G's Bday Lunchie

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Yes, I'm writing again. LOL.

Hi y'all, #Undecided here. Preggers and all hihihi... No, I'm still very lazy, but #Pink did point out how backdated this post is (G's bday was in April - end of Apr, but still), she was concerned if we were gonna write it AFTER Blob is born, so here I am hahaha... 

And #Pink's here! Yes, i'm really worried! We haven't even blogged about #Undecided's bday! Soon it's gonna be MY bday, and then Blob's! LOL!

Anyway, we had another low key birthday celebration at Libreria, yep, G was adamant to try the place because she had missed A's birthday lunchie, so there we were at the same venue, 2 lunches in a row hehehe...

It was my third time there. And i still plan to review this place properly, just dunno when! LOL. It's actually pretty nice but after three visits in a row in short period of time... Let's just say that i wouldn't want to go there for a while.... LOL.
Errr... Luca, camera's the other way hahahaha
Surprisingly hubby and I arrived second after the birthday gal. That had never happened before... Not long after #Pink's team arrived and these three directly bonded after...
games and gadgets... obviously -_____-
While I was being a dutiful aunt and helped this boy with his homework. Okay not really, the homework was for his Mandarin studies which I'm rubbish at hahahaha...
Yeah well, i told #Undecided to act like she was actually helping him, but i guess she found the mere idea it to be hilarious and she couldn't keep a straight face. She kept on bursting into laughter whenever i pointed my camera at her -___-.

Btw, since my Baby Boy's turned 8 already, i wanted to change his nickname in this blog into something less baby-ish, but i don't feel comfortable using his real name all the time (i dunno why, i guess just because i prefer monikers and i read too much horror stories about paedophillia and stuffs) so imma call him Little O from now on haha (yes, the nickname will keep on evolving as he grows!).

Anyway, as Little O struggles... The mummy and aunties cam-whored :p :
Little O, camera's that way!!!
#Pink and the Bday girl (well.... 4 months ago *LOLOLOLOL WTF*). The reason for this OOTD photo is because G actually wanted the dress code to be "ankle boots". But seriously, how many of us owns an ankle boots??? I obviously do, but nobody else does :p
Photo time while waiting for A and Av. I actually found out for sure that I am preggers that very day (after the 3rd positive test pack - even I am not that delusional hehehe), but decided to not steal G's thunder by announcing and making the day about me. Am I a good friend or what?! LOL.
BFF selfie ^^
My menu that day, American Breakfast...
Nom nom nom. I actually threw away that blue contact lenses already. Expires. Like this post is. LOLOLOLOL
I don't really know what's wrong with us (i mentioned this before, with each bdays-we grow older. BUT. We only seem to go crazier. And rowdier. It's probably because as we age, we no longer care about what people say or think about us, hence... The crazy acts. Sigh), but we tend to focus on something on each outing. And guess the star of that day? #Undecided's hubby's vapor cig :
Trust me, we (the ladies) DO NOT smoke. But this vapor thingy has various interesting flavors, fruity ones. It's practically like sisha. LOL look at hunny's face
Av is practically a pro :D and so is #Pink actually... I remember the first time we tried sisha (a long ago when I was skinny), hubby smokes so sisha was nothing for him, but guess who else didn't cough from their first try! Yeah, #Pink!!!! Even her hunny coughed with me hahahaha... 
Eh. This is so wrong. And R(A). Anyone under 21 please cover your eyes, i swear G is just pretending to smoke the vapor. Our feelings? #Undecided's face tells it all.
After we're done eating and moving on to dessert, A finally decided to show up *LOL*. We were very worried because while we were eating away, she still sends us hearts at Disney Tsum Tsum. Which means she was most probably still at home *LOLOLOL*.

The perks of having a baby: get to show up terribly late but the moment we all see the baby, all is forgiven hahahaha... I'm so gonna use Blob as the sole excuse of my tardiness!! 

After filling our tummies, it was time for some photo sesh!
Our boys
Da ladies! Eh, Av's wearing high top sneakers. Close enough i guess, at least closer than #Undecided's slippers! LOL
Hey, I wasn't informed that the dress-code was ankle boots, I would have hunted for a pair!! #lies
I swear this boy gets cuter every single time I see him!!!
I should buy hubby a pair of fake glasses so these three can go matchy-matchy...
Seriously Little O, put down the iPad, you don't want to turn into Uncle V hahahaha...
2 ladies whose eyebrows I hate wholeheartedly #jealous
Av and I were in line to use the bathroom, saw G posing, had to photobomb.
Bday Gal (well, 4 months ago hahahaha)
I swear Av wore pants underneath her shirt! LOL.
Ending the post abruptly because I don't know what else to write. Oh btw, 20 weeks preggers now, my tummy is so big and heavy and extremely hard to the touch (yes, still hard, I just poked it)... Shall take a pic of it when I'm not too lazy.

Must go bug #Undecided to start blogging about HER bday now, it's my bday already next month! (i mean October, it's almost September okay!)

#Pink and #Undecided

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