or easy-she certainly did not say that and pretty much gave up halfway hahaha).

AAAANNYYWAYYY. I've been wanting to blog about this for the past week or so, but i was pretty busy (or got distracted by hunny who kept on luring me with Running Man zzzz) so i had to postpone it until now. So, when i went to Singapore, my blogging friend Winda asked me to help her buy some Daiso blush ons. I managed to find some (tiny) space in my own massive haul to slip in the blush ons so i said sure, then i also had a favor to ask her. 

Maybe you've heard of the cutesy new local brand, Emina? Sadly, it's still now available in Surabaya (WHEEENNNN?) but it has already opened their counter in Bandung. I ask her if it's possible for us to swap those Daiso blush ons with some Emina products? Winda didn't have any objection, so we did! And just before we sent each other the stuffs we wanted, Winda had the idea for a full blown beauty swap! I saw no harm in that (even got a bit excited) so... we did!
Swap package from Winda
Since this is the first ever swap for me, i was not very sure on what to get her. We set up the budget for IDR 150.000 (because i figured it's safer to start small and if we like what we got each other then we can swap again in the future) but i was actually starting to panic because not only i was unsure on what to get her (i didn't want to get her stuffs she can easily get at drugstores or mall in her own city!), i was also got caught in the busy days leading to Au and then Baby Boy's birthday parties! I already told her this, and i have to say it again here : I hope you don't mind my rather pitiful package! LOL.

Because when i opened the box i saw this :
So much products! I was even sure that i misunderstood our agreement, i thought it was IDR 150.000 including the stuffs we agreed on-not on top of them! I contacted Winda right away and she assured me that i was not misunderstood, she just gave me more stuffs-because she's generous, that is :p. 

I made sure my own package was worth more than the number we agreed on, but i didn't have time to be too creative (i... actually sent her three lipsticks from the same brand and line in different colors...) and i was panicking because time was ticking and i kept on postponing the swap that it stressed me out. The problem with an OCD person.... Anyway.... I get the grip on the whole beauty swap thing now, i hope Winda's really not too disappointed with the package i sent her! I'm sure i'd do better next time haha. 

Alright, enough rambling already! Let's take a look at the stuffs she sent me in detail!
Seriously, i feel like my package would look even more pathetic if we put them side by side zzzz
First up are the stuffs i picked for myself. I asked Winda to get me Emina's lipstick and eyeshadow.
Unfortunately they haven't launched the crayon type yet :(... FYI, i tried so hard (okay, not that hard lah :p) to get my hands on Emina's products, i joined some GAs they had in collaboration with some bloggers. No luck. Damn you Emina *LOL*
Next there's Cathy Doll Petit Tint, it's so CUTE! I've been wanting to purchase this for a while but i kept on telling myself i do not need another lippie... But how does that explain the other 147569 lippies i bought anyway? LOL
HQ7 Hairmilk in Lively Floral. I have this but in other variant, i always welcome hair serum/oil because i use them every single time i wash my hair (used to be daily, but after i ombre my hair it's 2-3 days now) so i get through them pretty quickly
3W Clinic Acacia Hand Cream. Never heard of 3W Clinic before, i always love to try out new (for me) brands!
Hada Labo... is it a travel set? Winda asked me if she sent me something that i already have, i told her no but now that i think about it... I might already have this. But it's not a problem at all! They're convenient to bring to travel so they're definitely welcomed happily!
SNP Animal Masks. Never heard of SNP either (for a beauty blogger i am immensely not updated with brands *sigh* what's wrong with me), plus i love sheet masks so... yay!
Winda even sent me a bag on bag (her words, i personally know this as a bag organizer haha, same thing la) as a very belated bday gift? LOL. But my next bday's in two months, Winda! Thank you!
I am obviously very happy (and overwhelmed) with the very generous package she sent me! It was a wonderful swap for me, and again-i hope the experience is at least 50% as good for you, i am such a noob please forgive me!

Have you ever had a beauty swap? Was it good?

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  1. Aku pernah coba 3w tapi sunblocknya ce..lumayan oke sih..kalau hand cream ga pernah coba.. omg eminaaa aku ya pingin nyoba itu..lucu2 packagingnya~

    1. Iya Emina bikin penasarannn, skrg ada lippen mini nya ktnya omooo mau cobaaa

  2. Huhuhuuu maafkan aku ya Mindy, anggap saja itu hadiah ulang tahun tahun kemarin wkwkwk biar beneran jadi supeeeeer lateeee birthday gift lol. Aku senang kok swap sama kamu, next time kita swap lagi ya. Seneng deh dpt lipstick baru yang blom pernah aku coba, btw hand cream itu bagus loh, lembab banget ke tangan. Dan masker itu lagi naik daun, karena motifnya animal hihihiii semoga suka dan bermanfaat ya.

    1. Hehe thank you Win, you're a wonderful swap partner!

  3. I love reading your blog :D you look so pretty! These brands are whole new thing for Mr, never heard about them but their packaging is cute!!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, you're too kind ^^!

  4. wah seru juga ya ce, ini namanya beauty swap toh hihi :D